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My First and Last Time Doing Crank
Citation:   Kavion123. "My First and Last Time Doing Crank: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp82386)". Erowid.org. Mar 14, 2018. erowid.org/exp/82386

  repeated ocular Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
    repeated smoked Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
I hate thinking about this moment in my life. One of the worst moments ever. But started to reminisce after messing around on YouTube and finding these anti-drug commercials called 'The Montana Meth Project.' There are tons of these commercials that have been aired nationally throughout the past couple of years, and some are really creative. Be sure to check them out if you haven't, especially one called 'The Crash.'

This was the first and last time I ever did crystal meth. This was also the first and probably the last time I will ever have group sex. I was raised in the metro-Detroit area. A lot of wealthy people with easy access to whatever they wanted. It was Christmas vacation, and I was home from college. I had a good friend named Claire. She was smokin' hot... Definitely top 3... And I'd probably still get in the 'nervous' stage if I were to talk to her one-on-one. On nights when I was able to win her attention (through AOL Instant Messenger,) we would go to the starbucks/bars/casinos in Greektown. God I miss having a Christmas break. Claire was a pretty person. She was one of those 'Ms. Populars from 5th grade to 12 grade.' She was the type to lead that sorority in the movie 'The Butterfly Effect.' She was the type to make a goofy guy like me do whatever she did, because I loved hanging out with her so much. She was also into crystal meth.

One night we decided to hang out and go to MGM Casino/Bar. It was FREEZING outside. I think the temperature/wind chill was in the single digits. But she really wanted to play Blackjack and then spend $60 at the bar, and I really wanted another chance to get in her pants. So I was like 'Yeah, can you pick me up after dinner?' It was around 20:00 and we were already playing Blackjack. Together, we started with around $100, and we ended with around $250. Then we went to a bar to get some White Russians. We met a couple (Victor and Rachel) sitting at the bar, and traded stories. Rachel was attractive, too. After getting pretty drunk, Richard asked us if we wanted to go back to his apartment and get fucked up. Claire really wanted to, and I figured since I wasn't driving at all that night, sure why not. I also wanted to increase my chances of sleeping with Claire for the first time.

So we went to their apartment and got comfy. I kicked Rachel's ass in Smash Brothers. Victor brings out the crystal meth. I remember telling him 'dude, that's crack,' but then told me 'WRONG, it's crack for white people.' I became nervous, mostly because I had changed my mind about doing it. But it was too late to say 'no.' And Claire looked really hot in that outfit. I didn't want to be some tool sitting in a corner all sober and stuff. So he put it in the pyrex tube, and we took turns. I was GONE after the first hit. Then I became really excited, and took a few more hits. I was so fucked up I didn't even pay attention to anything but myself. I started having severe flashbacks - high school summer vacations, high school friends, etc. Victor started flirting with Claire, I seemed to notice that right away. Then we started laughing. Just laughing at nothing. Rachel's stomach was hurting she was laughing so hard. Victor was a graduate student, and he was bragging about how tough his classes were and shit like that. I was just staring at Claire's breasts. Rachel was bitching because Victor made her sit out in the cold weather during a football game one time. Good times. Then we started laughing some more.

But our communication became excessive. We kept talking, talking, and talking.
our communication became excessive. We kept talking, talking, and talking.
I think we had talked for 2-3 hours. I don't mean sentences, then breaks, then more sentences. I mean sentence after sentence. Just pure talking. Then things started to get funky.

I started to hallucinate. I don't know if any of you have ever played Super Mario 3 on the original Nintendo. But at one point in the game, you run across these candles where the flame comes alive and follows you. Well I started looking at the flame from one of the candles that Rachel lit, and yes, it became alive. It jumped down from the candle onto the carpet floor, and started walking towards me. I just kept staring, I didn't freak out or anything. I was so high I couldn't even freak out. Claire stood up with Rachel and started dancing, and then the flame that I was seeing multiplied into a ring around the two girls and started dancing with them. Victor was playing some mainstream music, and doing weird things with glow sticks. I was just watching everyone.

Then things got really bad. Claire started getting really hyper. She was sweating like crazy while dancing. Then she started ITCHING herself like crazy. Scratching herself everywhere as if spiders were crawling all over her. Then she started screaming like CRAZY. She was crying, throwing things, scratching herself all over, screaming words I don't even want to type. I could hear her tearing at her skin as she scratched. Then the same thing happened to me. It felt as if millions of spiders were crawling all over my body, and I began to scratch everywhere too. I don't know if it was because I imagined what she was going through, or what. I started freaking out. Rachel was trying to calm us, and Victor was just laughing his ass off. Eventually, I just jumped in the shower. I don't remember actually walking into the shower, but I remember somehow being there. Claire came in and joined me. Yes Victor and Rachel came tried to fit into the shower too, and this is how we eventually got into an orgy. But I won't get into that, this is about our trip. So after having sex with each other for God knows how long, I was still as high as I was when I first took a hit. I didn't even care that I had sex with Claire... I just wanted to sober up. I didn't expect the high to last this long. We all just started smoking cigarettes on the bed and asking things like 'I wonder how much longer this high will last?' I think we had another laughing session, just laughing at nothing. We started watching MTV - another one of those stupid reality TV shows like 'Tila Tequila.' When they would talk during the show, it seemed like they were talking for two hours instead of 2 minutes. A 30 minute show seemed to last forever.

But did I mention that it made me feel loved? I felt extremely loved.

And then some really bad things started to happen. Claire wanted to take some more hits, and Victor, Rachel, and I were too fucked up to even pay attention to her. MTV girls looked so fine on methamphetamine, so they had my attention.

Claire overdosed. She went into a spasm on the floor. Rachel started screaming to call 911, and Ben said 'no.' I reached for my phone from my jacket but he grabbed my jacket and threw it out the window. I became so frustrated and went to Claire. She was twitching, her eyes were rolling. I already have a lump in my throat as I type this.

I didn't even argue with Victor. I picked Claire up and I took her to her car. Rachel came with me to open the doors, and Victor stayed back at the apartment acting like a little twerp. We grabbed my cell phone from my jacket (thankfully, it wasn't damaged) and instead of dialing 911, we called for a taxi to take her to the hospital. There was no way I was gonna drive, and although Rachel said she was okay to drive, I didn't let her. The taxi came, and took Claire to the hospital. Thank God he was a nice person, or else we would've been in a lot of trouble. I decided I didn't want to go back to the apartment, I wasn't too fond of Victor. So I said bye to Rachel, and went for a walk in hopes of sobering up faster.

Everything was glowing/foggy with a red tint. It was still a part of my hallucination because it obviously didn't look like regular fog. There would be pieces of fog just floating around. I remember I could just walk around the red spheres. I ended up walking to a gas station, where I began to get sick to my stomach. Everything was glowing inside the gas station, especially the packs of tic-tacs. I asked the guy working there if I could use the restroom. He told me it's out back, and I went in and started vomiting in possibly the dirtiest toilet in the world. All over the bathroom walls were racial slurs. I was so sick I couldn't even sit up to vomit, so I just sprawled down on the filthy bathroom floor. I rested there like a junkie for maybe a couple of hours, and then I remember a little boy with his father walk in. At first they went straight to the sink... I remember the father saying something like 'just wash your hands here and don't touch anything' but then the kid started screaming 'DADDY WHAT'S THAT?' and the dad was like 'NOTHING SON JUST FOLLOW ME! FOLLOW ME!' They stormed out of the bathroom as if I was some junkie who would mug them for their money, but I didn't even care since I was so sick. I looked up at the ceiling, and I could see people throughout my life just shaking their heads at me. I was so fucked up.

I woke up around 4-5 PM the following day on the bathroom floor.
I woke up around 4-5 PM the following day on the bathroom floor.
I was very light headed and dehydrated. My teeth hurt like crazy, and I was having breathing issues. I went to Claire's car, and I drove it to her apartment. I cleaned myself up there, and went to the hospital to see her.

Claire was okay. She was awake in the hospital, and I was happy to see her. But she looked like something out of the movie 'Dawn of the Dead.' I took her back to her apartment, and stayed with her until she was well enough to drive me home.

I'm never doing anything stupid like this to myself again. But I can see how people get addicted to this shit.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82386
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Mar 14, 2018Views: 9,423
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Methamphetamine (37) : General (1), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Various (28)

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