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Wombing in N2O Land
Cannabis, Nitrous Oxide & Tobacco
by doubleA
Citation:   doubleA. "Wombing in N2O Land: An Experience with Cannabis, Nitrous Oxide & Tobacco (exp69777)". Feb 18, 2016.

2 hits smoked Cannabis  
  3 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)


This is the experience of 3 basic substances used in moderation having great results. There were, at the time of consumption 5 consumers of nitrous oxide in this session. All great friends coming together for a little laughing gas fun. Usually, in the past, we would rip the no2 [sic] out of whip cream canisters from supermarkets. This time around, my brother A and and his buddy B supplied 24 of the fresh ice cold no2 dispensers straight from the source. So good friend and cool guy KN and his girl were hanging out too - the more the merrier. We had all the supplies ready, the balloons and steel bullet (dispenser) were primed and good 2 go.

T-0 hrs: We start off the evening with a round of bong rips to get things off in the right direction if you know what I mean. Some fire, that sweet pungent type of herb that only tastes best out of a clean bong. So I was high like normal, and so were my pals. We waited around a little bit letting the weed set in I think we had to run some errands and get the supplies at this point in time so within the hour everything that needed to be gotten was gotten.

1hr- The two starters break open the first canisters and fill up the balloons using the dispensers. 1 red and 1 blue balloon were used. Upon inhalation smiles spread across their faces. K starts to drool, probably on his girl but whatever she don't know, yet. B is stoked he's looking around, jamming to the tunes on the radio.

Alright they loved it, and of course, no2 is awesome. My brother describes it as an intense mushroom trip in about a minutes worth of time. Sounds reasonable. Me and A are next we fill up the balloons and inhale at the same time BOOM instant heavenly euphoria. Within 30 sec after inhalation I feel an unreal rush of floaty, happy, numbness. I look around B's room and find myself lost in a mystical poster on his wall. It was tight because it was almost like the old wise man in the picture winked at me at the height of the buzz or something. Pretty cool thing to see with just a little laugh gas.

1hr 15min. -We all do 3-4 more canisters each. Def a good idea. Each one was more intense. Like the fastest roller coaster ride you could imagine with no gravity. K's girl freaks out at one point I don't think she understood or something, but that's cool its only a short trip and it was her first time.

One of the best hits I did was with my brother when we inhaled simultaneously, laughed in each others faces, I said something stupid like 'it feels like i got whip cream all in my face' haha. Anyway after about the 3rd one I was done...Too much nitrous vibrations in the skull. I got a headache so I had a smoke. B the supplier hits a 4th and our buddy, Bnt shows up later on when we're all about zonked out and hits a balloon too. So all in all it was a cool session and the whole box went to good use in about half an hour with 2 balloons going at a time. We all got laughed up on the 'hippy crack' and had a good time, for sure. I had to smoke a cig after number 3 just to come down a little.

Overall good experience when used in moderation. Better than alcohol. Some take small hits every few seconds to feel the come-up better I say screw it and get it down in one pull. Anyway hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69777
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 18, 2016Views: 1,633
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Cannabis (1), Nitrous Oxide (40) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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