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Very Nice
Lactuca - L. virosa
Citation:   David. "Very Nice: An Experience with Lactuca - L. virosa (exp76038)". Mar 27, 2020.

1 cig. smoked Lactuca - L. virosa
    smoked Lactuca - L. virosa
    smoked Tobacco
For about 4 months I was a serious mj smoker, and am now desperately trying to stop using it as I'm finding it very addicting for me. I have therefore been on a search for things to fill the void that my quitting cannabis has created. I read that this 'opium lettuce' could be smoked to very nice effects, I also read that it does absolutely nothing, so I took my experience with a grain of salt.

I ventured out into the empty field next to my house and grabbed a few leaves of the stuff (there was some still growing and green despite it being January). I let it dry under a hot lamp for most of the day and until it was crispy to the touch. I then rolled a fat blunt of it, probably at least 2-2.5 grams of the lactuca. I proceeded to smoke it, and about halfway through the blunt started to feel moderately sedated. By the end of the blunt I was definitely what I would call 'chill'. Immediately after the blunt I packed a bowl of it mixed with a tiny bit of tobacco just because I didn't want to taste the lettuce anymore after smoking a whole blunt of it. I didn't even finish the bowl before I simply didn't want to smoke anymore because I was in a very nice state.

I can relate the feeling to moderate mj buzz, but mostly in the form of a body high. I felt extremely relaxed and moderately euphoric. I also had a good deal of music euphoria as I noticed when I started listening to some Chick Corea.

I felt no ill effects from it, and actually found the smoke surprisingly mellow and decent-tasting for what it was. I definitely didn't get 'high', but I was pretty damn happy with my moderate body stoned feeling and extreme relaxation. I will definitely smoke some of this stuff again, I may even try an extraction so I don't have to smoke as much to get the effects.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 76038
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 27, 2020Views: 2,795
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Lactuca - L. virosa (340) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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