The Worst Paranoia I Have Ever Experienced
Cannabis - Hash
by Danny
Citation:   Danny. "The Worst Paranoia I Have Ever Experienced: An Experience with Cannabis - Hash (exp7673)". Jun 25, 2003.

2.4 g smoked Cannabis - Hash

It was a cold winter evening in Newquay (a small laid back town in the south west of England) when me and two friends decided to go camping. We managed to get all of the stuff together including what really was a two man tent, and walked to Crantock (a small village across a river from Newquay) where we set up the tent by a big sand dune for shelter. When we were finally ready we started smoking. I can't remember how many spliffs we smoked but we got through a quarter that night and we had the tent closed which made a nice hot box.

All of a sudden I could hear the sea in the background changing into what sounded like a skipping commercial house record (this was quite irritating as I really hate house). This progressed to me thinking I was at a party of some sort with that skipping record playing, the only way I can describe it is that it was like the part of 'The Shining' where Jack Nicholson walks into the bar and sees all of those people having a wonderful time. Every so often I would snap out of this and realise where I really was and then go back to the party. I remember feeling like I wasn't at the party but merely a presence floating around and watching the people enjoying themselves.

After a while (I have't a clue how long) I finally came back to reality and felt quite shocked when I saw the tent and my friends, as far as I was concerned nothing else existed except for that party.

I told them about what I had just experienced in great detail most of which I can't really remember now when all of a sudden I heard this rustling noise. I asked my friends if they had heard it and they said they did. This then turned into the worst paranoia I have ever experienced. Even though the rational part of my brain new that there was no room for anyone to move around the back of the tent (where the noise was coming from) and that it was probably a rabbit, the stoned part of my brain was utterly convinced that there was a madman with an enourmous knife about to come in and cut me and my friends into very small pieces.

We sat down for a while not daring to move or make a sound when we heard the sound of running right past us. At that particular moment we felt the tent being hit and the running sound got further away. Roughly twenty minutes went by when we decided to look outside. When we did we noticed that one of the pegs had came out (causing the tent to move and us to think it had been hit by somebody). We later realised that the rustling had been my friends hat rubbing against the side of the tent whenever he moved his head.

That was the most afraid I have ever felt in my life and it tought me that the setting and surroundings are very important when dealing with drugs that affect the mind. I have continued to smoke weed and have had many great experiences since but I will never forget the feeling of imminent death that I felt that night.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7673
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 25, 2003Views: 8,320
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Cannabis - Hash (93) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5)

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