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Exotic Recreation
Cannabinoids - CP 55,940, 2C-B & Cannabis
Citation:   LucidStudies. "Exotic Recreation: An Experience with Cannabinoids - CP 55,940, 2C-B & Cannabis (exp68504)". Sep 22, 2008.

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T+ 0:00
3.0 mg oral CP 55,940 (capsule)
  T+ 2:10   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:40 1 tablet oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
  T+ 8:40 0.3 tablets oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
My life has been changing rapidly and for the better. For a hectic week and a half, the focus was on making a good impression at a new job. I am a person who goes insane if he doesnít have something worthwhile to devote himself to, be it writing articles, working a meaningful job, drawing, making music, or something else. This was one job that meant a lot to me. At the same time as I was preparing for those new responsibilities, I had the massive task of moving into a new home while fighting off a cold! I pulled through with help from friends and family, and I put in a very good first week of work. By the time Saturday rolled around, I knew I had earned a day of celebration.

I decided I would supplement the early period of a 2C-B + cannabis experience with a dose of the newest entry to my collection of rare chemicals: CP 55,940. This substance is a cannabinoid said to activate the CB1 receptor with approximately 40 times the efficiency of THC. Iím a little bit irritated by the inconvenient name this cannabinoid carries. It doesnít even sound like a drug, it sounds more like a newly-discovered galaxy or a droid from the planet Naboo. I prefer to refer to it as ĎCP5í for the sake of simplicity.

The plan for this given Saturday was as follows: I wanted to learn what CP5 feels like, alone and without interference from other substances. At the same time, I wanted a fully-fleshed out day of reflection and recreation. I decided to give the CP5 at least two hours to itself. After that, if I wasnít blown away by its effects, I would take whatever else I wanted or needed for the remainder of the day.


1:00PM: I swallow my CP5. It is in the form of a rather large gelatin capsule with a small spatter of white powder staining its interior. I have been told that the tiny portion of powder constitutes between two and four milligrams of CP5. The capsule is swallowed with a glass of Gatorade that looks like neon blue antifreeze. It has some awesomely extreme name like ĎCascade Mountain Wind Orgasmí.

1:15PM: Iím eating some cereal. I hadnít eaten anything yet all day. Iím feeling some minor skin tingles that may or may not be from the CP5.

1:20PM: Iím reading articles online about experimental cannabinoids and trying to feel out the extremely mild and slowly-developing effects of the one I just took. I resist the urge to smoke some pot so as to feel an immediate high.

1:30PM: Tingling sensations in the skin are the main symptom right now. No mental alterations, no pupil dilation, no side-effects.

1:45PM: A slight change in pulse rate occurs, coinciding with mild time dilation.

2:00PM: Definite time dilation now, a slow-down of time perception. But the high is still only skin-deep, it's in my stomach and my skin, not really in my mind. I'm not giggly, elated, distracted or confused. There is no color brightening or visual effect. Will give the stuff another hour.

2:30: I feel it primarily in my arms and my chest. It never seems to completely move into my head and my mind still feels relatively unaffected.

2:50: I begin to play a video game. I got all these wonderful new games around Christmas time but havenít had a second of free time to indulge them since my new job began. Iím a little disappointed in the lack of intensity from the CP5. It feels a little different from a pot high, which is interesting, but Iím frankly bored with the substance on its own. I have some slight cramping in my stomach; I canít tell if itís the CP5 powder or just the gelatin from the large capsule I swallowed. Either way itís bothersome.

3:10: I give in. ĎPauseí goes my video game. I smoke some good old-fashioned pot. Mental effects kick in within seconds, leaving me slightly disoriented, giddy, and stoned. A stark contrast to the slow and subtle creep of CP5. It fills a lot of gaps in my state of mind and leaves me feeling much more satisfied than the CP5 alone.

3:30: Iím listening to music. Iím noting some color intensification now. Once in a while, I may see intensified colors during a pot high, but only with fairly high-quality pot. Since the pot I just smoked is mid-grade, I attribute the effect to the combination of pot and CP5. Time dilation is still going strong, probably stronger than pot alone would be capable of. But Iím not too hugely impressed by time dilation at this point. I find it interesting how practically all drugs are capable of distorting the flow of time, be they cannabinoids, psychedelics, dissociatives, stimulants or depressants.

3:40: Itís time to elevate the day into more interesting territory. The CP5 is obviously nothing stellar. I chop one of my 20 milligram 2C-B tablets in half. Why not ease into a good thing slowly, especially given the unexpected element involved? I can feel the CP5 still in effect, wrapping around the familiar mental lift of cannabis. I've got happy little tingles in my ears from the CP5 while the pot flushes across my face. Thereís no way to tell for sure that CP5 and 2C-B wonít produce an unexpectedly powerful combination. Ten milligrams of 2C-B goes down the hatch; I can always take more later.

4:15: First tingles from the 2C-B. Even though the visual effects of the 2C-B are a long way from developing, I feel divine at this moment, somehow much better than I was feeling half an hour earlier. I must attribute the euphoria to the 2C-B.

4:35: My face is seriously flushed. The feelings from the 2C-B are more than noticeable, but there are not yet any visuals. Heavy tactile effects are developing, and this seems to be a very erotic-feeling combination.

5:00: I go ahead and swallow the other half of the 2C-B pill, bringing my dose up to 20 milligrams. Then I smoke some more pot to bless my departure into the next phase of my night.

5:30: Iím getting a little antsy with all the energy in my body; I feel like I need to go for a walk. Visuals are setting in at this point; Iím beginning to descend into 2C-B-land, where objects pixelate, warp, smudge and ooze about with a life of their own. The CP5 is still going strong, providing tingly numbness and additional time distortion to my trip. I decide to walk to the mall by my apartment. I have only been there once before and it is drastically different from the malls near my old house. I smoke another hit or two of pot before I head out.

6:00: Iím wandering around in the new mall which is two blocks away from my new house. It is a massive art-deco nightmare, filled with semi-transparent modernist architecture, bizarre artwork and expensive technology. Entering the mall involves riding multiple floors worth of staircases alongside a giant transparent wall, so the denizens of the city streets can watch my massive ascent. There are chandeliers that look like pastel colored inverted mushrooms of titanic size passing over my head as I rise. These things Iím describing were all really there, they are not made-up hallucinations. Apparently the post-modernist decorators hired by this particular mall use more drugs than I do! It takes four minutes just to reach the first row of stores, and practically every store contains big-screen plasma televisions playing bombastic advertisements that could have been directed by Michael Bay. WOW. This is where I live now! I feel like I accidentally moved into the movie ĎBladerunnerí.

6:15: Around this time I get a call from my girlfriend asking if I want to get picked up and go to a small party with some people she works with. Still high and tripping, I agree and make arrangements to swing over to this random party.

6:30: I am now in the car with my girlfriend, en route to meet new people. It is at this time that I realize I am experiencing closed-eye synesthesia! With my eyes closed I merge with my surroundings, feeling the swerving directions of the car and visualizing its movement across the city streets. It feels as if my girlfriend, the car and I are all one big mechanical creature swerving across some cosmic pinball machine in sync with hundreds of other noisy entities around us. The feelings of movement produced by the car at 60 miles per hour on the highway are so intense with my eyes closed that I can hear and visualize which way we are moving, in place of, or in addition to, being able to feel the movement. My girlfriend asks me if Iíll be alright for the get-together, and I assure her I will not nod off into closed-eye-synesthesia-land inappropriately during the party.

7:00: We are at the house of some very nice friends of my girlfriend now. The hosts are a good-humored, clever, and slightly quiet couple from Bulgaria. We arrive on the early side and are soon joined by a barrage of chatty women ranging from their early twenties to their fourties. Everyone brings a different kind of food, and soon a massive assortment of wonderful treats has been assembled. There is a huge salad of greens and vegetables mixed with fruits, a pile of ginger cookies the size of a piggy bank, an Italian cheese-stuffed pastry dish, and a Bulgarian stew containing three different kinds of meat. There are many things to feast upon, and thank God, because cannabinoids and bromo-phenethylamines can summon up a tremendous appetite from even the most timid nibbler at the dinner table! I feast on the many wonderful offerings while meeting new people. My speech is normal, my mood reasonably stable, and somehow nobody notices my enormous pupils. We all spend the next couple hours chatting and playing party games.

9:20: We are starting to head back from the party now. The CP5 has died down most of the way, but only just recently. The visual, emotional and tactile effects from the 2C-B are starting to trail off. The pot high faded a long time ago.

9:50: Iím back home from the party now. My girlfriend is watching TV. I dig up a broken chunk of pill from the bottom of a certain baggie, determine it to contain 6 milligrams of 2C-B, and swallow. Iím hoping to boost my euphoria back up to a recognizable level for a few more hours, and hopefully resurrect the visual effect which recently faded.

10:20: I smoke some more pot while waiting for the 2C-B to take effect.

10:50: The 2C-B is once again noticeable. Oozing open-eye visuals, euphoria, and interesting closed-eye altered states. It took me a few uses of 2C-B to realize the strength of its potential with eyes closed, as the open-eye hallucinations are a little more obvious. The closed-eye state is also strongly and uniquely visual, with sensory blending qualities and the potential for synesthesia.

I love that a substance can blend all my surroundings together without diminishing my memory in the process. Everything around me is connected into new combinations: smudged, altered, and combined. But I can remember any details of the night I want to as they happen, or afterwards. My mind is clear. So many lesser substances blend the pieces of a personís night together into one big beautiful smudge, only to ruin the value of the day with memory loss. A huge amount of liquor would start to make all things smudge together and combine, but by the end of the day only scattered moments could be recalled, huge sections would fall victim to damaged memory and become replaced by empty Ďblackí. I feel lucky to have so many safe and effective building blocks to work with in my quest these days. I can alter my consciousness to my liking and remember the results.


This was the end of my timeline. Basically this was a wonderful day of recreation. Not many meaningful insights, but also few negative side-effects or emotional difficulties. The combination of substances did not interfere much with my social capabilities, and there was no hangover the next day.

CP 55,940 was found to have first alerts around 15-30 minutes after ingestion but to take about an hour to really kick in. It peaked for around 6 hours, and dropped off over a couple more hoursí time. It never got particularly strong or particularly interesting, and I considered it a more physical than mental high. It worked, but it was a minor disappointment. An interesting supplement to pot, certainly, and distinct in its effects, but perhaps not a main course in itself. On the other hand, maybe I havenít really seen what CP 55,940 can do yet. I may require a higher oral dose, or an alternate route of administration, such as vaporization. It is also possible that my sample lost some potency during shipping. I have read that the compound is less than stable.

2C-B, on the other hand, is as stable as a cinder block. What I have should last a long time, and as always it was a pleasure to take. I feel lucky to have been able to try CP5, even if it wasnít fantastic, and I truly enjoyed my first Saturday off since starting my new career.

Six-Month Follow-up:
The tablets used in this report were stated by the distributor to be 20 milligrams a piece. It later came to my attention that the tabs were actually significantly weaker than the distributor had claimed. Due to the unpredictability of tablet dosages, they will not be used in any of my future reports. Although the exact dosage of the tablets in this report is not known, I estimate them to be approximately 14 milligrams a piece, not 20 like I originally had thought. I base that upon experiments I have conducted with pure 2C-B HBr powder measured out to various dosages, and the effects that resulted. I believe the dosage of these tablets was misrepresented by the distributor.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68504
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 22, 2008Views: 43,612
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2C-B (52), CP 55,940 (471) : Various (28), Combinations (3), General (1)

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