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I Underestimated These Things
Morning Glory & Cannabis
Citation:   Dusty. "I Underestimated These Things: An Experience with Morning Glory & Cannabis (exp70158)". Erowid.org. Oct 27, 2009. erowid.org/exp/70158

500 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA/Morning Glory Seeds)
Dose - 500 Seeds, Ground into Powder
Consumption - Oral
Cannabis (Shake and Keif)
Dose - 1 bowl
Consumption - Smoked

I had heard about morning glory seeds a long time ago, but had been informed they were weak and not worth the effort. But last month I decided I would give them a go, to try something new. I went to a local grocery store one night after work and picked up some seed packets - I knew there were certain ones to grab, but I didn't quite remember which ones, so I took a wide variety - mostly pearly gates and heavenly blue. I took them home, emptied them out and counted 500 seeds total, which is what I was aiming for. I didn't think these things were very powerful, so I decided I better eat all 500 at once to make sure I get a good trip, as psychedelics don't hit me as hard as they do others. However, it turned out that 500 seeds were about the equivalent of 2 strong hits of LSD. If I didn't have any experience with LSD before this trip, it would have been too much, because I was certainly not expecting it.


I bought a $1 salt grinder at a store, and used it to grind the seeds.

-12:00 PM - 1:00 PM-
I baked a frozen pizza. After it was done baking I poured the powdered seeds over the pizza, and loaded it up with red pepper seeds and hot sauce to mask the taste, as I wasn't sure what to expect. It actually wasn't bad. Not necessarily tasty, but not unbearable. After eating the pizza, I felt slightly nauseous. I packed a bowl of some shake and some keif which I had scraped off of my herb grinder (not the one I used to grind the seeds) to overcome the nausea. If I hadn't smoked, I most likely would have thrown up. I've ground up a wide variety of bud in there, so the keif was like superweed; at least 10 different strains packed into little buds. This made for an enjoyable waiting period. It took slightly less than an hour for the LSA to kick in.

::And So It Begins::

-1:00 PM - 2:00 PM-
I was chilling on my couch on my laptop talking to a friend, still in doubt that the seeds would even do anything. Just as I said to her 'I don't think these are going to do anything', I felt it. It was like everything in my field of vision started to sink diagonally to the bottom left. I was already in a really good mood from the cannabis, so I told my friend I was going to take my dog for a walk, because I feel nature is the best environment for psychedelics. So I walked outside with my dog and we went out to the woods behind my house. There was about 6 inches of snow on the ground. Walking through it was quite amusing.

About the time I came to the woods I started to get this kaleidoscope effect. There was a semi-transparent multi-colored kaleidoscope overlaying everything that I saw, sort of giving everything a rainbow tint. I walked through the woods and came to a tree which looked very odd; about 6 feet from the ground, it was broken and fallen over, but had been caught by another tree, making it lay straight horizontally in the air. The wood was dry rotted, so I knew if I pulled down on it, it would easily fall or break. And that's just what I did.

I kind of hung on it, and it supported my weight at first, but then I kind of pulled down so it fell down with me still holding onto it. That felt amazing. Then a fear struck me: if this one tree had so easily fallen, it could be possible that another tree would fall, but on its own, and land on me. There were some big trees out there, and many layers of branches were above me. Then I got this feeling like the trees were mad at me, for destroying that tree like that. But then I remembered that the tree was already dead, so I had really done no harm. Regardless of this fact, I left the more wooded area of the forest and ventured into a large field, bordering a pond. Unfortunately the ice was not frozen to the point where it would have been safe to go out on the pond, so I didn't do that. But as for the field, much of it during the spring is covered in water, because the land is low and the pond marsh kind of drains into it. So now, it was iced over.

I had some fun sliding around on the ice, which was just thick enough to stand on, but weak enough to put cracks in. It made this weird crunching noise. I'm not sure how long I messed around on the ice for. But when I got tired of doing it, I made the trip back to my house, only about a half-mile away from this point. I returned to the couch and went back on my laptop to talk to the friend I had left an hour earlier. I told her I was having a pretty good time but wasn't seriously tripping. Once again, I spoke too soon.


-2:00 PM - 5:00 PM-
As I was typing I looked at my fingers on the keyboard, then took them off the keyboard and 'zoomed in' to the spaces between the keys, and was reminded of this old playstation game called Ace Combat where you fly jets through valleys, the spaces between the keys being like the valleys. I kind of stared for a minute picturing it in my mind but then thought, whatever, this is stupid. I tried to continue the conversation with my friend, but this was not possible. I couldn't make out a sentence, or type correctly, or make any sense to her whatsoever. I couldn't even put up an away message or minimize the window or anything. I was tripping too hard to even use the computer. It had hit me that fast. Luckily she understood what was going on and said 'have fun :)'. I shut the screen down because it was beginning to hurt my eyes, but didn't take the computer off my lap. I reclined back on the couch and squirmed around, rubbing my hands through my hair. It was like a body orgasm, that didn't end.

I laid there doing this for about an hour and a half, closing my eyes and seeing all sorts of colors, patterns, and images which I don't quite remember now. I had no effort to get up. I felt like I was on a higher 'level' of reality - a typical trait of my LSD trips. At this point I refer to this as an LSD trip because that's exactly what it was like. I started to imagine a way in which existence 'worked', and how psychedelic drugs worked in it. Go ahead and skip the next paragraph if you're not interested in hearing my crazy theory.

Anyway, existence is what we know as numbers. Not necessarily our concept of math, though. Think of how a computer works - how everything on it starts with 0s and 1s. Could this not be true for everything in the universe that exists? It would be based on something similar to numbers, but I'm not sure exactly what. Anyway, I imagined that these 'numbers' create everything and anything everywhere. But for humans, we are only capable of seeing some things, in certain places, at certain times. But when under the influence of a psychedelic drug, we see more. We see the things that are really there, but are not usually seen by us. I found it interesting the 'numbers' created a substance capable of advancing a person's perception of the 'numbers' itself (I say itself because really, the numbers are all one thing). Although it is interesting, it is also logical in the sense that, if these numbers are truly capable of being anything, of course they would be capable of doing anything as well. So 'existence' is one thing, composed of 'numbers' which define what is or is not. And psychedelic drugs can be used to see things (variations of these 'numbers') which our brain does not normally comprehend. When you see all those patterns and colors, you're simply seeing something that exists, but is not typically recognized by humans.

Around 3:30 my dad came home from work. I heard him pulling into the driveway. I temporarily came out of my psychedelic trance and jumped from the couch and ran to my room, in less than a second I'm sure. There was no way he could see me in that condition. I laid down in my bed and pretended to be asleep, which proved to be difficult because I went back into that trip and felt like wiggling some more. Luckily he left about 10 minutes later, so I continued to enjoy my trip in my bed.

::Things Start To Go Bad::

-5:00 PM - 6:00 PM-
Once it was about five o'clock I finally came back to sanity, somewhat. I was still tripping pretty hard, though. I wanted it to end at this point because my mom was coming home in about 10 minutes, and she would know something is up. I hadn't planned this trip so well, it seems. But remember, I had thought nothing was even going to happen. I wanted to continue to lay in my bed but I was suddenly somewhat uncomfortable. I was sweating heavily and really needed to piss, which I knew wouldn't be very fun to do while tripping. I tried to hold it for as long as I could, but after 5 minutes my stomach began to hurt so I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Once I was done I continued to sweat heavily. I was extremely hot, and it was getting hard to breathe. I felt sick. I had to get some fresh air. Standing up, indoors, was not pleasant. So I just raced out the back door and sat down on the porch. My head hurt. My stomach hurt. Sitting down, taking deep breaths of fresh air really helped. The most refreshing feeling in the world. I guess I was out there for maybe 5 minutes or so, taking in the beautiful outdoors, head spinning all the while.

Eventually it got pretty cold (this was winter, remember) and I was in a t-shirt. I felt I would be sober enough to be around parents. So I went back inside, the same time as my mom walked in the front door. When I'm high on cannabis, I can act perfectly natural around them. I decided to treat this just the same, and focus on acting normal. I don't think I pulled it off too well. I went in the kitchen for no reason, as if looking for something to eat. She was talking to me about some shit that I didn't really care about. I couldn't really carry on a conversation. I said 'uhhh..' a lot, completely forgetting what we were even talking about. I wanted to go back to my room but figured that would look suspicious so I went into the living room and went back to the tripping couch and got on my laptop to avoid more conversation. I still couldn't type. I could if I really tried, but I didn't want to. I just hit the keyboard, trying to talk to people. I was acting pretty stupid - like how some people act when they try smoking or drinking for the first time. But I really couldn't help it. I was so happy! I felt great. But then...

::Things Go Bad::

-6:00 PM - 8:00 PM-
I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to go shopping for a suit with my mom that day. Yes, that's right; I went shopping with my mother, tripping on LSA. I had to go, too, because I needed the suit for tomorrow. So we got into the car. I wanted to avoid conversation, but that wasn't possible. I tried to talk as little as I could, because I knew the more I talked the dumber I would sound. Unfortunately we got onto the subject of morality and society and some other bullshit. I gave her my philosophy on how no one in our shitty town is important, and that I couldn't care less about what everyone thinks. I started talking really liberal, to her, a straight sign that I was on drugs, I'm sure - although this really was my view on things all the time. I just never told her about it.

After what seemed like the longest car ride ever, we arrived at the store, which was a dump. It was going out of business, so everything was 60% off. And I'm sure you know what kind of crowd that attracts. Especially in the downtown of a poor city where there are shootings daily. Anyway, we went into the dirty store to the suit section and I started to feel a little sick again. She was trying to get me to help her pick out a suit but I found this a difficult task. I kept laughing, wandering around and not really paying attention. Then my mom said something along the lines of 'I know you're high!'. Now, I had sworn to her that I quit smoking. So I said 'I didn't smoke anything!'. So she asked what I did. I was still laughing as I told her 'I ate seeds'. She was really pissed and gave me the 'I'm disappointed in you' act. I let her know that eating them was perfectly legal, but that wasn't what bothered her, apparently. Made me feel kind of embarrassed.

The guilt trip was working. But then I stopped caring about that because I started to feel really dizzy. I wanted nothing more than to sit down, but there was nowhere around to sit. My stomach felt funny, my head was spinning, I was sweating again, and I felt on the verge of throwing up. So I lit up a joint. Nah just kidding. I saw a wall in the distance with a shelf that looked sitable (not a word? fuck off), so I kind of rushed over there to sit down. I was so out of it. The floor was swirling. I looked at the wall behind me; it was one of those walls with linear grooves in it made for holding metal clothes racks. It was melting. I couldn't believe I was still getting visuals this far into the trip. I had totally underestimated this shit. Some black gangster-type guys walked past and looked over at me. I just started laughing like a dumbass and waved. They laughed too. I knew they were laughing at me but it didn't really matter. I had an excuse, right?

So I sat there, head pounding, sweating, and feeling very unpleasant. Mom came over and told me to try a suit on. I went to the dressing rooms and they were locked up. I had to find a worker to get the keys. This dumb bitch took forever finding the right key to unlock the door. I was standing there, nowhere to sit, feeling like shit, wanting nothing more than to sit down, waiting for her to get the lock. I swear I was this close to collapsing.

Finally she got it open and I raced inside and sat down on the little bench. I just sat there. Trippin'. I looked into the mirror. I looked like shit. Unshaven, pale in the face (I looked, and felt, quite sick), looking worn out, tired, and my eyes - what should have been white, was solid red. I never thought morning glory seeds would make my eyes bloodshot, but oh, they did. Luckily I had eye drops on me, which got rid of that nasty red-eye. But my pupils. They were the largest I had ever seen pupils become. It was almost scary. My eyes were two huge black circles, with a little redness around them. I thought of the moon, for some reason. No wonder my mom figured it out. The eyes were a dead giveaway. Anyway, I took this opportunity to sit down and try to sober up a little. I was in there for like 15 minutes when my mom yelled at me to come out. I used all of my strength to change into the suit. Then I had to sit down for another minute or two before leaving the dressing room.

I guess after that I went back to that shelf and sat down while she picked out a tie. For some stupid reason, I mentioned to her I needed new shoes. So she took me to another area of the store to look at some. That was a painful journey. Once again, I looked for the nearest place to sit. I sat there another 5 minutes feeling very sick. Mom got pissed again, bitching about how eating those seeds was unsafe and now I was paying for it. I guess she was right. We walked through the shoe aisles and I kept trying to sit down. She started to just pick shoes up and show them to me. I said no to all of them. Then there was one pair that I liked, but they didn't have a pair in my size. We left with no shoes, and walked to the other end of the store to check out. I was starting to clear up a little.

It was snowing. Not just any snow, though. Beautiful snow. Large flakes, just drifting down from the sky. I opened my mouth and a flake landed right on my tongue. This was an incredible feeling. The snow was great. Being outside made me feel so much better. I was so glad to be out of that place. The atmosphere of the store was terrible. Bright artificial lights, run down products, dirty floors, and people straight from the slums of the ghetto. So strange, they were. I wanted to continue standing outside in the snow, telling my mom about how wonderful the world is and all the little things we take for granted. She seemed less mad at me at this point.

::Things Are Alright::

-8:00 PM - 10:00 PM-

The rest of the night went well. I wasn't really tripping anymore. I just felt really happy, so I was joking around a lot. She bought me some new shoes from a different store and looked at some furniture for my room. Then bought me dinner at Burger King. I ordered the King size, but it turns out I could only eat half of it. Then we went home, and I went back on the computer, and that's that.

::Final Thoughts::

Overall, I consider this a positive experience. It made for a fun shopping night, despite the two hours of hell spent in VC (the store we bought the suit from, abbreviated). Just like with cannabis, I promised my mom I would never eat seeds like that again. And since then, I haven't. However, I did get some more about a week later, 400 I believe. I won't be taking them any time soon, though. Save it for a rainy day, I say.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70158
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 27, 2009Views: 53,822
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