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Self-peace with Kava
Kava Kava
by Sids
Citation:   Sids. "Self-peace with Kava: An Experience with Kava Kava (exp6902)". Jun 6, 2001.

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  oral Kava (powder / crystals)


New Years, 2001, a party at a friend’s house, with our parents around:

I had carefully emptied out 50 CVS brand Kava Kava gel caps into their original bottle and toted it along with me to a party. I was looking for something to mix that foul smelling powder with, and the best thing I found was a can of extra thick style protein drink. Mixing the Kava powder with the drink was difficult, but not impossible, however, after about 10 minutes of stirring, I had completely dissolved the powder from the capsules in about 10oz of the drink. This was my second time experimenting with the drug, and I was prepared for the TYPE of effects, as well as the 'muddy' taste that the beverage was going to carry. I remember being a little excited about taking the potion that I was making, and also a little anxious that I would be caught mixing that nasty stuff up by my parents or another adult. However, I soon had my drink mixed, and I was ready to re-integrate myself into the party.

Unfortunately, the drink smelled so strongly that I had to hide out before finishing it - which took a while, so I went into a bedroom upstairs. Sitting on the side of that bed, I sipped my drink. The taste was absolutely horrible, but I was determined to plough through, excited about being out there and doing Kava, which I was confident would be a good experience. As I sipped away, unable to stomach more than a tiny gulp at a time, my mouth became extremely numb, which I have heard is a good indication of potent Kava, or at least indicates some activity.

About halfway through the glass, I realized that I was becoming deeply relaxed. Suddenly sitting on the edge of the bed wasn't good enough any more, so I propped up some pillows and lay back, dozing, occasionally remembering to drink some more nastiness. I slowly became conscious of some yelling and activity in a nearby room. Going next door, I found a lot of my friends sitting in there and listening to music. I lay down on the bed and tried to gulp down some more of my drink. The music was deeply effective and pounded away much more deeply than normally. It was actually classic rock, but I felt totally absorbed, like I do when I listen to rap-core or trance, or something with a beat, which is generally what I like. I was totally amazed by how beautiful everything around me was, as most of the objects took on a surreal aspect of serenity. I suddenly wanted to share my drink.

Offering it to one of my companions, she gave me a deeply distrustful glance, and said, 'What are you poisoning yourself with now?” I replied with numb-tongued slur, 'Drink! Good stuff in there....'. The words came clearly but my tongue was out of touch somehow. I must have been understandable, however, she drank and made a horrible face. I was incredibly touched by how disgusted she was with my choice of beverage - she evidently liked the taste less than I, and amazingly enough I really 'felt' her disgust with the drink and believed it on a somehow deeper level. She didn't get any psychoactive effects, although she did comment on how her tongue felt funny.

I finally choked down the last of the drink and realized that there were some chunks in the bottom of the cup. I mopped them up with my finger and sucked them down. Then I went to get up and rinse my glass out, but I had a hard time getting even over to the bathroom. My legs were incredibly heavy, almost made out of lead heavy. Movement was a chore. When I got to the bathroom, I rinsed out the glass as quickly as possible and also had the interesting experience of looking at myself in the mirror - my face, my hands, everything seemed so amazing when I looked at it in the mirror, and I realized something, which is that everybody thinks I am a great person in some way, even if they recognize my faults, but that I don't feel like a great person, so sometimes I forget I am so great. It is hard to explain this lesson, but it was basically the Kava showing me that I am handsome and well loved by everybody but myself, and that I should be nicer to myself. A good lesson, I guess, I've tried to take it to heart since then.

Next, I made it back to the bedroom and resumed my position on the bed. The odd thing about this whole experience is that, for the incredible level of body-type high, and overall intoxication, my head was still amazingly clear. My thoughts were normal, and my vision was still almost perfect, although some things seemed to shimmer. The effects were in my emotional perception of things, and also in the way that I perceived my own body. The body effects were pleasant, but not terribly subtle - I felt really heavy, and lying down felt so nice. I wasn't quite asleep - I felt like I could lie on the border between sleep and wakefulness without falling asleep. Thinking was sort of abstract but very clear: Looking around the room at the faces of people, I was engrossed in their emotions and their facial expressions. I was impressed suddenly with how well they all seemed to be getting along, and how happy I was to be there. In a word, everything felt right.

Time passed very quickly, and although I must have lain there for at least 2 hours, it never got boring but stayed a totally perfect experience and seemed to take about 15-20 minutes. My perception of time was not particularly skewed, except that, as they say, time flies when you are having fun. Soon it was time to go, however, and I was faced with going downstairs and out to my car. In the car, I sat back into the seat and melted away into that same state of relaxation. My sister and her idiot friend were arguing away, but I was only slightly amused, not annoyed as I would normally have been. That night, I climbed into bed and just went to sleep without reading or doing anything and I was probably asleep within 5 minute of laying down, as I was tired and ready to sleep, and hyper-relaxed to boot. I remember dreaming a lot and sleeping very deeply, but I don't remember the dreams or what they were about. In the morning, I had a slight stomach cramp that may have been related to the Kava, but there is no way to tell - in any case it went away quickly afterwards.

A deep lesson from the experience, a good nights sleep, no hangover, and all for about 6 bucks worth of capsules! The only labor involved was opening the caps and stirring the mush together. All in all, highly recommended. It isn't a huge amount of 'fun' per se (though it is pleasant, there is no rush at all) and the experience is not a 'mind-blowing' one, though very relaxing. I base my recommendation on that idea that you might learn something like I did.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6902
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 6, 2001Views: 27,232
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