Golden Pools of Sunlight
MDMA & Codeine
by ModifiedDesire
Citation:   ModifiedDesire. "Golden Pools of Sunlight: An Experience with MDMA & Codeine (exp72555)". Aug 17, 2013.

3 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral Pharms - Dihydrocodeine (liquid)


I've been experimenting with various drugs for many years now. I am 25, and took my first puff off a joint at 8 years old, and it's only been up and up since then. Last month for instance I consumed about 3 gallons of vodka, and 40 E pills in 9 days on a solid binge. Why, you might ask? Well if you need to ask then perhaps reading the following is not for you.

I started off my night as usual, I knew I would be rolling with my boyfriend, and our neighbors and I wanted things to be nice and mellow. My friend told me he found something 'new' compared to the crap LV, Dolphins, G's up, red omegas and so on that is readily available around here. I know I have a high tolerance, so I went ahead and purchased 3 Orange Gatorade's for myself and 3 for my man.I also picked up a half ounce of haze, and I've had a bottle of prescription cough syrup with codeine in it for a few weeks sitting in my fridge.

We received the package and felt all excited about this because everyone had rave things to say about the OG's tucked in my bra. A long drive back from the city to my house (sober as I do not drive intoxicated) was filled with anticipation and music. We got into my house, and I stripped down and jumped into the shower beforehand, saying I knew with the mix we were going to have I'd want to feel fresh and clean. So soon there after we were all out in the yard, preparing for a good night. I don't like beer personally but my man and two friends were all drinking it as we waited for the sun to go down a bit more. To us the best roll is when it's dark and you can't be distracted by the objects in the distance. So down to business. I decided to eat my pills one at a time, back to back and took a shot glass of the cough syrup, poured it in my mouth, dropped in the pill, and chewed it up. This was repeated 2 more times, and my pills were gone. My company all consumed theirs in one shot with beer.

About 20 minutes passed and I decided to roll a blunt. As we smoked, Cat and I went ahead and began to break up dry boughs cut off the trees in my yard to start a bonfire. We were working pretty hard and I recall the way it was making me sweat only on the palms of my hands, which made it hard as hell to grip onto the branches and tear them apart. It took me a few minutes to give up and ask the men to do it because I got this strange urge to hold something. Now, XTC hasn't hit me hard like this since I was about 14, and first started taking it, but next thing I knew I was tackling Cat to the ground and we were just bear hugging each other and giggling like children. Malcolm, Cat's husband began to make random movie quotes as my man finished setting up the fire pit.. and once the fire was lit we all just stopped what we were doing and stared. As for Cat, Chazz, and Malcolm I have no idea what they were seeing, but for me the visuals were phenomenal. Faeries formed in the flames, summonsed by the all mighty powers within us,. and they danced with their orange wings fluttering about upon the logs, it was like ballet and I was so in awe I kept getting the urge to reach out and caress one. I knew better.. it was after all still fire and though I am without religion, I felt as if these faeries were sirens sent from Satan herself to taunt me into death so I stood up and went into the house, leaving the company in the back yard to their own devices.

My sofa is crushed silver velvet and I walked into my air conditioned house without quite feeling the temperature difference though it had to be great as it was about 80 or 90 degrees outside and 50 or 60 inside. I walked to my sink and drank from the tap before filling a bowl with water, stripping naked again I threw the water on my sofa to roll around in it. I know that sounds crazy but the mix of the warm water, the cold room and the now rough velvet caressing my skin all over made me feel as if I was in heaven and I was thanking the Christians for creating such a magical fantasy for me to escape within. Mind you I'm a woman who is about 6 feet tall (just a little over) and though I'm curvy I'm strong as hell and somehow in my flipping and rolling I put my foot right through my wall, and the hole it left was occupied by the brownie in that spiderwick movie. He was an asshole who began to pelt me with bits of plaster and wood. I couldn't be mad at him though, and I reached into the wall to catch him, so I could cuddle it and I pulled out my arm, which was wet, covered in god knows what was inside the wall, and no brownie. At this point my boyfriend who was rolling so hard he couldn't stand straight came into the house and saw the mess I made. All he could do was laugh which brought me to a bleary sense of reality.. long enough to wash my arm, and go upstairs to put on something else. This was getting weird. So slipping into pajamas I meandered back outside to the fire but I refused to fall into it's trance again, I told Cat not to let the sirens in the fire take her life.. because it's what Satan wants, we laughed more and smoked another blunt.

I laid back into the grass and tried to watch the stars as they zoomed all over the place, spiraling up into heaven where the large sliver of a crescent moon shimmered, taunting me. I tried to touch it's silvery surface, but like mercury it shied away from my touch, and my eyelids were growing far too heavy to focus on what was in front of me. My eyes closed and I was in a movie, everything was neon signs passing me by saying all kinds of crazy things I barely made out 'free nail clippers' and 'Bush is aging too fast' I came to a door and it opened by the power of my mind. Inside this dark room was a small little book, the kind that would easily fit in your pocket. I couldn't lift it up but telepathically I was able to open it and flip through the pages. Every aspect of life was in this book, love, hate, money, war, sex, drugs, why we're here, what the meaning to the entire planet was and yet as much as I read none of the knowledge other than the topics would resonate within my brain and I wanted to retain this ultimate knowledge.. I wanted to take the book with me to my friends and share it with the world.. to enlighten all of you with this poetic literature... then the scent of mary-j touched my face with her soft hands and I oozed back into the reality we all endure.

The peak on this roll I swear lasted from about 11:30 pm till 6 am. In the meantime my man decided he needed more friends around him so he called his friend Ju, who brought his cousin over. We all began to commune into my living room around 4 am or so to listen to music and chill out. I brought my down-feather comforter downstairs and made a massive ball of it just to cuddle with it something fierce. Ju was just sitting there stone sober before breaking out another blunt. We smoked and I began to cry asking everyone why they don't want to get into bed with me. I made everyone go upstairs and we had one hell of a cuddle fest. It wasn't sexual, for me all was innocent, pure, holy and right. It was more or less just a bunch of people showing affection through their body heat and long hugs. I don't remember what we were talking about, I do know that we noticed that there hasn't been a single nature show in over 10 years showing a black panther, and it made me cry again.. for the planet. I could feel her in my chest as death was enveloping her, and my sorrow extended briefly as others wondered why we are doing to this earth what we are. Then things were silent for a while, Malcolm had apparently brought his cooler of beer into my bedroom and was sitting on it and for some reason this was reminding me of a troll guarding his dead hobbits with a vengeance. I picked up a pillow and smacked him in the head with it, which made the two sober people there (ju and O) laugh quite a bit, but my Man didn't find it too funny and he left the room. Cat, by now was crashed on the floor at the foot of my bed and everything was coming back to reality too fast for me. I called around, found some crap pills and Ju drove us back into the city to obtain them. I don't know why but the drive seemed like it took forever, and when we got there it was as if only ten minutes passed. We collected 5 G's up Ho's down one for O, two for my man and two for me.

I felt so parched at this point that I went into the gas station by the highway and got a liter of water, and consumed half of it before reaching the register to pay for it. I was barefoot, in black satin pajama bottoms covered in anarchist A's with a black tank top, and leaves in my hair. I saw myself in the glass of the fridge and couldn't help but stare. My pupils were so big that my eyes contained the night sky within them and I could see the galaxies spinning about, I could even zoom into those planets and see the life within them, and then the cashier said something in a language I've never heard before, as if tongues and I sobered up long enough to hand her 5 dollars for the water even if it was only a dollar, and walked out. In the car I found my Codeine, apparently I brought it and the shot glass with me though I don't remember this. I took one shot, chewed my pill and then took a swig from the bottle before chewing the second g's, and finishing off the bottle. We were on the highway now and I was still catching visuals. I know that I was empathetic towards the world, all the people driving to work their jobs, suffering at the oppressive hands of the system, slaving away day after day to support both their families and the lined pockets of the government and the system, and the pawns to this life knew nothing of their reason, nothing of why they are there. Bees.. I thought we replaced the now near extinct honey bees(which made me sad again) with ourselves, flesh made fucking robots in a hive mentality and every chance I got I would shout 'I'm so sorry you're a pawn' at the passing cars on the highway, which to be honest upset the passengers a bit because we were wasted, and holding about a quarter ounce of weed and didn't want to get pulled over.

Finally we got back home and the sun was so bright that my eyes were stinging so I went right inside, Cat and Malcolm were gone by now, back at their house and my house felt so empty. I looked at the hole in the wall and wondered what happened for a minute before remembering the brownie. I did laugh at my own stupidity before going back to my soft soft soft bed with the intentions of cuddling my blanket in my head. I have a mirror on the ceiling over my bed... I was laying there running my fingers over my belly staring into the darkness of my usually light brown eyes.. wondering how long I had left to live. My face aged before me, my hair turned silver and my lips were chapped and dry. Slowly I became a mummy, and I was about to scream, tempted to break the mirror before my man and his friends came in to smoke another blunt. My mind was racing and I began to bring up Elizabeth Bathory, and her lust for young female virgins blood, I asked if they all believed that the blood of virgins promises eternal youth but no one replied, we were all in our own worlds and before I knew it it was my man and I alone in the bed. He fell asleep and as I listened to the sweet deep sounds of his soft snores I watched the sun pour into my window. It was liquid gold, sparkles were fluttering about within it and like water it was making a puddle upon my bed. I dipped my fingers into the pool of golden liquid, and rubbed it over my face, my arms, any part of me not constricted by my pajamas. It was vitality that was so pure and so soft, warm, and loving that I wanted to coat my entire body in this glowing vat of liquid sunshine... I fell asleep there, and don't recall any of my dreams that night. I know I woke up at 9pm the following day, still feeling messed up a little. When I closed my eyes the next night all I could see were those crazy neon signs, and I kept getting odd dizzy spells the next day and the day after. It was more of a trip than LSD or Morning glory has ever given me, and it was the first time I've had a mental trip with visuals off of X. I don't know... It was nice.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72555
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 17, 2013Views: 9,593
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Pharms - Dihydrocodeine (392), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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