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Ecstasy On The Moon
MDMA, Datura & Cannabis
Citation:   MoonFlyer. "Ecstasy On The Moon: An Experience with MDMA, Datura & Cannabis (exp83640)". Jun 14, 2018.

T+ 0:00
    Cannabis (daily)
  T+ 0:00 1 capsl oral MDMA  
  T+ 0:30 250 ml oral Datura (tea)
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 8:30   smoked Cannabis  
It was a saturday night and I was off to a party, I am not a stranger to psychoactives but I am no expert either, I have used cathinone on occasion, amphetamines a few times, mdma regularly and cannabis daily. For this party my friend, D, and myself each had 1 mdma capsule about 80mg, had a 500ml bottle of tea made from datura/moonflower which tasted like grape juice and a couple grams of some good weed.

T+0:00 We drop the mdma capsule and within 15 minutes I can feel slight effects of the onset.

T+0:30 I feel effects of the mdma a bit now, things are feeling better and I have a urge to talk, I also begin playing with my hair a bit because it feels nice. We then go into a room and each drink 250ml of the datura tea, after this I feel a bit lightheaded and a little intoxicated from the mdma. We only drink half because a full bottle is far too high a dose for this experiment.

T+1:05 There is a fight at the party and people are chased out, we go to the car and I am getting tingling sensations everywhere, I feel more empathic and feel the urge to touch more, the mdma is working but not to its full potential, usually from these caps I am already rolling. I don't know if the datura has delayed the effects, I can not be sure. I am very talkative though and my thoughts are creative and flowing easily. I also feel a bit of anxiety, nothing to complain about though.

T+2:00 I am washed with a feeling of euphoria which is amazing, I can feel this is only the beginning, I think this is the mdma doing its work now. I am very talkative and feel close to everyone near me. It doesn't feel like a regular mdma roll though, its a bit different, can't quite compare it to anything I've felt before. I am mellow yet extremely talkative, my ego is softened but I do not feel as intoxicated as usual.
my ego is softened but I do not feel as intoxicated as usual.

T+2:30 We got to my friends place and to go smoke weed, I am feeling very euphoric and it is still building, I feel more intoxicated and I am talking alot and generally being loud and entertaining. Me and D compare how we feel, he says he has never felt so good in his life, I can agree with him, the datura must be working as well because even when I took 2 mdma capsules I didn't feel so good.

T+3:00 The euphoria is amazing, never felt so good, I think it has plateaued now, I am more chilled now though, can sort of control myself and what I say, very thirsty though, between me and D we have each had about 1 litre of water each and our pupils are massive. Me and D are talking so much and explaining how good we feel to our other friends, they say we are tripping balls, I tend to disagree.

T+3:30 The euphoria is surprisingly still increasing, ever so slightly now and I feel more mellow now, colours are becoming brighter as well and I am still thirsty as hell, we drink more water.

T+4:00 My friends are smoking weed and I decide to see what will happen if I smoke some. I hit the pipe twice and oh my word, the euphoria is unlike I have ever felt, all the effects I was previously feeling seem to be amplified and I can feel I am becoming slightly delirious and disconnected from reality.

T+4:15 I put my head down to rest and when I look up it feels as though my body has remained behind resting, my eyes are like cameras and whatever I focus on provides a clarity while everything else seems to blur. I feel almost an out of body experience now. Figures in the room look so much different than ever, I feel as if I am looking through a new pair of eyes.

T+4:45 - T+8:00 I lose sense of time and I am delirious
T+4:45 - T+8:00 I lose sense of time and I am delirious
, I am wandering in my mind amazed at what is in it. I am unable to hold proper conversation and I am answering questions my mind created out loud, my friends think this is hilarious. I am almost having a full on conversation with myself, D is not as gone as me but can relate to me, and we speak beautifully to each other and share a deep connection, thank god he is already a good friend. I am still able to talk, but occasionally my mind loses track and I begin wandering in my mind again. I am having mild hallucinations, such as amazing colours and movement of simple objects and my friends faces expand and move around like a lava lamp, this is awesome, I am in utter amazement of what I am seeing. For a short period I feel an out of body experience, I look at my arms and wonder whose arms they are, they certainly did not feel like they belonged to me. I smoke more weed throughout this period and everytime it brings an amazing rush of euphoria and amplifies effects, eventually I am to scared to smoke weed because I am afraid I cannot handle this euphoria anymore and I believed if I smoked more weed my brain would shut down. I feel my pulse and it is very hard to find, not a good sign, I also have drunk about 4 litres of water throughout the night, my eyes are like baseballs and D is beginning to come down a bit.

T+8:30 The euphoria is fading, D is also coming down, he is a little more sober than me, not by much though, we both still feel good and a bit intoxicated. We decide we should smoke more weed to try and soften the come down, this time the weed actually does help cushion our coming down instead of amplifying our effects. We go and chill by the couches and we slowly and smoothly come down, I do not crave the euphoria as I have experienced 5-6 hours of intense euphoria.

T+9:00 I am tired, I lie down and I fall asleep. My dreams are extremely vivid and pleasant, very trippy.

T+14:00 I wake up, feeling almost perfect, I look at a painting that I saw last night, it looks normal, last night the grass was moving and luminous colours were on it, now it is just a faded grey landscape painting. My vision is still blurred and when I try to concentrate on an object my eyes jiggle.

T+15:00 I go to a mall, things seem clearer and I feel happy which is surprising, I am able to appreciate the simple things I see at the mall. I feel extremely lethargic though.

T+24:00 My vision has returned to normal, I am no more lethargic and everything is back to normal.

Overall, this was the best experience I have had using psychoactives, great visuals, unbelievable euphoria and mood lift and my first glimpse of an out of body experience which was truly amazing, I appreciate all the things I saw and had the most pleasant trip I think anyone could have with Datura/Moonflower. I think the mdma kept everything positve and happy and I think we took the perfect amount of Datura so we didn't end up having any negative effects from it, as for the weed it was like an amplifier during the trip and brought us down smoothly, no crash at all, I think that sleeping at the time we did also helped us come down nicely.

I could almost not even feel my pulse at one point and I let my friends know and they watched me, also watch yourself (if you are able to, try take notes or get your friends to remember stuff for you as I did). Overall, this is unlike any experiences I have ever had and was truly the most amazing I have ever felt in my life.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83640
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jun 14, 2018Views: 10,747
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MDMA (3), Datura (15) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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