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Disneyland Is Still There!
by SuburbanMom
Citation:   SuburbanMom. "Disneyland Is Still There!: An Experience with MDMA (exp73279)". Feb 12, 2018.

100 mg oral Tryptophan (pill / tablet)
  70 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  2 capsls oral Ginger (roots)


DOB: 11/63
Gender: Female
Weight: hmm over 140, below 180.

I'm a 44 year old mom of two college students, (daughters), aged 22 and soon to be 21. A couple of weeks ago my oldest daughter decided she wanted to try shrooms, acid, MDMA, in any order. She got a gram of MDMA so that we could all do it together, but instead of waiting, she went ahead and tried it. Of course I didn't get to help with her preload or postload. My youngest daughter and her friend wanted to try it, so I set aside a Saturday afternoon, went and got 5-HTP, melatonin, magnesium, ginger, the works.

Preload cocktail:
100 mg 5-HTP the night before and the morning of.
Magnesium (I think one 500mg capsule)
2 capsules of ginger root just before ingestion.

Saturday afternoon comes and I had asked both girls to read exactly what MDMA does and how it works. So I show up with a scale, and some crystal mdma that I got through the older sister. A little background on myself. I am a typical suburban working mom, happily married, 70,000+ salary so you all know I'm just an average mom. I went through my teenage years in the early 80's in a small coastal town in Florida so my background is a lot of smoking weed, starting at age 14, some shrooms, some acid, mdma in the late 80's, cocaine (which is a horrible overpriced drug for anyone that wants to try it, just don't). As a matter of fact I did MDMA so much, I thought I lost the magic forever. I haven't done it since the late 80's.
I did MDMA so much, I thought I lost the magic forever. I haven't done it since the late 80's.
So about 18+ years ago, I guess. I actually took a break from all drugs, I mean ALL, from 1992 to 2007. Now, I smoke a little weed now and then. Maybe 1x a week.

I go over with the girls what we are about to try, they are a little nervous, but excited, they have their teddy bears, are perfectly preloaded. I make sure they are both in good moods and nothing drastic has happened lately in their lives. Set is every bit as important as setting.

I show them how to calibrate a scale, snip out a couple of pictures of gorgeous guys from their Cosmo for them to lick the E from, (kicking it old school as they say). For me it was always a ritual and not just a thoughtless dropping of a pill, and I kind of wanted to show/explain/pass the torch to the girls.

4:20 we start. I measure out the crystal.
Girl #1: weighs 140 pounds - she gets 75 mg.
Girl #2: weighs 120 pounds - she gets 65 mg.
Mom: don't ask - gets 70 mg.

4:30 They know it will be awhile, I tell them wait till they feel a little sick, then it will kick in. I tell them they need to go try and urinate. (we are leaving the house kids, anyone have to go to the bathroom?)

4:50 They ask if they don't feel anything and is this why people take more at this point and should they. I raise my eyebrows at them and say, no, no more, practice patience. Let's take a walk down to the Park Blocks.... oh and leave your cell phones, we don't need to call anyone right now...

5:10 We are walking through the Park. They are starting to come up and are fascinated with Girl#2's pupils. Girl#1 pupils- nada. Still small. We are hot and melty. Hot summer day.

5:30 As we are walking and talking about the day, we all come up, VERY smooth. Back in the day, I always got really nauseated. We all feel great, no nausea, but Girl#2 says she feels a bit funny. We sit down on the park bench and talk and talk about how great we feel and how much we all really love each other. I put the non=nausea down to taking ginger previous to ingestion. Maybe.

6:00 We are totally there. The girls have huge black pupils, they are holding hands, reciting stories from their earlier years, petting dogs, and loving life...I am watching them and feeling maternal and incredibly loving. They go to Starbucks and I watch them chat the clerk up for water. (My girls are really pretty, so this is fun to watch this guy interact with these two VERY friendly girls - he must know they are rolling). They talk to a guy who is selling matchbook kites on the street and say they would totally buy them if they had money. The street vendor gives them two kites for free. They walk into a men's underwear store and again flirt outrageously with the clerk (who is obviously very gay, but loving it and flirting back - amazing).

7:00 The girls are peaking and valleying (what I call going up and coming down...) We end up spending the majority of our time in the Mall. Then ... back to the Park!...This goes on until 8:00, we go back home talking about our feelings, they smoke a little pot and then decide they want to go listen to jazz. They mix up some vodka drinks, I drive home and then type this up.

Notes: The magic definitely came back. Maybe it takes awhile! The bitterness is still there. I personally don't think you should drink alcohol anytime in the 24 hours of a good mdma experience, but that's a personal choice. Smoking weed helps coming down, but right now I'm still pretty perspirey and hot. But that could be summer. Pant pant pant. And I've never walked so much in my life. This is why I was a size 5 in the 80's!! Better living through chemistry!

Well, my job is done. I showed the girls how to smoke and buy weed, now MDMA, and probably shrooms at some point. You know, I think the DEA has it all wrong when they say talk to your kids about drugs. Well, I do. And to me, there are some really bad drugs. Meth and cocaine are not good to do. Period. But if my kids want to do drugs, then I help them pick the good ones and then show them how to do it, and explain the difference between recreational and self medication. I think that's why some kids die from drugs because they never talked to someone who really loves them and shows them how to actually do them safely.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 73279
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 44 
Published: Feb 12, 2018Views: 2,956
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