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Ingesting Hash - A Perspective
by purplegrass
Citation:   purplegrass. "Ingesting Hash - A Perspective: An Experience with Cannabis (exp72928)". Jan 25, 2012.

3 g oral Cannabis - Hash (tar / resin)


I have been a regular reader of Erowid for a few years now and I think this is one of the most interesting/important websites on the net. There is some great material here under cannabis/hash , but I feel that hash should have a separate listing.

To start with let me say that I have smoked (a lot of!) weed on/off for three years now as well as having used most of the other substances available at a college campus. This summer though I came home to India for an internship and as the quality of weed on the streets here is pretty bad, I started buying hash regularly for the past three months. Not only is the quality very good, it is also ridiculously cheap (<$25 for 10 grams).

Everyone knows about smoking weed/hash obviously, as well as cooking with them, however not much has been said about simply eating hash.

The reason I am writing this experience is because I was completely taken aback by the effects of ingesting hash which I tried for the first time two months ago.

I was done with work for the week and I was waiting for a friend to pick me up from the office for a friday night out. It was 4:30pm and I was idly surfing the net when on an impulse I started chewing on the substantial ball of hash I was carrying in my pocket. Before I knew it I had reduced it to a pulp in my mouth and I swallowed it. It did not taste very good, but it was not unpalatable either.

For the next two hours I was fine and feeling a mild giddy high like from eating hash brownies. I was going around talking to my fellow workers normally and having a grand time making plans for the weekend.

At about 6:30pm it was time for me to meet my friend so I came back to my desk and started clearing up. All of a sudden it hit me! And I mean hit me hard! I have a good amount of experience with psychadelics and this was very much like tripping! If it were not for the crazy physical sensations I started having, I would have thought someone slipped me some shrooms or the like.

It seemed to me that people in the cubicles around me had started shouting, the lighting was bright as hell and straight lines started warping a little. Along with it I started having some really weird muscular sensations (a little like muscle spasms). I sank back into my chair to clear my head, but found it quite hard to maintain a straight posture. My first thought was that the hash was contaminated with some other stuff as I never expected such a reaction from it. I also felt a mild trepidation which I get while first coming up on a psychedelic. However I figured it was just due to the large amount of hash I had eaten (3g - a little less than an eighth). I decided to go with this unexpected trip and make the most of it. I went to the restroom to be alone and sure enough my face bore the unmistakeable sign of someone who has left reality behind. My face seemed demonic (a usual for me when tripping), my eyes were red slits and I had a crazy grin on my face. And then I started laughing... uncontrollably!

Gathering whatever wits I had left about me, I stumbled into my cublicle grabbing my stuff and hobbled out (normal physical movement was impossible at this point). I met up with my friend outside and immediately he knew something was up (although I was trying my hardest to appear normal on the streets). I got into his car and blurted out something about tripping. He did not believe me at first as he had been doing the hash with me for the last month or so and like me thought it incapable of producing such an effect. He took me to a coffeehouse where I felt I could relax for a while. However, that was a bad idea! All I remember was a huge chandelier and mirrors and this feeling that I was in a movie set. And then I stared at his face and started that manic laughter. It was then he knew that I was not lying. It was the job of a few minutes to convince him to join me (!) and we soon left that place.

The next few hours are a blur. It was an intense power high for me where things seemed to be happening at a breakneck speed. I have sketchy memories watching my friend eat the hash, me trying to listen to some music, sinking into his couch like there was an elephant on my chest, trying to make conversation with some other guys who showed up but finding it very hard to express what I felt. In short, it was very like a trip and nothing like a normal high. All the while I was wondering whether this was the THC in the hash or some other stuff I did not know about. The thing that stood out most was the physical sensations pulsating up and down my torso, which I find hard to explain.
A good 4 hours since the onset, my friend was also at my level by then and we were like two giddy schoolchildren alternately gigling for minutes and then confused and mystified by something that took our fancy.

By now all of our previous plans had to be scrapped. We decided to go for a movie (Hancock) of which my mind draws a complete blank. All I remember is trying very hard to stay in my seat (the pulsations made me squirm and sink lower) at the theatre and drinking about 2 tubs of Pepsi. At one point I got a little worried about the amount of liquid I was drinking although I continuously felt very dehydrated.

Most of the evening is a haze, but I remember after the movie as I was slowly coming down, my friend who was still 'tripping' kept remarking over and over how 'industrial' the parking lot looked and wandering around like he was lost (infact we did get lost in the parking lot looking for the car!).

Now I have been VERY high of weed before, as well as tripped quite hard. The best way I can explain this is being inbetween the two. Another thing I want to add is that I got a lot of weird sensations in my arms and legs and coordinated movements looked very clumsy. By around 1am I was no longer in that crazy state and felt okay enough to head home. By then I was exhausted like after a long workout. My muscles felt weak and I passed out immediately on lying down (Going to sleep earlier was quite impossible as every time I lay down and closed my eyes I got some really weird laser like visions and a sensation of accelaration).

All next day I was very spaced out and my limbs felt like they did not belong to me. Talking about the night before with my friend we realized how unexpected and crazy it had been for both of us (he too is no novice when it comes to psychedelics).
I have eaten it a few times since (although I take less than the first time - about 2-2.5g). I always get the high trippy feeling with a sense of great excitement every time I start coming up (it takes around two hours). And then its about 4-5 hours of a mindbending fun, whether you are alone or with somebody.

Few things to note:

Do not expect any great revelations about the world/space/time on hash. It does not tap into those outworldy sensations like LSD or shrooms. Its just a fun trip where you can feel speeded high for a good few hours with your reality getting a rough jolt.

Expect constipation the next day. I guess this stuff is not meant to be eaten raw and bowel movements are definitely constricted for a while! Always though, my body/mind is back to normal within 24 hours.

Do not drive on this stuff. Its nothing like a normal hash high and we have always had sober friends driving us. Infact the weird muscular sensations make controlling the limbs quite a hard task.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72928
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 25, 2012Views: 33,034
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