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Spice Product ('Diamond Spirit')
by Modern Famicom
Citation:   Modern Famicom. "Spicehot: An Experience with Spice Product ('Diamond Spirit') (exp80223)". Erowid.org. Aug 22, 2009. erowid.org/exp/80223

2 hits smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (dried)


Modern Famicom: Spice 3,4,5

Weight: 338 lbs
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Spice Brand: Diamond Spirit
Rough timeframe: All trips lasted around 1hr 30minutes from comeup to being only barely noticeable. All trips happen a day apart unless otherwise noted.
Other notes: Dose for ALL is 2 hits, each about 3/4 a lungful.

Experience 3:

I was in my room, and feeling quite nervous. I had said I would get back into this stuff, but now it had come to this: take a hit, or stop spewing bulshit. I had brought a more expensive brand this time, hoping to get rid of the bizarre dysphoric effects I had experienced last time. I think it actually did help. I prepared my pipe, and inhaled, holding the smoke in for 20 seconds as -per-method. The comeup was much more gentle and friendly, compared to the Genie. Instead of being pulled sharply into the experience, from zero to very strong in just 5 seconds, I was lightly uplifted. I still hit a point of uncomfortable strength, but I had much more time to prepare for it. At this point, some body hallucinations happened. My perspectives shrunk, and I found myself a mote on the head of a giant that I controlled -- My body was the giant. This quickly passed. I then had a genuine psychedelic-type (LSD-type, not Datura) hallucination. I was standing in front of my room's window. It was fading to darkness, but the sky was still a very deep blue. There were raindrops on my window, and the street lamps were all on outside. I closed my eyes, then opened them...

A million stars burst to life, shining denile at the face of entropy. Me. I felt their hostility, but couldn't help being awed by their sheer visceral beauty. Then the state vanished, and it was simply water droplets and refracted streetlamps again.

I moved around my room for awhile, pacing. I was standing about four feet from my window, and suddenly, a large and solemn face stared at me. I began making some minor conversation with it, in a hushed voice, and the expression on it slowly changed. After awhile, I got tired of this, and willed the state away. I then realized what I had been talking to: Two lamps for eyes, the middle divider of my window for a nose, and a bit of refraction for the mouth. I didn't care. It was time for some music. Not for the music, though.

I have neighbors one wall over, and it was semi late. Even baked, I was mindful of being courteous. I turned on the music very low, and turned on the milkdrop visualizer for winamp. It's exceedingly difficult to remember what happens next, but, well, here goes.

Fractal patterns, and mathematical relationships that were never apparent before were suddenly clear to me. Where before, I had only seen colorful displays, now every single shape was drenched in meaning, function, purpose. Fractals, hidden behind layers of filters and never seen before were now utterly obvious. I could look at the screen, and have total mathematical understanding of what was going on, instantly. It was almost like a form of synesthesia. To some extent, I think my ego must have died, because while I was experiencing this in my flesh, I also was the experience in every meaningful way. After time indeterminate, I was sufficiently far enough through the comedown for this state to disintegrate.

Next, I took my iPod, and listened to my iPod, and once again, I achieved partial ego death. I also had odd visions, which are truly indescribable, having no basis whatsoever in consensus reality. They were NOT CEV's, which I have experienced since this trip.

There is nothing further worth reporting of this experience. I came down, and then slept.

Experience 4:

I was in the bathroom, because it offers easy deodorization, and easy cleaning. Also, I needed a shower, and had heard that it was awesome to do them when experiencing the altered states. Maybe so, but not for this, as I would find out.

I placed my usual amount of substance in the bowl, and lit up, took my hits, etc. Same procedure as before, and as usual.

As I came up, I made myself put the kit away, and suspended parts of my mini hookah in toilet bowl cleaner, which I have found really helps keep the stuff nice and sparkling. (NOTE: I rinse the stuff for at least 20 minutes after the high is over. If you use this method, make sure you do to!!!) I had to force myself to do this, with every iota of my will, such was my intoxication. I then got into the shower, and... Well... It sucked. Utterly and completely. Boring, and I had to force myself to wash. But I got paid back for this timewaste.

Seized by inspiration, I corked the tub, shut off the shower, and let it fill. Slowly I noticed that the warmer the water, the less sensation I would receive from the portions submerged in it. I quickly turned the water up to the maximum comfortable temperature (and I have no idea how I found that seeing as I was so numb, but I did.) I then kneeled in such a way as to support the maximal submersion of my body. For awhile it was just like that, the nonsensation slowly crawling up my body. But after the water reached a certain, critical temperature and height... Bam.

Depth perception was fucked. Utterly fucked. One second, I was looking at my hands under the water... The next. What. I watched as a Two Dimensional membrane in Three Dimensional space oscillate. These oscillations were ripples in the water, but at that time, I had no way to know that. My awareness of the outside universe stopped completely and utterly. The membrane was exerting an extraordinary pull on me. I obliged, and moved closer, and the state grew even stronger. The membrane ceased being a membrane, and I abstractly knew that I was seeing my hands, and not a membrane. However, in truth, I was seeing Mount. Valentine. I christened it thus, for my hands appeared to be clasped in the shape of a heart (they weren't really). Eventually, I pulled my head up, and saw the rest of the bathroom. I was filled with joy: the world was much larger then I had thought it was! I then began to play with the attractive forces of the water. It's hard to describe, but was very fun. After indeterminate time, I unplugged the tub, got out, and dressed myself. I then went downstairs, determined to test an effect I had read about: enhanced taste.

I pulled out some mexican 4-cheese, and had a tiny bit. Oh. Wow. Every single factor that made that cheese delicious was maximized. It was transcendent of itself.

And that conclude everything meaningful from this experience. As a note of interest, while I was just as high this time as last, it was MUCH easier to deal with. I think I may be beginning to get the hang of the 'High' frame of mind.

Experience 5:

See above. Nothing notable, really. It has gotten even easier for me to enjoy being high. There is no longer any dysphoria! I tried some other foods, and they were very enhanced. For some reason, chocolate sprinkles acted to briefly re-up the experience.

In conclusion:

Diamond Spirit is excellent, really. It offers a pleasant, enjoyable experience, and is also quite hallucinogenic. Not as much as I'd like, but still, a very nice 'bonus'. I'll do this at least once a day, probably.

Modern Famicom

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 80223
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 22, 2009Views: 19,161
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Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (472) : General (1), Alone (16)

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