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The Meal of Visions and Pure Evil
Citation:   Bunny Biscuits. "The Meal of Visions and Pure Evil: An Experience with Cannabis (exp7304)". Erowid.org. Sep 27, 2002. erowid.org/exp/7304

  oral Cannabis (edible / food)
I've never been a big user of cannabis, I smoked it a bit when I was a teenager, but gave up smoking it out of health fears. A few years went past and I started to get really curious about eating cannabis brownies, it wasn't long before I tried them, and before I had my first bad experience. I had only tried brownies a few times before anything went wrong. The first couple of times was from a batch of brownies that a friend had made. Both times had been fairly good experiences, however I was unaware of how much cannabis was used.

As you might already know, eating cannabis can bring on a much more intense and longer stone than smoking, for example: if you smoke two or three cones of leaf you might get stoned for up to two hours, but rarely would it last any longer. Yet if you were to eat a slice of cannabis brownie with about three cones worth of leaf in it, you could be stoned for up to twelve hours or more depending on your metabolism.

A few weeks after trying the brownies I took it upon myself to make my own batch and asked my friend for the recipe. He told me that he just used a supermarket bought brownie mix and simply added fine ground leaves to it. We managed to score a big bag of hydro leaf with what I figured must have been a little bit of stem. I realised I had no idea what I was doing, but proceeded anyway by grinding up about an ounce of the leaf until it was the consistency of flour. Then I mixed it up with all the ingredients then put it in a tray and cooked it like a normal brownie slice.

I gathered a group of friends to try the brownies out. The friend from earlier was there, along with a another experienced stoner as well as few 'fairly' newbies like myself. After cutting everyone a piece about two inches square (about the same as the previous batch) we downed them and prepared for the long wait before the drug kicked in. On average it takes about two to three hours for your digestive system to absorb enough of the drug to have any affect.

One of my more experienced friends felt the effects the earliest and began to giggle, everyone else followed soon after. I started to get frustrated and wondered why it hadn't affected me yet, so I went into the kitchen to get munchies for everyone else and a drink for myself. As I was walking back to the lounge room, I started to feel the comforting dizziness that comes from the first stages of being stoned. I felt my face peel into a grin and I began to snigger as I entered the now candle-lit, darkened room (Our research has found that hallucinations are stronger in the dark). While I was out of the room someone must have put some ambient music in the Hi-Fi, and it sounded great.

About half an hour into the high, it started getting more intense, much more than previous times. This is where I made a crutial mistake. Instead of riding out the high like I had before (and everytime since), I tried to fight it off. At that moment it was as if the drug turned on me. I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of fear and confusion. I was paranoid about everything and everyone, including my girlfriend. The walls began to bleed crude oil, and the smell of death filled my nose while my mouth felt like it was burning. The whole room churned as the windows became lego bricks and then slices of bread. As the hallucinations got stronger, my mind grew more and more confused. One of my friend's head turned into a Koala and I began screaming 'Koala Head!' in a high pitched voice whilst pointing at him.

Somehow I made my way to the kitchen with my worried friends following close behind. Over by the sink, I grasped hold of the taps to hold myself up. As I did, I felt my fingers melt though the taps until I was unable to remain standing. Somebody caught me, but the sudden grab make me vomit. After that my friends helped lead me into the bathroom and sat me in the tub (the BEST place to be in this situation). After about two or three hours of coming down I started to feel much better and made my way to bed.

I learnt many things from that bad stone, but had I known of and followed the rules, I might have been able to avoid it. They've been in several different places elsewhere, however I feel the most important rules are:

- NEVER try to fight the high, stay cool and calm if things get too intense.
- Drink water, and don't overdo it on salty munchies and fizzy drinks.
- Know how much you're taking and know how much you can handle.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7304
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 27, 2002Views: 41,343
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Cannabis (1) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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