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Mushrooms In A Joint
Cannabis & Mushrooms
by matt
Citation:   matt. "Mushrooms In A Joint: An Experience with Cannabis & Mushrooms (exp7771)". Jul 26, 2003.

0.5 g smoked Cannabis
  0.125 g smoked Mushrooms
Myself and three friends had just gotten back to my university dorm in London Ontario from a from a Phish show in Detroit. It was around 1 in the morning and we found that we were locked out of my room. We didn't have anywhere to stay for the night so we decided to walk around the town until morning. We had approximately 2 grams of cannabis and half a gram of mushrooms that were left over from a different time. Since there were four of us we couldn't really break up the mushrooms. We thought that if we smoked them we could all maybe get some effect out of such a small amount. None of us knew whether smoking mushrooms has any effect, and there was some concern about the possible health hazards of inhaling a fungus. But upon very little discussion we broke them up and rolled a joint along with most of our marijuana, saving some for a smaller joint of only pot. We sparked it in a nearby park at around 2:30am.

Initially the effects seemed to be purely those of a typically marijuana high, and over the course of the night I didn't think much of the mushrooms. My one friend, who doesn't usually smoke pot, complained of feeling dumbed by the drugs. He said he felt like his brain was shutting down. This could obviously be attributed simply to cannabis, but the other three of us felt a similar enibriation that is not typical of pot (and we are avid pot smokers). This feeling of mental slowness can also be attributed to a lack of sleep, but I've been awake all night before and it's never felt like that.

Looking back on the night there are some strange blank spots in my memory. I can remember all the specific areas and occurences, but my time memory places our whole experience at only about 2 or 3 hours, when we were out for 6 hours altogether. This is the aspect that is most easily attributable to the possible effects of the mushrooms. The time distorting effect would fall under the normal effects of mushroom intoxication. I also know that I have experienced profound time distortion while on mushrooms before. Once while on a mushroom trip, I checked the clock and saw that it was 12 o'clock, I then continued about by business. To my utter amazement and confusion when I checked the clock again 20 minutes later it read 11:50.

So, in this case of smoked mushrooms I feel that they did do something, although it was definitely not a typical mushroom experience. I know now (I didn't know when this experience took place) that psilocybin is destroyed by heat. Due to this fact, it is assumed that mushrooms are not active when smoked. There are, however many other chemicals in mushrooms, some of which I'm sure could be psychoactive in some way. Now, I don't really know anything about this and I'm just guessing that some effects could be acheived through other chemicals if all the psilocybin is burned up. Maybe some of the time distortion that I felt is due to something else in the mushrooms.

Upon returining to my dorm at around nine in the morning we still couldn't find my roommate so that he could let us in, so we ended up sleeping on couches in the lounge downstairs. I fell into a very deep sleep, but I awoke an hour or so later in a state of extreme delirious confusion. I sat up quickly, startled by my sudden awakening. At this point I think that I fell back asleep for a few seconds, or I at least lost conciousness and forgot that I had woken up. Either way I subsequently 'woke up' again and proceeded to sit up. However, since I had already sat up the first time I had awoken, my sitting up motion made me bend over instead, smacking my nose against a table. I later found this to be a very amusing occurence, but at the time I didn't understand that anything had happened, and I went back to sleep. My friend, who was sleeping on a couch beside me was woken up by the crash of my face slamming into the coffee table. When he saw me sleeping with blood pouring out of a cut on the bridge of my nose he woke me up and sent me to the bathroom to clean it. When I got to the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror, ripped off some toilet paper, stuck it to the cut, and went back to sleep. I woke up again hour later with the toilet paper still stuck to my face. I still have a scar.

So I think that the mushrooms must have had some sort of effect on my awareness during this ordeal. I am normally a fairly light sleeper and I have never been in a state of sleepy stupor like I was that day. I have never woken up twice before that either. Again, these aren't typical mushroom effects. I think that from this personal experience I would say that mushrooms do have some effect when smoked, but I never felt anything similar to a 'normal' mushroom high, and the effects that I experienced could be attributed to other factors. So the debate rolls on.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 7771
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 26, 2003Views: 39,474
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