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One and One are One
Citation:   Maltozombie. "One and One are One: An Experience with 2C-E (exp68615)". Mar 13, 2008.

14 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  3 bowls smoked Cannabis  
This was It, the culmination of all my questions and all my fears every state of mind that I knew to be real or simply thought was imaginary was loaded into a cannon and shot directly into my feeble perception of reality, call it god, enlightenment, it may simply be known as I AM

I orally ingested one 14mg capsule of 2C-E with my friend (let's call him J, 23 years old) he took 40mg at 6:18 P.M. 12-1-07 It was weighed out and put into capsules right in front of us, so I'm sure of how much we took. We dosed at the exact same time and prepared to get blown away for the night, this was my first experience using any 2C chemical, so I was somewhat apprehensive about taking it, but considering my familiarity with LSD I was sure it was nothing I couldn't handle, but I knew it would be....different. J is a seasoned hallucinogenic consumer, he's eaten enough acid and research chemicals to kill 12 elephants so I was glad I had him there to help me through the coming storm. We were at his house (a somewhat small, 2 bedroom house) with his girlfriend (she wasn't participating, she had work the next morning) and his 7 year old stepdaughter, we waited until it was nearing her bedtime to dose. The only real preparations I made were bringing along a pillow and a blanket, and having a lot of patience, it took the stuff a while to get there.

(I wrote about this experience as soon as I returned home the next day)

After dosing we wished each other Godspeed and decided to do something engrossing to wait for the initial effects. We spent the first hour and half or so helping His girlfriend and daughter put up a Christmas tree and J (also a badass drummer) attempted to teach his girlfriend some simple drum rhythms

About the time of the drum lesson J was laying on his bed, with his face buried in a pillow, getting his mind BLASTED and for good reason, 40 MG of any 2C chemical is enough to floor anyone, he was lying on his bed fighting the sickness while I was still waiting for it to show itself,

After about 30 mins of attempting to teach her drums she left the room because her daughter was calling her, J eventually was ok enough to get behind his drums and try to get through the come-up. By this time the chemical had definently made itself known. My body was going through a lot of shaking and shivering, I sat down and listened to J create some amazingly intense vibrations from his drumset (which was beginning to have a rainbow-like glow coming from it) I started noticing the first effects here, When J would play the drums it canceled out all the ambient noise in the house, within the sound of the drums I was hearing a ghostly keyboard-like sound every time he would play. We experimented for a while, but we soon went into the living room, I sat on one couch and J sat on the other. I endured my shakes and shivers and slowly gained a new pain in my gut.

(About 8:00)
J decided we needed to go outside In case any Hallucinogenic sickness came on. It was a warm, clear night, we went onto his front porch and set out on a walk down his street to see a house highly decorated with Christmas lights. As we walked down the street, I noticed everything was definently strange and the visuals began coming on more noticeably, but I was still completely aware of myself and my surroundings, J saw the house and was obviously mesmerized by the beauty of it, I recall him asking me 'do you think we are meant to see something that beautiful as humans?' The Christmas lights were partially blocked from view because of a row of trees, the light was shining through the trees becoming different colors and i shifted my focus to different areas of it. After a bit of stupor we decided to walk back to the house, It was a short but intense walk to J's favorite tripping location, a beautiful view of a forest that is lit by a very uniquely colored streetlight.

We sat at this spot with J sitting in a meditation pose on the hood of his old car, he compared the feeling to being atop a pyramid and that he was emanating all the thoughts that were becoming the experience ( just before his sickness began with a very thick milky orange vomit....ehhh ) I knew he was tripping insanely hard, at one point he honestly thought he saw a group of people walking down his street, I began seeing the more dirty, painful side of the experience, Fear is ALWAYS looming over our shoulder, I chewed on the thoughts and began noticing a green-red grid formation all around the ground,

As we sat and took it all in, we had a clear view through the open window into the living room (incredibly warm December evening) J's girlfriend was sitting in the living room listening to music, I recall hearing the inherent beauty in everything that we listened to. The first song was Coldplay ' The Scientist ' I'm not a big Coldplay fan, but I must say the 2C helped a lot with hearing 'Real' music, music that is truly inspired and incredible. As this music was playing was when I began Experiencing the audio hallucinations, the sounds were very diverse but Imagine the sound of a huge flock of birds emerging from a pile of dry autumn leaves. that's about as close as I can come to explaining it.

Then she put on Gabriella y Rodrigo ( a bad ass Latino guitar duo ) and it was very fluid music that truly amazed me. Was the 2C was making the music sound so good? or were the guitarists were just that damn amazing?

(about 9:30-10:00)
We decided to come inside and J's girlfriend had put on Texas Chainsaw Massacre,
I'll be honest with you, it was BRUTAL. I was hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for people to start being sawed in two. After about 30 mins of watching it She fell asleep and J turned the movie off because it was driving him absolutely nuts. He said 'It didn't even get to the chainsaw massacre! it was the waiting that was so terrible!' About that time we decided to go back to the house of lights one more time, we began the walk and I recall the feeling of being on auto-pilot and floating out of my own will into some potentially dangerous situations on the roadside, we finally made it through the growing Intense, visual walk to get to the house and J was just SPELLBOUND once again by the lights, he told me the light were pushing colors through the trees, up into the sky that then rained back down. We decided we needed to get back, and on the way is when J finally lost all control of his senses, he was walking and he told me as a car passed and the tail lights were fading into the distance 'I cannot see anything! you are going to have to be my eyes!' he wasn't able to see a thing because his visuals were SO intense I had to be his guide back.

We eventually stumbled our way back and made it to the house Me and him began jabbering about what the chemical was doing to us but our attempts to put it into words were of course futile. After a while I decided I was going to stand on the front porch, I went out there and stood and then, altered states of consciousness began and I began to lose touch with myself, I was listening to the audio and watching my hallucinations then, James came outside and asked what I was doing, and I replied 'Communication' (no idea where that came from when I said it) James stood for a moment and told me his friend was coming over bringing Nitrous. I tried to imagine the complete Hallucinogenic ecstasy on my mind, and the Nitrous ecstasy on my body, after thinking about it I decided against doing it.

(sometime between 10:30 and 11:10 p.m.)
After a while of standing inside again J's friend showed up ( With Apple Juice!!!! ) and we attempted to talk to her about the living DREAM we were experiencing, we decided it was time to smoke some pot. since we hadn't done so all night, I grabbed my sack out of my pocket, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to pack a bowl, I didn't have the mental capacity to do it...I handed it to her and then she said to get a pipe, after a moment me and James went into the bedroom and looked for his bowl and as I found mine I looked over at James and then looked down and looked at his clock and it read


After talking about strange happenings all night I exclaimed 'And Look What Time It Is!!!! ' and I laughed then, Suddenly, I had a stunning realization the likes of which I will never be able to rationalize in the laws of our perception. all my moments that I had ever experienced In my life, all the times I had seen 11:11 and laughed at it and not realized the symbolism it contains, my modes of thinking ways that are weak and feeble (such as lying to gain respect) clashed with the half of me that truly Is in touch with the DIVINE CODE, all my moments all the colors I have ever seen and every Beautiful Feeling I have ever had in my life completely Flooded my mind with Absolute Sensory Overload and every Neuron in my Brain fired at once, these were the most intense closed-eye visuals I had ever had, and at that point I saw the most Beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life, Perfect Synchronous Order, It dropped me to my knees into the Fetal positon and I balled up and squeezed myself to the very core of my being and every emotion Fear, Anger, Love, Sadness, Happiness, all came into me at once and it made me cry out from every fiber of my being.

This flood frightened J, he said 'Let's see if we can get some light in your eyes!' He lifted my head up and he looked into my eyes, filled with tears, and he said that he practically saw the god dripping from my face, It was absolute REBIRTH

I got up and told James something to the effect that I had came in contact with IT and that it was the single greatest realization I have ever had in my life, I even gave James a Hug because I was so amazed. J was completely shocked, he has seen many, many strange incidents due to hallucinogens before, but nothing like this, I could tell it was a daunting prospect for him to see me put into that state from something that was out of my control.

I managed to get to my feet and me and J returned to the living room with my bowl, J looked at his friend and told her 'This child just experienced God!!!' and she looked at me with a dumbfounded look that just said 'Really???' I knew she wouldn't be able to get it, Hell I didn't even get it. I can never be able to explain Exactly what happened to me in that moment, I can say for sure that it didn't make me LEARN anything, It made me UNLEARN everything that I thought I knew. It made me see the true nature of Consciousness. All of everything that we perceive to be Real Is Simply an Illusion, There is no right or wrong answer to anything, and the reality is this
Life Is An Interpretation of Divinity from a Human Perspective

My realizations showed me that Divine Consciousness is a state of being that is so without measure that any attempt to personify it from a human perspective will leave me without words or thoughts and will take away my ability to discern between Reality and Manifestation until they become one and the same.

As I sat and contemplated the singularity I had experienced I couldn't help but feel that I had figured out too much, I had touched intelligent infinity and it was a daunting prospect to say the least, to realize that every being and every moment and every reality that ever has been and ever will be, is present within all of us waiting to be tapped into

I believe that my experience may have saturated J's consciousness as much as it did mine, he began getting increasingly frightened of IT. I attempted to stress that the fear is only Human perception trying explain that which we don't understand, I stressed that even though one moment may be filled with absolute fear, It could be a moment of absolute beauty and understanding, The amount of work is the same ( it's not what I believe, Its how I perceive It)

After a good while of talking to J about his past experiences with this mindset he had told me many stories of manifesting his own fears of IT, he said it had taken many forms, even once appearing as a group of chanting hooded figures in his kitchen, and more frequently appearing to him as a Child made of pure laughter....getting his ribs filed and torn apart.

(Probably about 12:30-1:00 a.m.)
I decided that I needed to ground my humanity and try to attain some part of my former self back so I decided that we would play a game of Oblivion on his Xbox. We continued talking about IT and slowly began decoding the way that It worked, that it became real as soon as you attempted to contemplate it, at this moment it showed it face once again.

As I started a new game of Oblivion the opening cinema of the game was playing, It begins with a monologue from the Emperor in the game where he says something to the effect of 'I was born 65 years ago' but the game suddenly locked up while me and J were attempting to contemplate what IT is and as soon as we did and the game dialogue repeated this......

I Was Born, I Was Born, I Was Born,

I honestly felt like bashing my brains in with the nearest object I could find, IT was communicating with us and we both knew it, it was letting us know it was there, that there is more to this than meets the eye. after that happened I couldn't bring myself to play the game it was just too much, I just couldn't handle it, I believe at this point we decided to put on some music and wait for the 2C to calm down a bit, but little did I know the music would open Even more doors.

J has a chair that Is meant for playing video games, It has a built-in speaker system by your head. I sat down In it as J put on his Ipod to the integrated speakers and kicked us off with some pretty bad ass Techno music, we spent a moment listening but soon moved to something else I remember J putting on the song ' Everything In It's Right Place ' by Radiohead,

Radiohead did a great job of seemingly having their music mesh with my experience but, I was wanting to right for the eye of the storm....TOOL

Tool Is my favorite band, as has been so for a while, I was curious to see if I really knew why I enjoyed them so, and the truth is, I Didn't. J started Tool with the duo of Parabol/Parabola which Is the eye of the storm in my opinion for the CD ' Lateralus '

Here are some of the Lyrics to Parabol/Parabola

This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.
Embrace this moment. remember. we are eternal.
All this pain is an illusion.

when you listen to a song that you have heard countless times before, THEN realize that the song Is about what you experienced, the feeling is without measure but, I had no clue until I listened To the Big one, The Soundtrack to our lives and our Reality

I embrace my desire to
I embrace my desire to
Feel the rhythm, to feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow
To feel inspired to fathom the power, to witness the beauty,
To bathe in the fountain,
To swing on the spiral
To swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human.

This passage Is one of the best descriptions one can find to describe what happened to me, as I listened it seemed almost as if I had written the song myself

Music Is Vibrational interpretation of the Divine Code. Interpretation of the first great vibration, the creation of all Reality

As I listened to Tool the ways that the guitars and drums and vocals all meshed together created an incredible situation, I could HEAR the Audio hallucinations coming from the music that I thought I knew so well, It made me realize the way the band thought, the unity that they have with the creator, all along even though Tool didn't know me nor do they know many of their fans but they know us better than we know ourselves.

I had my eyes closed and saw a Pure Spiraling Vibration from which all reality can be interpreted, the Vibration is endlessly continuing in a single pulse that extends infinitely outward from Us in a Lateral Fashion

(About 2:00 - 3:00 a.m.)
(by this time the visuals were beginning to weaken significantly)
I couldn't believe the realizations I was having, it was just another piece of the Puzzle, About that time though, J's girlfriend woke up from sleeping on the couch and began walking around, she left us alone and went to their bedroom...or so we thought, a few moments later we heard someone in the bathroom and It scared J shitless, I kept trying to keep him calm saying 'It's just her man, I Promise!'

Eventually she came back into the Living room and started talking to us we were explaining ( as best we could ) what had happened to me, and what we were experiencing
J began explaining to Her the effect that it has on perception of pictures

On 2C when I looked at a picture I didn't just see the big happy smile that is captured in that moment, It made me see every spectrum emotion that they have, Even the pictures in the house of their Daughter would show the most vicious emotions I have ever seen before turning into the most vibrant beautiful smile that is possible, It was truly otherworldly.

After attempting to explain it to J's Girlfriend She was saying that she wouldn't want to be in that state of mind, I couldn't help but think that maybe I was better off before.....but as soon as she said that she didn't want to be part of it, she became another aspect of it

I remember getting up and accidentally pulling J's Music chair out of the wall and spilling a Mountain Dew, I went into the bathroom and got a towel to clean it up, and did The SAME thing, I pulled the bathroom lamp out of the wall...I went back into the living room laughing about it, and told them what I did, as soon as I told them that the light was off It Immediately came back ON.....uhhh ok, a little freaked out,
Then It goes out Again...they said that It was probably the extension cord it was plugged up to, I went to see and found that she was right but it seemed a little Too coincidental....almost like god was winking at me.

(4:00 - 5:00 a.m.)
This became even more prevalent when the Sun finally began to come up and J's girlfriend had to go to work, while getting ready she woke up her daughter. She came into the room and became just another part of the Event. she has always been a little strange, but she was saying things that morning that had to have been Divine Communication

Earlier during the trip me and J got onto the subject of why babies cry when they first come out of the Womb, they are absolutely pure, as close as it gets to union with divinity without human perception thrown into the mix. they are crying because they are Singing that One Great Vibration.

Well she was being a typical child bouncing off the walls, and making loud obnoxious noises, But she said one thing that completely caught us off guard, She made a loud screeching sound, and said ' I sound like a baby coming out of it's mommas belly! '


she was just another conduit that IT was coming through as

a while later I was talking about the effects it has on your stomach and digestion system, I wasn't able to take a crap the entire time i was on the chemical, after the sun came up I finally managed to go # 2, to my dismay I saw that there was Blood in the toilet bowl after I finished, and I definently wasn't hallucinating it.

I told J about this right after it happened, before his daughter even woke up

Well, she was saying something to J and somewhere in the midst she told J he was 'a big, red, mud monkey' (meaning a piece of shit)

that little girl still freaks me out a bit.......

(7:00 onward)
The Rest of The Restless morning was simply waiting for the 2C to leave our brains, and talking about everything we had been through. We had a lot to talk about so the day progressed pretty quickly, and I didn't feel'normal' until the day after. things at home weren't too difficult to deal with.

What Is the only true truth I can say that I learned from any of this? That we simply do not know anything. The only thing that I do know is that I am master of my own reality, I learned that I can either be afraid of Myself and reality or I can Embrace it with Love and Vulnerability, and I have to thank 2C-E for showing me what was already there.

The Experience in a nutshell

Previous Experience
Experience with material - None
Experience with similar psychoactives - Dropped Lsd 6 times prior

Physical or mental preparations made ------ Brought a blanket and pillow, and was intentionally patient
Information: sources consulted ------ J, who had taken the substance many times before
Intention: intentions of participant(s) ------- To have a absolute blast
Mindset: what participant(s) had been thinking, feeling, reading, watching, or doing in the preceding hours or days ----- Just hanging out with friends
Record keeping: how and when notes are taken (during or after experience), methods used ----- Chronicled experience on my computer when I returned home

Location, physical environment, time of day, weather ----- J's house, Night, Clear and warm
Audio: music and sound environment ----- varying music and relative silence
People present: alone, with friends, in a crowd ----- J, myself, J's girlfriend, J's stepdaughter
Support staff: whether sitter or others were available who were not using the psychoactive-----we were the only ones taking it, but we were pretty much on our own

Drug Identification
Degree of certainty that the material was properly identified, how this is known, whether friends had already tried the same material------ I'm certain of how much we took, I can never be sure it was really 2C-E but I will keep that assumption, the guy was convincing

Analysis: tests (if any) used to confirm identity of material-----we ate it....delicious
Dose: amount taken, when taken, and certainty of dosage------14mg for me and 40mg for J, it was weighed in front of us
Measurement: weighing method, precision-------Digital scales
Preparation: recipe or methods used-----ingested orally in a capsule, J's was 2, 20mg capsules

Combinations / Food / Interactions
Food: when, what type, and how much food was eaten prior to and during experience-------very little if anything, not entirely sure
Supplements: Nutritional or herbal supplements taken in days prior to the experience-----none
Medications: other pharmaceutical or herbal medicines taken in days prior to the experience------Marijuana, nothing else

Effects Progression
Chronology: timing and duration of first alert, first clear effects, peak, first decline, and time when fully 'down'----- 30 mins for first effects, about 1.5 hour 'come up' about 3-4 hour peak, and the rest was slowly dwindling effects

Transitions: how effects changed over time, coming up, peak effects, comedown, after effects-----Emotional instability became increasingly prevalent during the peak, happy one moment then frightened the next - typical tracer visuals and color alterations and fluid movement of objects, but INCREDIBLE closed eye visuals and trances

Body-Related Effects
Physiological: heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, perception of temperature, skin sensations, nausea, changes in urination------Uncontrollable shaking and shivering during come up, I needed to take a crap really bad, but constipation became a factor, eventually led to Blood in my crap, and J told me he actually had incidents the day after where he was crapping out a LOT of Blood (definite effects on the Digestive system)

Vision: changes to focus, sensitivity to light, nystagmus ------ J completely was blinded by the intensity of his visuals at one point
Physical abilities: changes to balance, walking, running, juggling ------ None really
Physical energy: lethargy, stimulation, body felt heavy/light ----- we were pretty much stationary the whole night
Other physical effects: jaw tension, shivering, muscle shaking, bloodshot eyes, dry mouth ------ Lots of back aches and muscle tension

Cognitition-Related Effects

General mental processes: difficulty concentrating, associative thinking, dissociation, thoughts qualitatively different from normal thinking patterns - Definitely has the ability to bring upon life changing experiences - thoughts tended to be very fleeting I repeatedly would forget what I was talking about in the middle of a sentence.
Emotional state: happy, sad, fearful, subdued - Wide range of emotions
Connection to others: feel closer, more isolated, about the same-----I could easily talk to anyone, but probably only about the Trip, not anything else
Communication: ability and desire, whether communication felt easy or difficult------communication was necessary, but felt stale and repetitive after a while
Visualization: internal mental imagery, ease of visualization-----Trails from moving objects, color emanation from solid objects, fluidity to the environment, Intense closed eye fractal patterns, and AMAZING audio hallucinations
Attention: changes to attention span, sense of boredom, or interest----relatively short attention span
Insight: new revelations or discoveries----Earth-Shattering realization that changed my perception of Life, reality, and death
Erotic: sexual or sensual effects-----nothing significant

Overall impressions: good, bad, in between, whether the experience was worth repeating------ it kicked me down into the deep dark hole of infinity and made me rewrite my reality around the nex context it put upon me
What worked: what were good choices-----appreciation of Life, Love, and Friendship
What did not work: what mistakes were made----continuing contemplation of grand infinite concepts, incredibly amazing realizations were gained, but this is how the fear can easily take over,
Effects on others: whether others had similar or different effects----J had a blast, we see each other on more equal ground now, it brought us much closer as friends
Lasting value: whether insights or benefits still seem valuable days or weeks later----yes immensely valuable, everything since the trip has a learning experience and it has changed my life in ways that I am infinitely thankful for.
Comparisons: how effects of other psychoactives or experiences compare-----Lsd is still my favorite psychoactive, but the 2C is an experience altogether...different, whereas Lsd may let me peer Into the deep, dark, hole of infinity, 2C kicks me down into the hole and I have to work my way back out....a real 'Sink or Swim' Experience.

Reflections: how the experience seems days, weeks, months, or years later-------Infinitely engrossing and amazing, I would do it again in a moment

2C-E is something that is truly profound in my eyes, respect this substance, and Know thyself.

Thanks for being, and thanks for reading.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68615
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 13, 2008Views: 8,555
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