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Mild Organic/Spiritual Trip
by RumblingToon
Citation:   RumblingToon. "Mild Organic/Spiritual Trip: An Experience with Cannabis (exp8300)". Erowid.org. Jul 22, 2004. erowid.org/exp/8300

1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  6 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)

NOTE: The main reason I have decided to post this relatively mild cannabis 'trip' (I will use the term trip very loosely in this report, in the first two trips they are more feelings and sensations than actual visuals, but in the 3rd and 4th I would classify them as mild tripping, as there is some distortion and vague formations) and not my Acid experiences is that my Acid experiences are not as meaningful; all I seemed to get was interlocking geometric patterns in time with the enhanced music, with a large euphoric feeling (basic standard stuff really). However from my Cannabis 'trip' I felt something really deeply, and I can remember what I was thinking, not just what I was seeing, unlike Acid.

Past drugs taken and When the Experience Happened: Acid, taken twice, last new years eve and the one before that (I have never experienced flash backs or HPPD). I've been smoking pot for about half a year now, on average 2 or 3 tokes on a Jay (tobacco with hash) every week, more rarely I have a big smoking session with Skunk in either bongs, blunts and pipes about every month or so. I drink alcohol for social purposes only, and I don't smoke pure tobacco (unless itís in a hash mix). Before this experience I had last smoked cannabis about a week from then. This experience happened on a Wednesday, about a couple of months ago from now.

Where I was, Whom I was with, What my Mood was: I was in Stoke Park, Guildford, England. The Weather was nice, although I remember the wind got a little cold and harsh, although the skies were clear with the sun out to play. I had just finished my last major college exam, so I was obviously relieved and extremely happy when it was all finished. I was with one of my friends, Dave, who I know only through college, and I have known him for about a year. He's the heaviest and most experienced Cannabis user I know, so he's the one who usually has some Skunk or Hash on him. On that day he said he had some rather strong Skunk to celebrate with...

The Experience: We walked from the college to Stoke Park and sat down in a fairly remote place in some nice lush green grass (there were a few people visible, but they were too far away to see what we were doing, or smell the pot). After we sat down and got comfortable, I asked if the Skunk was Sensimilla or Super Skunk which he replied: 'No, just some really strong stuff I got from a good mate.' I trusted him - he was going to smoking it too, and he's very experienced. I looked at the skunk later on when he was crumbling it into his pipe: it didn't appear to have any strange crystals on it, and it didn't appear to be soggy. However it did crumble really finely I seem to remember my friend saying. Before we started doing the pipes we did have two Jays prepared by Dave, each of which we shared.

At first I didn't get much of a stoned sensation from these, just the first stage where you suddenly feel that everything's changed but looks the same, like you've popped into a parallel universe, with the only difference of brighter colours. I managed to get this sudden feeling on my last puff of the last Jay - just in time. After the Jays we relaxed a little, and I suddenly remembered my CD player which I had brought along in my college bag, the music I had was some Funk/Tech House. I put it on full blast over my headphones, so all we could really hear was some big distorted beats and no melodies. Dave (who is normally into Death Metal) thought it sounded really Phat and I grinned and nodded in appreciation (I usually find that almost any music sounds fantastic when stoned). It had taken about 15 minutes for us to smoke the Jays, and also listen to the music for a while.

Next came the pipe, which was Daveís (I imagine the largest amount of Skunk it can hold is about 1 cm cubed). This is when things can become a little more hardcore than the Jay smoking. The wind had suddenly picked up, so we sat up-right and used the inside of our bags as cover to stop the lighter being blown out (this meant that I had to bend forwards to get my head inside the bag, whether this affected my lungs in a strange way I do not know, Iím open to suggestions). We both took some medium to large hits (I didn't use the rush hole) and I became gradually really REALLY stoned. It was around the 5th hit (which was a very big hit, which I held in for about 10 seconds I think) that things started to go a tiny bit trippy (ish).

It started off with just strange thinking, lots of my own thoughts rushing around in my head which is the normal feeling I get when Iím really stoned. Now I started to think biologically, relating to my body, which I sometimes also do when stoned, I had began to develop dry mouth at the 4th hit and now I was thinking of this, and what caused dry mouth, this later developed into WHERE my dry was going (?). I began to imagine and/or feel a warm creeping sensation of drying out mucus/saliva travelling its way into my left tear duct... but the thing is looking back on it now, I imagined the tear duct on the WRONG side of my eye. Ironically the cold, harsh and DRY wind was blowing into the furthest part of my left eye, and I began to feel as if the wind was blowing the dry feeling into the rest of my eye: basically I began to feel as if my entire eye was drying up. This obviously got me rather worried, perhaps slightly paranoid. I tried to think logically about the situation and I thought that the pot might be just super-enhancing the 'feeling' of Red Eye.

So I looked at my friend and asked him if I had Red Eye in the left part of my left eye. He said he couldn't see any Red Eye or anything abnormal, I even asked him to look again, he still said there was nothing. I probably did have slight paranoia, probably caused by my over active imagination. I reckon that this was the first very mild 'trip' of 4 I had on that day.

The second 'trip' was much, much nicer, although a little distressing at first. After the first trip I calmed down a little although I still had this concentrated 'heatedness' in a small area on my left temple, just to the left of the affected eye. My friend said if was all right and I replied 'I don't know'. My friend had offered me the pipe after the first trip and I refused, as I wanted to get focused. However after a few minutes I took the pipe. This was a mega hit, my friend piled it quite high and he said if it was too much, I thought it was fine, and he gave me the lighter. Just a few microseconds after I exhaled the smoke, I gently lay myself in the grass, closed my eyes... and just smiled. After a minute or so of this euphoria I sat upright again, the pain was still there but slightly dulled... it was softer. My friend was now really stoned, and he was sitting down, the top half of his bodies swaying around in circles under the sun, saying how beautiful the sunrays were.

His swaying action in circles was what interested me, suddenly the softened pain went for a little trip of its own: the pain started to pulse and it left that area of my head and entered my brain. It felt as if the pain or 'heat' as I would like to call it now was travelling either along my arteries or neurones... At first I thought that the heat actually might have been the THC eating its way through my cells, and that now it was attacking my neurones in my brain. And then suddenly I just thought: So itís the THC now? Not the Dry Mouth or Red Eye?? Yeah right, its just your imagination... just enjoy the sensation and go with flow. This changed my whole perspective... so what if its the THC, how can I stop it? It was mainly this, and also my friend calming me down (apparently while that was all happening I was actually mumbling to myself and looking really worried) that made me start to enjoy the 'trippy' feeling going on inside my brain, it was like swirling and swaying around the inside of my head in a very slow motion, very pleasant and surprisingly relaxing.

The heated sensation seemed to last forever... after a few more minutes it felt as if the heat was going all over my body, it was a slow process, it didn't move fast. That was my second 'trip'.

It was around about 5 minutes after my second trip that we got up and walked back into the college. The heated sensation was slowly disappearing as I had other things to concentrate on, i.e. like desperately getting something to drink, and eat (we didn't have munchies as such, we just hadn't had lunch yet). The college canteen is not a nice place to be when youíre stoned, I have experienced large feelings of paranoia from there, because there's so many people, and also youíre on college ground. We ate there anyway, and my friend offered for us to go up into the Internet rooms, which I declined. I was not expecting to 'trip' today, so I thought that going home would be my safest bet, so that if I did anything foolish it wouldn't be done in public. So I walked down to the train station, where nothing major happened. However when I got near the station I heard my train arriving, so I ran for it and got on it just in time. I was not expecting this next trip... I think it was triggered by me running for the train: a large increase in heart activity, more oxygen in the blood stream etc. It would be interesting to try that out again.

My 4th trip was on the train. If you have ever been on an electric train you will notice the whirl of the motor's starting up, and the general whirling noises that these types of trains can make. Now I primarily listen to Psychedelic Trance (which is a type of rapid dance music with very strange trippy noises). These motor noises seemed to kind of, form music in my head... and I started to think up loads of original Psy-trance songs in my head. It was really weird! It would be fantastic if I had a thought-recorder there and then, it was the best Psy-Trance I had ever listened to - there were just so many rapid sounds noises and melodies and it was coming from me, and i didn't even have to concentrate! I noticed that the speed and intensity of the music seemed to alter with the speed of the train, and with the different whirling noises of the train motors.

Then there were the visuals... they were like on the tip of becoming visible, as if my thought were becoming visible. I was thinking of travelling down my motor neurone pathways at a rapid speed... the neurones themselves were like these intertwined, twirly-weaving tubes that were mutli-coloured but transparent at the same time, and at some points flying along these tubes (I was never actually inside these tubes, unless i was viewing another tube from inside of another tube) I came across multiple T junctions or smaller tubes twisting off at various points in time with the music, there where millions of other tubes like this one in the background. The most interesting point is that this whole hallucination was coming from my LEFT field of vision, this trip didn't dominate my whole vision (could this be related to my first trip?). The quality of the 'vision' was like something out of those computer-animated visuals you sometimes get at parties, or if a computer company was showing off its computer capabilities. Whenever I stopped at a station the music would end, but when the train would start again the music would start.

After I had the Neurone visuals I moved to a much more meaningful hallucination. This hallucination seemed to be in the middle of my field of vision (but again it didn't dominate, I could still look at the other surrounding on the actual train). The hallucination started with one 'visual thought' ... this visual thought then spread outwards in all directions into other visual thoughts which then spread out again... and again... and again... etc. I started to realise that these individual thoughts seemed to go up in 'importance' (for instance the first thought would be 'Does this shirt look good?' and then it would finally progress into 'What am I?' and 'Whatís the Meaning of life' and 'Whatís the purpose of all this, is there a God?' and 'What is reality?'). There always seemed to be more and more questions sometimes all of the questions linked up into one major question like: Is there a God? But then even this question divided up into other Visual thoughts. It would sometimes expand very quickly, and sometimes these visual thoughts would make some quite pretty patterns, usually it would go in time with the music.

I managed to remember my Station to get off at. It was quite an experience that last trip I had... I think its changed me, I believe in a lot more cycles in nature now, and how they relate to us and the cosmos; I believe that there is Infinity: its in the form of cycles. I've also got into a lot of New Age things, i.e. I discovered this site and also deoxy.org :)

This is the last and final trip I had on that day. I walked from the station through some woods to get to my house. I've always wanted to trip in a forest, and I think I got my chance. This time round I was actually SEEING things, not feeling them or them on the edge of my vision. The nasty wind had gone, and now it was really quite a beautiful day. The sun was shining through the leaves and hitting the ground and I could see where the light was making rays. I glanced at the ground and I couldn't believe what I saw. Where the light was hitting the ground I would see an image of a gorilla. This made me think why am I seeing gorilla's on the ground? I started to believe that perhaps the trees and plants were trying to communicate with us (and no I didn't start talking to the trees) in the only way which they could. The trees would arrange their leaves in such a way so that they would create a template for the image of a gorilla to be transmitted onto the woodland, or forest floor. Perhaps they're trying to tell us something about our evolution - because not only were there gorilla shapes that I saw... I saw various strange creatures I had never seen before. I started to wonder why no one had ever seen this phenomenon before... perhaps pot is the key to seeing these silhouette figures on the ground, after all pot's a plant as well....

Its here that my trips stopped, immediately when I got out of the forest the visuals stopped, I had none since. I was stoned for much of that day, I think I arrived back at home around 3.30 p.m., with the Exam finished at around 11.00 am. I think the fact that I have had a better experience using a more natural drug to get these trips, rather than a manufactured drug says a lot to me: nature is better than manufactured. I'm now far more opened up to look at nature in more detail and how it relates to us, and how we relate to it. I congratulate you on reading all of this :)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8300
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 22, 2004Views: 62,048
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Various (28)

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