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Wake and Bake Times 4
by Delsymfan
Citation:   Delsymfan. "Wake and Bake Times 4: An Experience with Cannabis (exp76965)". Oct 7, 2009.

1 bowl smoked Cannabis


A little backstory. My first weed experience was 4/20/07 and me and my friend C went along. First time ever for either of us. Ironically, we got nearly nothing out of it but he continued using it. I hadnt, until this time.

This was now November 08 and he had acquired some high-end mids from a good source. We toked a bowl and let the fun begin. I honestly had never had these feelings before but wow. First thing I noticed was my glasses felt funny on my head. Like they were just floating there. Within a few minutes I would find myself compulsively laughing and rolling on the floor.

The most powerful effect of the herb was a spiraling time dilation. Basically I would start laughing, or thinking about something, and it would feel like I was being cast into a bottomless mental pit. Spiraling down for what seemed like forever. Then I'd come to. Everything would feel TOTALLY normal. As if I hadnt smoked a thing. And what felt like an hour was about 2 minutes. But these spirals happened a few times and I was exceedingly giddy with each one. We had a wonderful night, and the next morning got even better.

The next day we awoke at around 10 AM. Half baked, we giggled our way to a local donut shop downtown. Nobody there was under 65 except us teenagers. We sat and ate a donut and chatted, feeling like old men but finding it hilarious. We went back home, and then smoked a bowl. We smoked about 4 bowls between us two in the course of a couple hours. Watching Pineapple Express was very interesting. The movie makes a lot of sense when I am high too.

We together had an 1/8th and probably had a gram left over. We plowed through quite a bit of weed. Good times.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 76965
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 7, 2009Views: 1,100
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Cannabis (1) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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