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Unexpected with Amazing Results
by Ashcocke
Citation:   Ashcocke. "Unexpected with Amazing Results: An Experience with Cannabis (exp70162)". Jul 30, 2016.

1 bowl smoked Cannabis


I am very intrigued by psychoactives. Although my experience list is limited, I have a great desire to experience a number of them. I will not provide a comprehensive list, but I will say that alcohol is the only substance I regularly use. I indulge in cannabis and opiates from time to time as well, but not habitually.

My first experience with cannabis was not entirely interesting, and for a while I viewed it very negatively, choosing to smoke only once in a great while and regretting it each time. I was of the opinion that it only made me irrational and dull. Once I got over this feeling I began smoking more often, but until this point I had never enjoyed the high as much as I did tonight. This may be a lengthy report.

Saturday evenings are typically uneventful for me, as I am always off work and most my friends aren't. I spent the day with my girlfriend, and after she left for her job I became bored as hell. I tried calling a few people but no one was able to hang out, so I contacted A, a friend that I had not spent significant time with for a couple years, but with whom I still maintained some contact. He told me he was going to eat dinner with his girlfriend's family, and then he'd come over. He also said that he had some really good weed and that we could smoke it if I wanted to do so. I said that I would love that, and I went home to play some music and clear my mind. At about 8:30 A arrived. We talked a bit for a while, and then got down to the deed. As he was loading the bowl, he explained that he shared one bowl with four people and got extremely high. I was impressed, as A was a frequent smoker, and a bit nervous to be truthful. We went outside, and I took the first hit. The smoke was so strong that it had barely hit my lungs before I coughed it out. From then on I took much smaller hits until we cashed the bowl. It didn't take long for the effects to kick in, and by the time we walked inside, I felt much higher than I ever had.

Inside we got some water and caught up on things. I found it extremely difficult to remember what we were discussing, and I could tell my senses were extremely dulled. I have mild synesthesia when sober, and marijuana tends to increase that. It was easy to become lost in my sensory reactions to my environment.
I have mild synesthesia when sober, and marijuana tends to increase that. It was easy to become lost in my sensory reactions to my environment.
I was shocked when I had a few mild but very realistic hallucinations (mainly auditory and always very short and sudden). Before long I had the strong desire to leave, so A and I decided to go to my girlfriend's place of work and get some food.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

When we got in my car, I contemplated how driving high was way safer than driving drunk, as one's coordination is generally not effected as much by THC as by alcohol. Was I about to be proven wrong! Once I pulled on to the main road, I realized that I was entirely too impaired to drive. My senses were delayed, so that when I made any movement, like turning the steering wheel, I couldn't feel it, only see it, until a couple seconds after. Everything seemed much closer to me than it was, and sounds seemed extremely loud and reverberate. Realizing this, I pulled over into an empty parking lot, but A didn't feel comfortable because he had marijuana on him, so I reluctantly (and irresponsibly) decided to go ahead and drive the rest of the way. I took back roads so as to avoid traffic, and after what seemed like hours, made it to my girlfriend's restaurant in one piece.

Once there, I glad that I would be able to just sit and enjoy the high. My girlfriend (P) works at restaurant that is never busy, and all of the employees are cool as hell so I knew I would be able to chill there until she got off work. She started some food for me, and A and I talked for a while before he had some friends come pick him up. I said farewell and went inside to eat my food. The taste was magnificent, and it felt like my whole body feeling it. When I swallowed, I could feel the warmth go down my throat and into my esophagus. With each bite, my chest felt warmer and warmer until it literally felt orgasmic. At this point I realized that I was higher than I had ever been. I began to feel very guilty about driving, because I felt that I had put myself, A, and everyone else on the road at risk. I told my girlfriend this and swore to her never to drive impaired again. We talked for a while and I smoked a cigarette (which seemed to take hours to smoke). After this, I decided to listen to my iPod until she got off, because I was still in no condition to drive.

Now this is where the experience truly gets interesting. Now, for clarification, I have considered myself a full fledged atheist for quite some time. I have never viewed spirituality as particularly important and I've never had any belief in the supernatural or a higher power.

I sat down at a table and put my earphones in. I turned on an Explosions in the Sky song, 'The Only Moment We Were Alone', and delved in. Before longer I had become truly immersed. My eyes were closed, and I could clearly see each note and beat in the song in a pattern that ran across my vision. My body high was so intense, and I began to feel so 'fuzzy' that I truly lost touch with all sense of touch. I had the overwhelming feeling of being lifted, and the visual song I was seeing began to take the form of a staircase behind my eyelids. Now, keep in mind, the patterns I was seeing were not detailed, realistic patterns, but only vague close d-eye images that I more knew the identity of than actually saw. As the song built up to the climax, the stairway moved faster and faster until at the climactic end, I felt an overwhelming sense of being thrust upward, and my visual conscience was blinding image of white. As the song ended and went to the next track, a very mellow, reverberating tune, I felt as if I was floating in a gravity-less void. Suddenly, I knew I was having what some may call an 'out of body' experience. Even more surprising, I felt a deeply spiritual connection with myself and my surroundings. I started hearing and seeing words in my head. They said 'Everyone and everything needs God.' 'God must come from you.' 'God is you.' 'God is all.' etc, etc. I was overcome with euphoria, and in my trance-like introspective environment, I felt like shouting and crying.

My girlfriend snapped me out of this state when she tapped me on the shoulder and let me know that she was off work. As we walked to her car I felt extremely 'out of it'. We had to give our friend a ride to her boyfriend's house, and the whole trip is very vague an surreal in my memory. We got out at our friend's boyfriend's house and said hello to some very close friends. By this point I was beginning to feel a bit more normal, but still really high. I decided that I was at the peak level of most other times I had smoked. P decided she wanted to leave, so we drove to get some food (munchies didn't decide to wan), and then she dropped me off at her work to get my car (I was feeling high still, but not extremely). I headed back to her house, following her, but was distracted when I saw some friends on the side of the road. I stopped to talk to them for a while, and then got back to her house.

There I seriously began my comedown. I looked at the clock and saw that it was half past eleven. Time felt impossible to consider. The time between when I had smoked and then seemed like much more than four hours, but much less as well. We watched a little TV, and I left at around 12:30.

I'm now sitting at my computer typing this, dealing with my 'high over' (the very despondent and surreal feeling I get after I have been high for a while) and considering my evening. My religious views still remain the same, but I definitely understand the need for spirituality. I don't view it as a supernatural concept or a submission to any higher power, but an inner understanding of the importance and awesomeness of reality and existence. I now have an idea of 'God'. It is truly everything. I don't mean this in the animistic sense, I only mean that as opposed to worshiping an unknowable entity as a higher power, I feel a sense of 'worship' toward reality as the only power.

My evening gave me a whole new respect for marijuana. I still don't plan on using it regularly; I just can't fathom the idea of constantly being high. However, I think I now understand the powerful ability of the drug, and I definitely have experienced the difference between good weed and ditch weed.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 70162
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 30, 2016Views: 6,895
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Various (28)

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