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Scentless Brown Weird and Scary
Cannabis (adulteration suspected)
by freddy knuckles
Citation:   freddy knuckles. "Scentless Brown Weird and Scary: An Experience with Cannabis (adulteration suspected) (exp72590)". Apr 13, 2020.

1 cig. smoked Cannabis


To start the story off with a little bit of background. I am twenty one years old and did not start using drugs until probably close to 6 months after turning 18. I drank before and really wanted to do other things but had to take drug tests at my high school and didn't realize all the drugs that I could still use and would not be tested for (mushrooms) anyway that is not the point. Since then I have been a daily smoker of marijuana and for about a year I had been smoking weed like a cigarette smoker would basically constantly. I had quit school but worked daily at a place where everybody knew I was a pothead but didn't care too much if I didn't reek (I often did), have really bloodshot eyes (I usually still did the first hours of my shift), or buy/sell on the property (I still did both whenever possible). So I was smoking when I woke up, on the way to work, a couple times on my shift break, whenever work got stressful or slow, on the way home etc etc. Most of the time I smoked really good to fair mids. I started off smoking pretty good stuff so I never had the misfortune of smoking very much of the bad brown nasty smelling mess that I would occasionally end up with when I would buy from people that I didn't know.

Anyway money, school, and work problems because the place that I worked closed caused me to move back home with my parents to a small small town. No one I knew around here smoked which meant that I would either have to drive 3 hrs to where I was living to get weed or find someone local to buy from. Quitting was never an option for me especially since the added stress from moving back in with my parents. I had already quit smoking cigarettes a month before and I still enjoyed pot. Anyway I decided when all of my resin and roaches had been used that I had to find someone new to buy from.

I drove around through the local slums which I am fortunate enough to live around a lot. I am very selective with the people that I ask. I look for people walking by themselves. I am not too selective actually. But the first person I happen upon walking by himself I roll down my window and say, 'hey man, can you hook me up with any green?' I tried my best to sound hip but I failed miserably. Most people who don't know me don't think that I look like the drug type so it makes it hard to buy off of random people, really I think I look like a 'druggie' and it is the nervous quiver in my voice that keeps me from seeming like a pothead and not a narc. Drug transactions always make me nervous. At first the man is like nah I don't smoke but that was before the magic words. I then said 'I'll give you money' which made him remember that he knew dealers. He then used my phone to call them and somehow he had the number memorized.

A little while later I had just spent $40 dollars for a lousy looking quarter. I didn't mind. I payed the guy ten dollars and the quarter was $30 I don't mind spending for my habits. I quickly rolled a really fat spliff with 1.5 rolling paper. It was the way the jamaican dealer I once had rolled them, really fat in the middle. I usually smoke sleek joints that look like some hipster fuck rolled them to bring elegance to his smoke. My parents were out for a while so I knew I had time to be really high. I smoked all but a good sized roach and was shocked after the first 4 or 5 puffs. The weed which had a weird almost synthetic taste to it had not affected me at all yet. I just figured that the thc content was so low that I would have to smoke a lot to even feel it and so I did.

I did eventually get high. The joint was smoked over the course of a 15 minute drive and I didn't start to feel any effects until about 4 minutes from home. The effects were different than what I normally got. The high was a lot more edgy. The effects had the bad effects of marijuana just multiplied by about 5x. I was also sped up in a strange way, jittery, and uncomfortable. I used to smoke two blunts in a row sometimes and never had a bad time with weed, I feel sure this was something that was added that affected me. I noticed the strange almost synthetic taste to the smoke even before the alternate effects from this started leaving me to believe something was mixed with it.
I noticed the strange almost synthetic taste to the smoke even before the alternate effects from this started leaving me to believe something was mixed with it.

Weed usually keeps me high for about thirty minutes and I was still feeling altered from this stuff 5 hours later. I freaked when my parents came home and so I avoided them/pretended to be sick I guess in a way I was. They had already knew I was a smoker but do not approve. I had gotten used to being around them with a normal high. I was not comfortable around them or at all I even threw up at one point.

I have done many different drugs at this point in my life, a bunch of opiates, lsd, mushrooms, salvia, x, dxm, lsa, mescaline, 2c-b...never had anything I had done been like this. I was semi trippy with waves of very unpleasant feelings. I would say it was a like dxm but still not anywhere near that. If I had to guess I would say it was pcp but since I have never tried that and know by trying stuff after only reading about the effects the only way to know what something really is is to know the feeling from experience. I did smoke all of the weed even though it was bad and weird. I smoked it in much smaller quantities though to not repeat the original time. It still didn't give me a normal high but a little bit easier to tolerate on a lower dose. The stuff helped me cut back on smoking weed a little bit though since after smoking this and going around people I would freak a bit so I only used when I had large amounts of alone time. After that I found a dealer I trusted. One of my friends smoked some with me at a more safe amount and he didn't have any effects at all from the weed or what was possibly added.

I've had a lot of unsavory experience with dealers but since then I have realized that pot is the only thing I want from dealers anymore. I've ended up with some pretty bad times after buying x and experiencing effects that were completely different but still very strong which is unnerving when you expect a specific feeling. I've also taken hits of acid that took 3 hours to come on but lasted about 12 hours after. I definately will not stop doing drugs, I typically take something other than my daily weed smoke once every week and occasionally more. There are just a lot of things that can be legally purchased or found which are just as good or better than the illegals. Kratom, cacti, mushrooms, salvia, nitrous, are all some of my favorite drugs with some of the most outstanding results all of which I can get without having to worry about what I'm really in for.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72590
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 13, 2020Views: 873
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Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), What Was in That? (26), Alone (16)

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