Not Pot
Spice Product ('Gold')
by Door King
Citation:   Door King. "Not Pot: An Experience with Spice Product ('Gold') (exp77867)". May 30, 2009.

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I ordered some Spice Gold from the U.K. I knew from the first puff that I was on to something, but what Iím not sure. Iím 65, and donít smoke much pot simply because itís not that available here, and when I do have it, I donít get much done.

Anyway, Spice had some amazing pot-like affects on me. Most noticeable was an uncontrollable urge to play the guitar. In the first hour, I wrote a new song, which is holding up pretty well. Pot always made playing more enjoyable, but this stuff seemed to have a much stronger affect. It made me musically whacko. I couldnít stop rhyming. It made me into a bloody genius, if you want to know the truth, and the one hit I took kept right on going for three or four hours. My mouth got very dry and nasty, and I got the mega munchies. Exhausted, I lay in the bathtub, and fell into what I can only describe as an opium dream. Pot almost always suppresses my dreams. Iím not sure Spice is worth it; I was strung out the next day.

Iíve smoked it two or three times since, and it always produces reliable musical results, which I have trouble shutting down: Sample rhyme: The great explorer, so excited that heíd found, the fountain of youth, fell in and drowned. I mean my brain was spewing out billions of these. I tried three puffs the last time, and it was at least eight hours before I calmed down enough to sleep. When I shut my eyes, I could see a pattern typical of psychedelics I have tried before. And I was strung out all the next day; not painfully, but I felt spacey and tired.

Age has brought less recuperative powers and a greater sensitivity, so maybe thatís it. Iíll probably do it again. The music it helps me make is just too damned good to resist, even if I do feel like my brain has been hooked up to a light outlet. I mean, it just hums, and wonít shut up. Iím going to try to limit use to just a puff, and only once or twice a month though. I mean, you really have to want to play to take a puff of this stuff.

P.S. The stuff makes this old dog randy, too.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 77867
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 30, 2009Views: 29,733
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