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Too Many Sounds
LSD, Ketamine & Cannabis
by Mcgrady
Citation:   Mcgrady. "Too Many Sounds: An Experience with LSD, Ketamine & Cannabis (exp72817)". Nov 26, 2009.

1 line insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  7.5 hits oral LSD (liquid)
  3 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  1 line insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


Basically here is some background info about myself. I am nineteen years old from England, I have taken acid quite a few times in the last three months and seem to have a natural tolerance to it. Maybe I just take too much I don't know. But I love how cid makes everything appear visually because I am a graphic design student and am naturally a very visual person anyway. I also love how it affects my mind set and makes me think deeply about certain aspects of life and the universe. I am also naturally a very deep thinker and my brain is quite over active.

Anyway for the third year running I was going to global gathering which is a big dance music festival. I was planning to take my cid Friday night with some ketamine and take my mdma Saturday night as that was when the drum and bass was playing.

I always seem to get carried away when it comes to taking drugs at a festival and I had decided this time was going to be my last for a very very long time as I was going to uni and want to keep a clear mind. Just take acid very rarely maybe once every two months. Bearing in mind I first took cid three months before this experience and since then I have taken around forty drops, I normally get liquid acid and my dealer has very nice cid.

Anyway I had 15 drops of this cid on bits of paper that I had bought the night before, I always watch the guy put the drops on, he's very reliable. These drops were half mine and half my friend, so 7.5 each. We get to the festival and get the drugs past the security and the police and their dogs. This festival has the highest security of any festival I know of. We get in and pitch our tents. It was quite a nice sunny day and I was feeling very happy, why shouldn't I feel happy as I was at the best festival in my personal opinion.

I sat in my tent which was in a circle of four of us. I decided to get out the ketamine. I had a very covert method of getting the drugs in that I use every year, I wrap them in A LOT of cling film and then place them into crisp packets and then melt them back together. That way when my bag gets searched they don't suspect anything and also the police sniffer dogs can't smell it. So I got the ketamine out and did an average line, feeling in a good mood.

I decided then after a few minutes to get my cid out. I sat there in the tent looking at it thinking to myself, ''You shouldn't take all seven and a half drops in one go.'' Before this experience the most I had ever taken was six, but this was at a festival so would maybe be more intense. I thought for maybe a few more seconds and then decided to eat them all. My friend who owned the other seven and a half drops came into my tent with his mouth open wide questioning what I was doing. He didn't agree too much with what I had just done. We are both two people who seem to get carried away and as he saw me do this he soon decided to do the same. So he munched down his cid also.

I sat there just outside of my tent with three of my friends. Only two of us took cid, the other two were drinking and taking ketamine. Someone decided to roll a joint as we were sat there. It had been around ten minutes since I had taken the cid and I had started to contemplate what I had just done. It started to occur to me that I had taken seven and a half drops of cid at this festival. I started to have feelings in my body that are related to cid. Tingles and feeling slightly lethargic. I knew that I was going to be in for quite a journey.

I looked across at my friend who had also taken the cid as his tent was opposite mine. I laughed in a giggling sort of way at him and said, ''Guy what have we just done??!!'' He laughed back and replied, ''We are going to be wrecked Tom.'' The joint had been rolled and it came to me. I had maybe three tokes and decided I didn't want any as quite often on cid I find smoking is rather harsh on the throat. It had been now half an hour and we hadn't explored around the campsite or the stalls etc. The main part of the festival where all the different dance arenas were didn't open for another two hours so we decided to have a look around. I stood up and as I did my head started to have a sort of rushy feeling within it. My body still feeling the same way. We all left our tents and set off down the path.

I noticed that I was starting to trip slightly. I looked at the floor which was a gravel path and the stoned started to morph slightly and have great detail to them. the ketamine I had took just before taking the cid made my vision kind of hazy, I couldn't see things in the distance or mildly close too well. Everything was sort of out of focus. I didn't like this too much and thought I should have taken the ketamine after I had come up from the cid. There was quite a lot of people walking around the campsite, setting up tents etc. Now I had also began to feel a nauseous feeling in my stomach that I sometimes receive after taking cid, especially liquid. I despise this feeling, it is one thing that I dislike about the whole cid experience.

After only ten minutes we decided to go back to the tents for a while as me and Guy were feeling quite intense. I wasn't tripping much yet but the feelings I was having were insane. I had never felt anything as strong as this after taking cid. I sat in my tent looking out and listening to the sounds of the festival. I was listening to every individual sound and thought where it was coming from. I was very restless and I could see that also Guy was. Everything was getting too intense for me there and then. I stood up fast and said to Guy, ''I need to get out of this festival pretty quick. I need to go.'' He looked at me and agreed this was a good idea. I needed to centre myself and get away from the intensity of the festival. The other two friends were confused but said ok and they would wait. They were very K'd up as we say, under the influence of a lot of ketamine. I can just realize when someone is on ketamine because they give me this blank look that seems as if they are looking straight through me. Max, one of my friends, had a polo nose as we say, where he had a white ring around his nostril.

Anyway me and guy left them and walked to the entrance/exit of the campsite. This festival is on a huge old airfield and runway. So as you get out there are these railings where you get checked and police are there. After this there is a part of the airfield where all the cars are parked. We decided to walk that way, just an immediate reaction to get away directly from the chaos. Across the field there is a road where the cars drive along which is full of police, I mean LOTS. Me and guy just crashed on this field and led there.

Now I was tripping pretty hard, the grass was morphing in such a fashion that it appeared like waves in the ocean. Everything had a cartoon feel to it, bold in colour, bright and outlined. I couldn't enjoy this too much as my stomach was feeling so bad. I knew the inevitable was going to happen, I was going to be sick. It has happened to me once before when I took 6 drops of liquid cid. So I was sat there in the sun with Guy, police all around at check points and patrolling maybe one hundred yards away. We were laughing hard from the come up of the cid and then I just vomited everywhere, laughing in between being sick. This whole situation was quite funny to me, the fact I was being sick, laughing and there was so much police everywhere. As I was sick I was tripping more and more. Guy began to be sick also. This image will never leave me. I rolled over onto my back and gazed up into the sky. The few clouds in the sky looked so detailed and were moving around each other. Then a barrage of flies were above my head and were annoying me a lot. so we decided to go back to the campsite now we had relaxed a bit and had a better state of mind.

As we walked up to the entrance and the sniffer dogs I remember stumbling a lot bouncing off Guy. We must have looked so obvious to everyone but not one person or police officer said a word. As we got closer to the campsite the sounds of a festival hit me again, this time they did not affect my state of mine so I was happier now. I felt though as if I had been beaten up or hadn't slept in a longtime, although I had enough sleep the night before. This started to play on my mind a little. We got back to the tents and I placed on these sun glasses that gave everything and orange tint. This amazed me and was pretty cool to view everything for a while.

I was again sat in my tent looking out at my three friends. I noticed I had lost a lot of my brain power. By this I mean I couldn't think very well, I couldn't do much of anything. I felt as if I lost half of my IQ. I was also getting more and more tired. I felt as if I could pass out and go to sleep which was now worrying me. It was only 2pm. I fought to stay awake and wondered what was going on. I kept getting distracted from every thought by looking at the texture and detail on my tent, looking at the sky things like this.

I have once heard about loosing your ego on cid, becoming someone you are not, so I thought maybe this was happening to me. I had taken a lot of cid this time. As I had these glasses on no one could see where I was looking. So I sat there listening and watching my two friends on ketamine. I was thinking how stupid they sounded and how they were being quite foolish. This amused me. I saw Guy who also looked brain dead led on his back. I laughed and said to him that I had wrecked my brain this time. I also noticed my motor skills had been reduced to basically nothing. I tried engaging in the conversation to bring my state of mind back to sanity and regain control of everything. It was working after a while so I was feeling better. I would laugh at things with a very cheeky giggle. I looked at my ketamine and decided to do a small line. It was very very small as I was on a lot of cid. I racked it up onto a bank card and snorted it. This was where things began to get very weird.

I went into my tent to put on a change of clothing as we were going out into the festival soon. I closed my tent up and got distracted by how my skin looked so weird. How it was morphing around and appeared to be raising from my body and back down onto it. I then sat up right in shock at what I heard. I had never before really had sound hallucinations but I have heard about them from certain people. There were many people here from all over England with different accents. But I noticed that everything was being echoed and distorted to my ears. Each individual voice was being echoed and bent into a weird sound. This freaked me out to the point I un-zipped my tent and fell out with just my underwear on. I had shock on my face and looked at Guy. I said to him that this was too weird and he laughed at me. I quickly got back in and put my clothes on.

When I came out it got worse. It seemed everyone was speaking a different language to me, even the music was echoed and distorted. It all merged into this language I could not understand. Then I remembered something a friend once told me. He said that his uncle once took a lot of cid at a festival and these people fed him quite a bit of ketamine. He went insane and heard everyone in an unknown language. He had to be taken to France for a few months to sort his sanity out. This thought scared the hell out of me.

I jumped up and had to get away from all these people and sounds. Guy followed me and also the other two friends. I said that I was again going out of the whole festival but hey insisted on following. As I walked to the entrance/exit I was walking at a fast furious pace with my hands on my head. Only Guy decided to follow me in the end. I got outside of it again and Guy was questioning what I was doing, what was wrong with me. It sometimes was so bad I couldn't understand anyone, but sometimes it was just weird and understandable. I paced again across the field and I remember that these distorted sounds now sounded as if I was stood in a room and they were bouncing off the walls, although I was stood out in a field.

I said to Guy that it was crazy, that this had never happened before. I turned around to face the festival from a far. It's hard to explain this part but these distorted sounds, I could actually see them coming from the direction they were being echoed, it was quite weird. they were being woven and entwined around each other. I turned again and paced off insanely. the police hadn't even questioned anything me and Guy had done, we were just randomly waking around this field where no one was around.

We sat down and as soon as we did Guy jumped up and shouted. He had been stung by a bee which wasn't good for me as I am allergic to bee stings. So we had to leave that place again. We walked in a different direction, I was thinking and thinking if this would be permanent, these sound hallucinations. If they would ever go away. They were very weird and I couldn't handle them. I noticed how everything looked amazing though, how it looked so clean, so vibrant and cartoon like. This was very good cid and I had done too much.

We walked to where you drive into the airfield when you arrive there. There were again so much police. We were going to leave the festival all together but decided we would have to climb over a barb wire fence and there were police all over, so it would look a bit weird to them. Then we realized we had no drink. It was a very hot day so if we were going to leave the whole festival for a few hours we needed a drink. We turned back to go and get one. I saw this teenage boy who was waking away from the entrance very fast and noticed a lot of security coming after him. They had ATVs and some were running. They surrounded him and searched him. Then I heard in the distorted way, ''knifeee knifeee'' as it echoed and bent around time.

This specific moment in time in England there was a lot of knife crime and murders so I guess they needed to have tight security. Anyway I then had a paranoia enter my mind that was quite irrational due to the cid. I thought that it would be so easy for terrorists to infect themselves with a deadly, contagious disease such as small pox or something, to attend this festival and spread it around. This thought stayed with me and I focused on it so much. This cid really screwed with my mind.

After we had got a drink I led on that field again not daring to go back in. Guy was still with me. he seemed to be fine, tripping nicely. But he didn't take any ketamine yet. I was thinking hard about everything and I decided it was best to go home from everything. As we sat there again a police officer with a sniffer dog was walking towards us. Finally someone had realized how random and weird we were being. He casually took his dog close to us and past us. The dog didn't smell any drugs on us although I remembered I had mdma and ketamine on me at this point. After he went I threw my 2 grams of ketamine away and my gram of mdma. That is how much I wanted to go and not to take any more drugs.

I had to ring my mum and tell her what I had done. I am pretty upfront and blunt with my mum when it comes to drugs. She sounded so happy to hear me and was about to go out for a mea with friends. This made it so hard to tell her because I knew I would wreck her day. I told her and she wasn't happy to say the least. She couldn't come and pick me up so we had to contact Guy’s dad who had brought us there in the first place. It is a two hour drive there and a 2 hour drive back. He had done this once already today and I felt so guilty of making him do it again. But I had to go, I couldn't take these noises and thoughts much longer. He said he would come but he would be three hours until he was here as he was visiting Guy’s mum who was at the hospital getting treatment as she had cancer. I felt even worse about this, the amount of shame and guilt I had was too much.

I went back to the campsite to unpitch my tent and get my things. My three friends were there and quite sad for me to go, but I had to do it. They were trying to convince me to stay but it wasn't ever going to happen.

When I got into Guys dad’s car I was still tripping and I was explaining to him what had happened. I could understand him but everything was still echoed and distorted. We didn't speak much in the car but I mentioned how sorry I was and how much of an inconvenience it was. On the drive back I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen, this warmed my heart a little and I admired it for quite a long time.

The sound hallucinations that I hated so much much stayed with me for the next day also, but the were not as bad. I think it was the ketamine that set them off but I cannot be sure. If I ever do cid again I am not using ketamine with it in that dose.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72817
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 26, 2009Views: 15,131
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LSD (2), Ketamine (31) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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