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A Bad Example to Avoid
Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora)
Citation:   Caveiraman. "A Bad Example to Avoid: An Experience with Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) (exp83496)". Erowid.org. Sep 27, 2010. erowid.org/exp/83496

T+ 0:00
5 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  T+ 0:20 10 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (tea)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
The following report is not intended to describe an experience, but to show a very irresponsible use of a powerful psychedelic. I hope this could prevent people from making similar mistakes.

I was going to take Ayahuasca (analogue) for the first time. I arranged with my friend, Joe, to make the tea and drink it at his home, as he lives alone. My previous experiences were Salvia extracts, LSA and Psylocibe Shrooms. Joe is also experienced with psychedelics and we read a lot about DMT, so we were really prepared for the experience and knew what to expect. We chose Mimosa hostilis and Syrian Rue. I went to Joeís house. I was pretty excited and I felt in a perfect mood for the experience.

When I arrived Joe wasnít alone. Some friends of ours (five) were there. Suzan, Mary, Dan, Will, and Layla. As he lives alone, friends usually show up there with no notice. Joe had told them what we were going to do. He told me that four of them agreed to join us and take the tea with us. Only Layla refused the tea. At that point, I was so anxious to start making the tea that I couldnít think about anything else. I just agreed with Joe and we started our recipe.

We used 10 grams of Mimosa and 5 grams of Syrian Rue, both pretty ground, for each person. And, 200 ml of water for each dose. We boiled them separately for 30 minutes. First we drank the Syrian Rue and about 20 minutes later, the Mimosa. The simplest recipe possible, but very effective. It was 10 p.m when we finished drinking. The taste was horrible, but cannabis helped with the initial nausea.

The effects began in about 25 minutes. Strong visuals, distorted and confused sounds, and a little nausea. I was very happy, expecting that would be a great experience. Suddenly, I realized I had to throw up and went to the bathroom. The smell in it revealed I wasnít the first one to throw up. After I finished, the nausea was gone and I felt I was ready to sit down and enjoy the wonderful visuals. Walking was really difficult and everything was different and funny. I was on my way to the sofa when I heard a terrible cry. It was Will. He was crying like a frightened child, lying on the floor. I took a look and saw that all the others, except Suzan who was in other room, were in a similar situation. Totally scared, confused and unaware of what was going on. And Layla, the only sober person in the house, was there, trying to help them. Only then, I realized the huge mistake we had made. But, it was too late.

They were all cannabis smokers, but they had no idea of what is a psychedelic trip. They had no experience with psychedelics before and couldnít have any idea what to expect. They were expecting something similar to cannabis, something that would get them high so they would have a good time together. I mean, they didnít know what an entheogen is and were expecting a recreational drug, that they could act normal and interact with others. Needless to say that it was the worst experience of their lives. They felt like they had completely lost their mind and that they would never come back. They didnít know that throwing up is a common side effect with those plants, so they thought that had taken poison and were going to die. They really felt like dying, and the visions and trips they had were the worst possible and also the strongest of their lives.

The one who probably suffered the most is Mary. She had started smoking cannabis some months before and was still getting used to the effects. I had never seen her taking more than 3 tokes in a joint and 6 tokes would probably produce a too strong and uncomfortable trip. She went to a friendís house to have a good time and suddenly she found herself in the middle of a strong psychedelic trip, where she completely lost control of herself and her feelings. She told us some of her visuals later and one was specially cruel. She saw her own funeral and her parents crying and asking, ďwhat have you done my beloved girlĒ. Unfortunately, there was little I could do to help them. Although I was aware of the situation, I was myself tripping. Speaking was something really difficult and everything sounded strange and communication was a difficult task. Layla couldnít help much either as she didnít know anything about psychedelics. At least she was able to help them serving the water and trying to calm them down.

Suzan, fortunately, had no big problems with the experience. She stayed in another room and didnít even realize all the trouble our friends were facing. It was good, perhaps if she had realized it, she would have probably joined their bad trips. But she and Joe stayed away from all the trouble and Joe helped her a lot, calming her down after she threw up and telling her that everything was ok. Suzan enjoyed the visuals and having an experienced friend by her side was the best thing for her. She said the she would repeat the experience, but with a smaller dose. Joe didnít realize what happened either, and had a great experience. He was more than aware of everything that was coming. He just stayed there, sitting on his bed and tripping all the time. I decided not to tell them during the trip as they wouldnít help anyway and it would steal their trips. At least two people enjoyed their trips.

So, this is an extremely bad and shameful example of an irresponsible use of Ayahuasca. I hope this can be used as an example of what not to do. We just gave it to people who had no psychological preparation and didnít even know what they were taking. Fortunately, the problems were only psychological and after about 6 hours they were all feeling better and the next day they were completely fine. Fortunately, there was no reaction with the MAOIs and no physical problem followed the experience. But the trip was the worst experience of their lives and they will probably never do Ayahuasca again. And I fell guilty for that. But I learned a lot with this and here I share what I learned:

- If you intend to give a psychedelic to an inexperienced friend, you must prepare them for the experience.
- Psychedelics require psychological preparation and are not for everybody
- One should know the nature of effects before taking it
- Tell the person of all the side effects and possible bad feelings
(ex: it can avoid one to think he is poisoned after throwing up violently)
- Explain that the psychedelic may not be used in a party and some of them will make the person do ďnothingĒ but just sit and enjoy a trip
- Explain that a psychedelic can turn a person completely anti-social
- If applicable, explain that the substances the person is taking is safe and has a history of human use. Make them know it will not kill him
- Explain that no matter how strong the visuals are and even if the person feels like he completely lost control of his mind, he is not going mad and will come back to this world
- If you intend to take a new substance, research about it and know as much as you can about it before you try it;

- And last: Do NOT take any drug you are NOT familiar with, even if itís offered by a reliable friend. Ask everything you can about it and if you are in doubt, donít take it. Even a reliable friend can forget to tell important things and that he should prepare you for your new experience. Those warnings were based in the experiences and feelings my friends related to me after the experience. They may prevent people from having bad trips and experiences.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 83496
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Sep 27, 2010Views: 24,161
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