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Nothing Is Real
Salvia divinorum (20x extract) & Cannabis
Citation:   Guttershark. "Nothing Is Real: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) & Cannabis (exp78400)". Nov 8, 2023.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  1 hit smoked Cannabis (flowers)
Me and my friends went to a beach where we knew that salvia was sold, and were ready for the trips that plenty others have mentioned to us.The first time I tried Salvia it was 10x and smoked from a corncob pipe. The smoke was very harsh and tasted like something that I would never smoke, and the effects of being pulled down and laughing started on but with no 'trip' which disappointed us greatly.

A week later we decided to get 20x and see if this would do the trick for the travels that we wanted to go. Using the corncob yet once again we packed a huge bowl and passed it around. Holding it in as long as I could, I had the same effect and was so pissed off.

It was not until on are way to the mall at around 7:20 that my friends were using his bubbler in the car to smoke some weed that I mentioned hey try some weed and salvia together. So my friend sprinkled a little on his weed and nothing seemed to change. 5 minutes later he starts laughing saying how everything he saw minutes ago were skulls and he was no longer in the car. At this point I didn't care about the possibility of testing positive and put the rest of the salvia in the bubbler.

Not prepared at all for what came I do not remember putting my lighter down or the bubbler, all I knew was that yellow, red, and orange were all I saw and they were being stretched and swirled all around me. I pretty much felt flattened to my seat but had no idea that I was actually in a seat in a car. I began to feel like this was the end and I had spent my whole life up until this point and smoking salvia sent me to another dimension where I would be with colors and loud sound. My friend was playing Whitechapel, very loud and was not helping my situation. Everything had a cartoon quality to it, almost 2-D and it was like my color palate was confined to the most dullest of each color. The whole world to me was fake, everyone and everything.
Everything had a cartoon quality to it, almost 2-D and it was like my color palate was confined to the most dullest of each color. The whole world to me was fake, everyone and everything.
Building, car, seat belt, phone, it didn't matter. They were all against me and lying and wanted me to be stuck like this. I began to look at people in their cars just to make sure that they weren't part of this conspiracy and that the world was actually still here.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

25 minutes into the trip I began asking if my friends felt the same way I did. Still being in the car the rapid speed was messing with my sensors horribly. I pictured that my friend in front of me was stuck in this dimension with me and he too didn't want to be part of it. But there we were holding plastic toy guns in a tron like world all in a tunnel of yellow and red. Soon after I began to fell like something was holding me down and that the only possible way to know if I was real was to move around and try to get up. I felt something at my stomach and was trying my hardest to get whatever it was off, finding out later that it was just my seat belt. I was looking around with wide eyes like someone was going to kill me. I began to ask where I was going and what my name was and what the day was to see if in fact these people that were my friends were actually them. My friend told me that I kept glaring at him every time he looked back and like I didn't trust him, which to me I felt like I was smiling and agreeing so that things would keep going as planned.

I began to be able to see some real things maybe what felt like 30 minutes later. We arrive at the mall and I'm starting to come down but still tripping. Seeing the mall and all of the familiar stores helped me to realize that the world was real but I still had my doubts and was staring everyone down and wondering how in a fake world they all acted just like they used too. My mouth was incredibly dry. I thought that if I didn't have a drink that I would die from not being able to breath. I was doing everyday things but they just seemed surreal and using my phone helped to know that I was able to get ahold of friends far away and I had to be in the same world.

Skip forward an hour and I'm still feeling an afterglow but no feelings of being lost and gone forever. Surprisingly, this body high lasted well into the night until I fell asleep at 2 AM. I would've had a much better trip if I knew that it would be over. As much as I told myself in my head that it would end, I was somehow convinced that that's where I was stuck and I couldn't grasp that fact. Hopefully this feeling of being lost will be a comforting one the next time.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78400
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 8, 2023Views: 36
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Salvia divinorum (44), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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