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Moving Through Air
Cacti - T. pachanoi
by Jordan
Citation:   Jordan. "Moving Through Air: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp73543)". Mar 1, 2014.

2.5 Tbsp oral Cacti - columnar (powder / crystals)


So a friend of mine ordered San Pedro cactus powder online.He asked if I wanted to try some.I had heard of Peyote and I decided I would give it a try.I had never done a psychedelic and was really looking forward to embarking with this natural wonder.

As far as preparations went I watched Youtube videos of Mescaline experiments,and read 'The Doors of Perception' by Aldous Huxley.I meditated now and again,and made a play list of music for the experience itself. I read 'The Psychedelic Experience FAQ to help me see what I was getting into.I was very particular about how I wanted it to be I decided a night trip would be best as I could see hallucinations better and would be able to go to sleep once it was over with.

Finally I decided it was time to do it.I had a very good week at college and was feeling very relaxed and content with the week's events.It was a Friday and I did a few last minute preparations such as taking a shower,jotting any last minute notes and listening to The Orb.Friend Alex came over for a bit and we hung out this put me in an even better mood.About 11:15 or so Alex went home, and grandma went off to bed. Went out for a quick walk and back to the house. I preceded to take the powder out of the Ziploc bag I had it in.I mixed it with warm water in a medium sized glass then headed off the my room. The stuff looked nasty so I got a some Gatorade to drink along with it.

11:35 pm In my room.I took the first sip and as I predicted it had a very bitter,gritty flavor,but the Gatorade helped me get it down.My room is at the far end of the house with a street view so the night and being able to see the street outside added a nice ambiance to it.Listened to more ambient music such as King Crimson and sound collages of rain/thunderstorms.The more I drank the harder it became to swallow but I found a way to put in my mouth slosh it around with Gatorade then take a sip of Gatorade after wards. By 12:15 I drank about half of it and decided enough was enough and disposed of the goopy mess properly.

12:20 ish feeling a bit of a what I thought was a mild coming up.Pictures focusing and seeming to grow then become 'normal' again,but nothing too out there.What I write from this point on is what I what I wrote in the notebook during the experience itself,so I apologize ahead of time if it is confusing and hard to keep up with

40-60 minutes after ingestion: time is 12:40 A.M CDT.Computer text beginning a wave like motion as if moving around,no serious visuals yet but a sense of 'something being there that cannot be seen'.Feeling a very heavy body high like feeling now.Stepped outside in the front yard for a bit,took a look at the stars and mistook one for an aircraft of some kind this was my brain and eyes playing tricks.My brain saw something and tried its best to process the information given but saw something as it wasn't but eventually the airplane was a star,I figured this was an illusion of some sort the stars seemed to be shooting as well.I am beginning to think about how I've changed in the past few years.I used to be close-minded and would wasn't open to certain ideas. I realize that I've changed so much since then politically,mentally,and have became less of a nerd then I was once but still love intellectual topics.I am the same in a few ways and think about how I have became more socially accepted over the past 4 years or so.This deep introspection is helping me realize that I had low self esteem then that changed as I became more open-minded with the world.I am now pretty happy with life and enjoy everyday.Everyday is a mystery it all starts with waking up, you don't know what will happen during the day.You could end up dead,or make a really good grade on a test just always wake up for good day I love the feeling of waking up not realizing what will or can/happen.

90 minutes now 1:10 A.M CDT: Now having ghost like images if I look at something for a certain amount of time and look away,it will still be there in rather fine detail.Feeling a bit of manageable nausea now.Starting to have a feeling of moving through the air as I listen to 'Indifference' by Pearl Jam.Not a flying feeling but being still moving through the air while everything else around moves- can't really put this into good words but a feeling of seeing the world as it would typical be bustling cities,traffic,boats at harbor etc.Not a hallucination just a feeling.

2 hours 1:40 AM CDT:Very heavy body feeling now seeing color patterns wherever the eye leads.Text is 3D now as I look at my 'A Clockwork Orange' poster the 'Clockwork Orange' portion is appearing to grow and 'come out'.Pink Floyd live at Pompeii desktop image appears to be moving forwards (getting close to me) with waves of sound from the fan.Closed eye visuals are colored stairway like patterns.A sense that things are growing.The lamp shade/post rising speakers getting bigger etc. A feeling that I can talk with my brain and that it can guide me and will be there to help me understand throughout.Time/sound seems based on movement.Sounds are very distorted getting soft then deafening.Peripheral vision shows David Gilmour on the desktop image appearing to reach out of screen with hand.

Going on 3 hours now time is 2:35 AM. Couch appears to be huge and pulsing in out as if moving in a straight line.Took a look at my 'Wish You Were Here' poster an d the men in the center of the poster have dotted green lines around them like you would expect on a computer HTML layout.They know appear to be changing attire as the colors of the clothes are changing.Ventured outside again sounds seem very loud as if in the middle of a busy highway.Watching a film on TV called 'Daylight' the sound from the film is moving in waves far-away to close and sounds very interesting.I can feel the sounds as the move from the tv to my ear.Now having deep thoughts about how much I love my girlfriend and how close I am with her and how beautiful she always is.As I watch the film I feel as if I am part of it ,with the characters etc.Seeing a clawed hand interpreted as a polar bear.Looking out my door is see colors moving as if in a portal through the cracks.Feeling synesthesia now as I think about the song 'Magic Mushrooms' by 1200 Micrograms I can hear it playing.

5 hours hours 4:35 AM: Bubble like fractals all around .Closed eye visuals taking the shape of time as if in a puzzle with numbers and a period after the number the time numbers move around with sound.

Almost 6 hours hours 5:15 AM:Waving phone around creates a trail of light waving around like an 8 makes and 8 and a 9 makes a nine very interesting effect. Colored moving fractals appearing on the walls appearing as numbers like a countdown for example 4,3,2,1 with the numbers taking place on different parts of the wall moving in a straight line.'Astronomy Domine' by Pink Floyd is playing in my head even though no audio device is turned on (phone is on silent).

7 hours or so 6:31 AM Dawn has arrived and effects are dying off still flanging audio,and a feeling of deep knowledge about life and my own brain.Starting to feel sleepy so I think I will close this by saying that I there is peripheral vision of my chair taking serpent/snake-like shape.

13.5 hours 1:00 PM. I just woke up and have no effects,but a feeling having done some kind of chemical,feel really refreshed though.Had a very lucid life-like dream about being in a conductor at a symphony. I have never felt this great after waking up this is all that's going through my head right now...I feel that our future is not set,out past is there to help us.Thinking about the past can help us in many ways discover ourselves and thinking about the future can help us figure out how we want to change ourselves and what we want to do in life.Yes this has changed my life I am not the same person I was 13.5 hours ago. I am wiser and will always take every day and every moment I have with someone and enjoy them because they might not always last.I will do things to help people in need and plan my life out as I want it to be.

Overall I loved the experience,and would definitely do it again,however I find it one of those once in a lifetime things you do maybe twice many years after you once did it before. But for anyone who wants a meditative,introspective night,with a spiritual rewarding conclusion mescaline is the answer.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73543
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 1, 2014Views: 3,725
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