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Beware of Seroquel with Weed
Quetiapine (Seroquel) & Cannabis
by SaySho
Citation:   SaySho. "Beware of Seroquel with Weed: An Experience with Quetiapine (Seroquel) & Cannabis (exp81399)". Erowid.org. Nov 15, 2013. erowid.org/exp/81399

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral Pharms - Quetiapine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 44:00 3 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)



My past experience with drugs has been moderate, I've been smoking marijuana semi-regularly through my early highschool years, and recently very frequently. I have taken MDMA, and LSD a few times without any bad experiences and have always participated in consuming mind-altering substances with a happy mindset and setting. Also with ambitions of becoming a Chemical Biologist, I've researched most psychoactives, how they alter the mind, possible bad side effects both long and short term, duration, etc.

Background on how this accidental experience happened:

I had recently obtained Qeutiapine (Seroquel), not intentionally but it was offered so I gladly took a few for later use. Since I usually had problems sleeping, I would take either 50mg to 100mg on nights where I wouldn't be asleep by 9pm seeing as I had school in the morning and wished to get sleep. During the week or so time period I had taken Seroquel, I had smoked no marijuana. I had no real side effects from the Seroquel besides yawning frequently after use, a slightly faster pulse during the come up, and clogged nasal passages if I layed down.

The last time I had ingested Seroquel (Apprx. 50mg) was 2 nights before.

Now here's where it all happened.

My friend, M, had came over with some weed. It wasn't anything to be too excited about, just stress, but we liked smoking a lot of cheap weed as opposed to smoking a little bit of good weed. We would usually hold small, yet enjoyable conversations while packing new bowls and whatnot. M saw my gravity bong and asked if we could smoke out of that seeing as he had never used one, and as my personal favorite for smoking stress I was glad he wanted to try. We each had 3 bowls to ourselves and everything was fine.

After about half an hour or just talking, watching videos and showing each other new music, I started to feel very sluggish, fatigued, and slightly numb. Seeing as I've had the numb feeling from smoking marijuana before after my tolerance lowered from not smoking, I figured it was the same thing going on now. I began constantly trying to crack my already cracked knuckles and slightly chewing on my tongue and bottom lip. I noticed I had to consciously make an effort toward breathing and the back of my head/neck started to feel very, very tense and warm. I told M that I didn't feel well and would be right back after visiting the bathroom.

I got up slowly, and walked to the bathroom, I had a hard time walking, but powered my way through it so that M wouldn't think of anything other than an upset stomach. When I reached the bathroom and had closed and locked the door, I turned to face the mirror to check my pupils, but I went blind for about a minute and leaned my back against the door and slid my butt down to the floor. My whole head and neck was even more tense and heated than before. As soon as I was able to see again I got on my knees and put my head under some cold sink water. As soon as I could I called M over and told him I felt really ill and that I was going to just go to bed. He told me that he hoped I would get better soon and left.

I quickly but calmly took my clothes off, and turned on a cold shower and sat on the floor of the shower with the water hitting the back of my head. This quickly took the edge off of the tension and warmness of my head. I sat in the shower for around what I think was 20 minutes. My roommate, R, had thought it was weird I was in the shower with the door open so she began to ask me some questions. When she would ask a question, I would think about the question for what seemed like an eternity, and when the answer I found best would come to my mind, I would reply 'I don't know' to every question, even though it isn't what I wanted to say.

I asked R to take my pulse, it was around 15 BPM higher than normal. She asked me to squeeze her hand, I did with my left (less dominant) very slightly, and she almost immediately shrieked because I had squeezed it so hard.

(Note: R is a very tough person, not one that succumbs to pain easily, and I have squeezer her had several times before with my stronger hand without her feeling very much pain)

I asked her to leave the bathroom as to avoid seeing me in the nude, so that I could get out of the shower considering I felt much better - just very dumbfounded. I had no problems with my motor skills(speaking, walking) after this point. I had went back into my room and R had asked me how I felt. I thought about it for, again, what seemed like a very long time, but later realised I had answered after taking around 4 steps. My answer was, again, 'I don't know'.

I began to feel the tense and warm feeling in my neck, so I decided it would be best to lay down with pillows under my legs, and none under my head. My knees began trying to lock themsleves for almost a half hour straight, but I was able to keep them from doing so. R would constantly come in to check on me, each time I looked her in the eyes the sentence 'Your eyes is frogs' would repeat itself very fast in my head, I kept myself from saying it aloud though. I began to start laughing a lot from the way my knees kept trying to lock, it would make my whole leg(s) jiggle. My legs felt as though I had a lot of fat on them, even though I have almost no visual signs of excessive fat anywhere on my body, especially my legs.

Soon everything in the room was 'breathing' as though I was under the effects of LSD, so I decided to close my eyes. The song 'Like Yeah' by Tech N9ne started playing in my head very loud and I could see many blue and red lines that wouldn't move much, but would change shape almost instantly to form new patterns every minute or so. I began playing with my lip rings with my tongue, and I imagined seeing this from the inside of my mouth. I kept thinking that I was breathing through the small holes in my lips and that my rings had fell out, they had not. Every so often it felt as though the metal rings were cutting my tongue, and I quickly would either push my tongue out of my mouth, or retract it.

I decided to open my eyes again and whatever thought popped into my head would turn into me imagining it and it taking over my vision. The song 'Like Yeah' was still playing very loud in my head, and my knees kept trying to buckle. I started trying to crack my knuckles again until the brunt of whatever was happening wore off. R came in one more time on the phone with a close friend, N, describing what was happening. N's voice sounded very manly, usually it was very high pitched, this might have just been because of the phone. I don't remember what they were talking about but R told me I was replying to things N was saying. After around another 20 minutes of all these things happening, I felt almost normal.

I had to consciously make an effort towards breathing again, and I had became very tired. I forced myself to stay awake until I could breathe without having to think about it. I decided to play a racing game and put some tater tots in the oven. I remember eating the tater tots, but nothing else. R had later told me I had ingested around a dozen and a half peanut butter crackers, a lot of craisins (Dried cranberries, like raisins), 2 fun size bags of Funyuns, and a few glasses of cold water.

I would say M and I smoked the first bowl of marijuana around 4:45pm or 5:00pm. I remember just before falling asleep looking at my alarm clock and reading 8:XX. So the whole ordeal lasted around 3ish hours. I was unaware that marijuana could metabolize other substances in the body in such a way, so at first I figured the weed was laced, but remembered the weed looked normal, smelled normal, and the smoke tasted normal. So I ruled it being laced out of the question.

I began searching through the Quetiapine (Seroquel) experience vaults here on Erowid.org to see if anything similar to this had happened to anyone else. Someone else had an experience with almost the same effects (tense, warm neck, distorted/blind vision for a moment) when smoking marijuana and having Quetiapine in their system.

Two days after the initial bad experience happened, a smoked a small amount of marijuana to see if anything similar would happen and whether to know if I should avoid marijuana for a bit longer. Around 20 minutes after smoking the marijuana I felt my heart rate go up, breathing didn't come naturally, and the back of my head/neck was somewhat tense and warm.

I in no way wish to encourage or discourage anyone from taking drugs. I just wish to share with other people of my unpleasant experience, warn them of any difficult experiences / side effects, and hopefully keep them from freaking out or going unnecessarily to the hospital. I do encourage researching drugs before indulging in them. If I had known of this possibility beforehand, I would have never taken the Quetiapine.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81399
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Nov 15, 2013Views: 90,584
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Pharms - Quetiapine (273), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3)

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