The Many Faces
2C-B & Cannabis
Citation:   LucidStudies. "The Many Faces: An Experience with 2C-B & Cannabis (exp71910)". Sep 2, 2008.

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T+ 0:00
17 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
  T+ 0:15   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:45   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 3:15 4.0 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
  T+ 0:00 25 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
2C-B has taken on whole new dimensions of personality since the days when she and I first met. I am forced to re-examine the early reports I wrote about it, and to make a correction to my readers. My reports up to this point have involved pressed 2C-B tablets. Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that, although the tablets I took did, in fact, contain 2C-B, their dosages were not accurately represented. They were much weaker pills than I had originally thought.

I have shifted to using pure 2C-B powder, which I obtain in the hydrobromide form and weigh out myself. 2C-B hydrobromide powder is known to be weaker than the hydrochloride powder, with only about 87% of the potency. Yet I have discovered that 2C-B is a dosage-sensitive drug with the potential for extremely powerful experiences, even if it is Hydrobromide. My first two trials with 2C-B HBr powder will paint a picture which is familiar, but in certain ways very different from my earlier 2C-B reports.

-Trial 1: March 2008-

The notes I took during this experience were brief. I used a moderate dose, stayed home, and felt out the effects, assessing the potency of 2C-B in this new form.

12:45 PM: I swallow a capsule containing 17 milligrams of 2C-B HBr powder.

T+0:15: While waiting for the effects, I smoke a couple of hits of pot to help relax.

T+0:50: The first visuals developÖ along with a strong, pushy feeling akin to the coming-up period of an LSD experience. With the pressed pills, I either donít get that pushy feeling, or it creeps up later on in the trip. This is a little bit quicker and more direct. Colors are beginning to change, and textures ooze just a little bit.

T+1:00: A dramatic visual effect occurs at this point. Currents of implied motion start to flow across the room, swirling from the ground up to the ceiling. These currents twist the room up in their wake. I am taken aback as I see the shape of the entire room becoming distorted.

T+1:15: Things have evened out a bit. No anxiety, and the visuals are much more stableÖ no sudden, unexpected twists and turns. There is a definite heightening to my mood, and colors look bright and clear. Details are intensified. Vibrations and shifts in texture occur around the borders of objects. Distortion of depth and spatial distances is not as strong as with tryptamines, but it is definitely evident. Every room in my home looks very deep and long. Closed-eye visuals are colorful, flowing, oozing, ever-moving.

T+1:45: There seems to be energy radiating from my skin and building up slowly within my body. As I walk around the apartment, I find myself stopping as my whole body undergoes a shivering motion. This partially forced, partially voluntary slithering movement that I make seems to cast off excess energy and tension. Strange, but it feels good to just go with it.

T+2:15: Another half-hour of euphoria passes, another slow buildup of energy and skin tension, another serpentine shake evens out my system and restores my ability to enjoy my altered state.

T+2:45: I smoke another couple of hits of pot. Iíve gotten very comfortable with the feeling of the 2C-B, and Iím equally content to do any activity or just to sit and get lost in the sensations.

T+3:00: There are hints that the effect of the 2C-B might be diminishingÖ the visuals have died down a bit and Iím left with only some color-shifting. Iíd like to spend more than a few hours on this substance. I consider a mild redose.

T+3:15: I swallow a capsule containing 4 milligrams more of 2C-B Hbr, bringing my total dose up to 21 milligrams. The intent of the redose is to lengthen the experience, not to try to deepen it to a higher level. The response is as expected. Very slight reinvigoration of the visual effect, and rather than dropping off further over the next couple hours, the effects stayed fairly consistent.

T+ 6:15: The effects of the 2C-B seemed to be completely over by 7:00 PM.

This was an enjoyable dose, a good recreational experience all around, and in many ways familiar and reminiscent of my experiences with tablets. However, it kicked in quicker and with a slightly more pushy tone compared to tablet 2C-B. Iíd say this experience was equal in strength to my first 2C-B experience, when I took one and a half 2C-B tablets.

About two months later, I decided to try taking 2C-B HBr powder into semi high-dose territory. I considered going as high as 30 or 35 milligrams, but after reflecting on many higher-dose experience reports that I had read, and considering that I was - in fact - new to pure 2C-B powder, I decided to be a bit more cautious. I set my dose at 25 milligrams. What followed was a bit surprising.

-Trial 2: May 2008-

1:50 PM: A capsule containing 25 milligrams of 2C-B HBr is swallowed on an empty stomach. I start watching a video I recently found online of a high-level Scientology defector sharing his inside view of the churchís corruption. Right now Iím finding it fascinating, but later it might be too much of a downer. Iím thinking about making some spontaneous art later, after the substance kicks in, if I feel like doing something productive.

T+0:15: Iím picking up trash around the house and doing other little chores. There is nothing yet from the 2C-B.

T+0:20: Iím starting to feel a little warm and a little dizzy. I think the substance is kicking in.

T+0:25: Body warmth and body load are slowly building up. Thereís not yet any visual effect. My mood is neutral. Iím neither euphoric nor anxious.

T+0:35: There are alternating feelings of warmth and coolness, tension and relaxation. Complex and powerful sensations are moving through my body.

T+0:40: Itís starting to move into my head now. Visuals cannot be far off.

T+0:45: I just got a call from a friend who I will be seeing tomorrow. I was able to talk to him and it felt good to be connected to someone who cares about me. As I hang up the phone, I realize that colors and the tones of light are just starting to change. Things begin to look golden or brassy. My mouth is getting dryÖ Iím having sips of soda to quench my thirst.

T+1:00: Iím now hallucinating beyond any shadow of a doubt. There are strong open and closed-eye visuals, and a driving, pushy mentality, like the beginning of an acid trip. Great musical appreciation, but I feel apprehensive. I can tell this is going to be strong.

T+1:10: Intense feelings of tension. Sinister visuals in the bathroom as I deliberate over whether I should purge to curtail the increasingly intense effects.

T+1:20: I discover that I am not actually nauseous and do not need to purge. However, I am hypnotized by the patterns in the floor tiles. Sometimes they appear to copy themselves and tile numerous times, as if unfolding across extra dimensions that I can only now see. At other times they just wiggle and stretch around their borders, parodying their own shapes like restless amoebas. The whole shape of the room is distorted, too. The line that forms an edge between the wall and the floor seems to creep all over the place, tilting the room at different angles.

T+1:25: I leave the bathroom and try to go back to enjoying my day. But Iím extremely confused. My mind is shifting from thought to thought quickly and without much control. I donít exactly feel coordinated.

T+1:40: I have cast aside my anxiety, and stepped into a strong and supremely controllable trip which I embrace. Any word I want to assign to the overall mood of it could be quite real. Euphoric, frightening, simple, complex, clear, muddy, gentle, intenseÖ itís ever changing, encompassing all these things. An experience with almost limitless potential.

T+1:45:I walk out into the living room and OH MY GOD THE TEXTURES! What on Earth happened to that towel lying on the floor? Did it turn into some sort of squid or lizard? Does the uneven white texture of the entire wall have that same alive-looking texture distortion? Yes! And my hands too! OhÖ.

T+1:50: I have discovered once again that this drugís basic nature is benevolence. This day is mine. What shall I do with it?

T+2:00: I am walking from room to room, feeling the walls in the hallway and staring at anything and everything.

T+2:10: I stop in the bathroom again. The marble floor has unreal levels of detail in its texture, and the whole surface of the floor seems to by sliding, morphing, changing shapes and reforming the marble texture into endless new combinations. The whole shape of the room still seems as bizarrely distorted as it did before. The rectangular frame around the bottom floor is still curling up into impossible shapes. Weird freakiní bathroom.

T+2:15: I realize that something about marble and stone textures has great power and promotes truly outrageous and beautiful visuals. So I start looking up marble textures online. I lay numerous different patterns out on my computer screen and watch all the strange things that they show me.

T+2:30: I decide that I must lay down for a while. I go into my bedroom, take off my clothes, and lay under the covers. I find the feeling of curling up underneath the sheets to be incredibly sensuous. My jaw chatters a little bit. The closed eye visuals are extraordinarily complexÖ landscapes unfold in endless iterations. I cannot escape the patterns. They will find me anywhere. I let fields of patterns unfold across me, washing over my skin and pinning me down to the bed. I feel the patterns on the bedspread replicating themselves all over me. Everything squirms with life, and blends with me. My boundaries are beginning to dissolve.

This is the peak. I lay in bed for close to an hour, experiencing things I really canít begin to describe. I am in a synaesthetic state: My senses are all intersecting, and Iím all awash in awe and ecstasy.

T+3:10: I realize I am not getting anything out of lying in bed anymore. I get up and start to walk around.

T+3:35: Very strong energy all over the body, especially around the face. There are auditory hallucinations - everything seems to buzz and have a hissing undercurrent. The sounds of the street outside, of pipes flowing and the neighbors moving about, stick in my memory and repeat. Things seem to have a quality of dťjŗ-vu, a perplexing familiarity. Some wires on the ground wiggle like big black tube worms.

T+3:55: Things relax a bit. I find at this time that everything feels very magical. I feel very much like Iím a kid againÖ everything I see, think or feel is significant.

T+4:40: The drug has been incredibly sensual from the start, but for much of the time it was far too overwhelming for me to be able to think about sex or masturbation. Now, eroticism is possible. I find that orgasm is a great release.

T+5:40: Iím watching TV now, and there is still some lingering effect. Color alteration and tactile enhancement. The shivering and teeth chattering has ended, but thereís still a bit of dizziness.

T+6:40: The effects seem to be over now.


My second experience with pure 2C-B powder was extremely strongÖ a very decisive +++. In fact it was far deeper than anything 2C-B had unleashed upon me before. It was the first time that, for hours at a time, I was completely wrapped up in the sensory experience and unable to do anything except look and feel. I shudder to think what another five or ten milligrams would have doneÖ the joy might have been excruciating. Needless to say, this makes it clear that the tablets I originally thought to be Ď20 milligramsí must have been significantly less. I estimate them to be a mere 14 milligrams. It is a shame that I was lied to.

I still stand behind my earliest observations regarding 2C-Bís effects. My assessment of it remains the same: I think it is a recreationally-suitable psychedelic with strong, unique visuals and less side-effects than most other phenethylamines. However, I now realize that - like any other psychedelic - this one is extremely sensitive to dose, and beyond a certain threshold it can easily become overwhelming. I have wandered across the dosage spectrum, and I found that there are many different faces to 2C-B.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71910
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 2, 2008Views: 35,189
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