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Unfortunate Euphoria
Citation:   Dr. Smooth. "Unfortunate Euphoria: An Experience with Ginger (exp6897)". May 23, 2001.

0.75 tsp oral Ginger (ground / crushed)
Woke up today (05/16/01) with an upset stomach. School's over for the summer so I'm stuck back home and actively engaged in involuntary cessation of smoking -- tobacco and otherwise -- because of a temporary lack of car and money. Feeling like shit (jonesing)and unable to eat breakfast, I decided to try some ginger, as I've read in various herbals (which my grandmother left behind)that it helps with most digestive problems.

I took a heaping 3/4 teaspoon --yes teaspoon-- and mixed the powder with a glass of water.

Almost immediately I felt a type of pressure or force go through my head and tensing of forehead muscles. Sort of like the the feeling of increased circulation with Ginko and Ginseng, but somehow a bit dark and troubling (I wasn't expecting non-medicinal effects!) Thoughts were not fully clouded but mental trains definitely were more erratic. Actually I felt quite good, bordering even on euphoric. Its hard to describe but the closest is the physical sensation of Passionflower and the mental pattern closest to marijuana, though definitely not as intense. Mild, but I was _definitely_ altered.

Marked increase in appetite (though the queeziness later returned, briefly) and initially a mildly unpleasant burning/tingling sensation in stomach. Skin was unusually sensetive, something like Damiana, and was probably just caused by increased blood flow to nerves, but makes the claim of aphrodisiac (even considered outdated in an herbal from 1890!) somewhat believable. Experiment (grin).

The buzz lasted for about 20 minutes. Some effects persisted until dinner, 4 hours later. Quite possibly could have lasted longer had I not caved to the munchies. Probably a good thing because just then my mom walked in and demanded I help move the neighbor's furniture.

This was unfortunate.

I could not concentrate very well and my physical co-ordination has been shitty since then. Hopefully sleep will help this.

In summary this was definitely an interesting discovery, especially welcome considering I haven't been anything but sober for a while. I will definitely be experimenting with this again, and it has convinced me to try Galangal, as the two species are related. Its cheap, legal and it seems to be relatively healthy, as larger doses are recommended medicinally. However, this is not the type of drug to pop in the middle of a demanding day. Actually, this might be a good way for someone to try their first drug, its probably safer than alcohol.

Appendix: In case you are interested, I used:
'Spice Rack (tm)'
Salt & Sugar Free
Naturally Pure Ground Ginger

I believe this jar is at least a year old. I wonder if potency goes up or down with age.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6897
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 23, 2001Views: 33,670
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