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Holy Cat & Wall People
LSD & Cannabis
by Creatus
Citation:   Creatus. "Holy Cat & Wall People: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp68354)". Mar 21, 2012.

2.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)


I talked often to my friend T about my experiences with psychedelics. He had never done any form of hallucinogen before, or really anything besides grass and booze, but one day he showed a sudden spark of interest in my stories of LSD, and agreed to try it himself one day. I was excited and enthused about his sudden willingness, so we set a day and I picked up a handful of good blotters. I tasted the batch on Christmas eve, a few weeks before our trip, I took one dose of the new batch and a dose of a different batch I had left over. I had a nice trip, but I didn't think it was strong enough for me and T's purposes. I proposed we take 2.5 hits for our trip rather then one two. Turns out I under-estimated the new batch.

The day of the trip T had the house to himself with his older sister, who was aware we would be tripping. At around 11 PM I walked to his house with the doses a pipe and about 3 grams of some potent marijuana. I ended up beating him to his house by a few minutes, so his sister let me in. Apon entering his house she let me know her feelings on our tripping. She didn't feel her brother was ready, she felt he could hardly handle weed, but wasn't going to stop him. Told us to be careful.

T came, we instantly popped the tiny squares in our mouths and T's sister came down with a handful of tripping toys. She had a teddy bear, a back massager, and most importantly a special mirror with lights that emulated infinity.

The first hour and a half we spent talking, listening to music and anticipating our trips. Me and T's sister talked about acid tripping, as she was a bit of a acid head herself and answered any questions T had. After this I asked T to join me on a walk around the neighborhood while we waited for the faint physical highs within us to develop. Besides I was full of energy and high strung, as I always was before a significant trip. We set out to look for Christmas lights. So T decided to throw on a big red cape and glasses for the occasion, and we got on boots and hats and set out.

T was laughing and smiling the whole time and kept on saying 'Op, I definently feel it now!' as our physical highs continued to grow. The warm joyous feeling within my stomach was extending itself throughout my body and melting into the familiar feel of the LSD body high. However, I was coming up very slow, so slow in fact I was beginning to worry. It had been two hours neither I nor T had any hallucinations. On our way back into the house we both slipped on a plate of Ice simultaneously and couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes. Then I car whizzed by, wait a sec, I know that car. The car backed up revealing my friend, S, in the drivers seat. S had helped me get the doses I was currently on.

I told him how we had taken the two and a half doses, that it was T's first and that I was seeming to take forever to come up. When I said that he laughed and said, oh don't you worry, just you wait. When he drove off I almost instantly felt the immense increase in my body high just since our walk.

When we reentered T's house I instantly 'felt' the visual part of my trip begin to arise. We went into T's basement which was a chill place, and put on some trippy videos on his computer. Our physical highs were getting overwhelming. We lay on the floor stretched out and stared at the ceiling. The ceiling was beginning its flow. The shadows each piece of ceiling 'bump' cast on the ceiling began the flicker. The flickering began to throb. The throbbing began to trickle. And soon enough my LSD visuals were on, and everything I looked at had the familiar 'melt' and 'flow'. I wanted to make sure T could see his visuals so we went up to a photo and I told him what I saw. It was a photo of some beachgrass on a sandbar in the ocean. I said how I saw each swirl in the sand actually swirl, and every beach grass kind of 'trail off' and illuminate.

We went upstairs and I felt a sudden pang of nausea. I got nervous, this was not the time for an upset stomach. The body high was overwhelming, it felt like my entire soul was being shit in the sun. I suddenly became less social with T, becoming more worried about the vomiting that was soon to occur. Another pang of naseau, and then another pang of something more powerful. A sort of deja vu I've felt on acid many time before, the separation of ego. Me and T were studying the floor and then, pang it was I studying the floor. We were the same. I felt this feeling, its power and I didn't want to go there. It was the feeling I've felt before one of the numerous inward egoless spiritual mind-warps. They were scary, though powerful. I didn't want to go there that night, so I cast the feeling aside. I told T to look in the mirror as its something everyone tripping acid needs to experience, and then I head for a different bathroom myself and puked up my everything in my stomach. It felt like my entire head was exploding, all the blood ran to my head and it felt like dying. But I got through it and instantly felt better after my stomach had been emptied. The puke was black, it swirled and morphed in the toilet. I cleaned up but after I cleaned everything I kept seeing puke on the floor that wasn't there. I looked at my reflection, my face was so red it radiated off of me. Each individual incline of my hair drew a line and lifted off into my peripheral vision.

I went opened the door to find T on the stairs with the trippy mirror toy. I told him I puked and his smile instantly vanished. 'Oh that sucks so much, I'm sorry.' 'Why?' 'You puked up your acid, how will you trip now?' I laughed and told him that all .01% of the acid I ingested had already reached my brain. He laughed and then told me to walk up the stairs, as he had placed the mirror at the top of them. It felt like walking into infinity.

No longer sick and feeling much more relaxed I pulled out a pad of paper and colored pencils and urged T to draw. We spent over an hour drawing. We were tripping hard at this point, and at the time I considered it the peak of my trip, so I thought.

I got more into drawing than I ever had on acid. I finally figured out how to let myself draw on the drug, which was difficult because I practically had to teach myself all over again. I would draw a line and the line would draw a flow, so I would draw the flow and then look at that and see what it wanted to be drawn next. My sub conscious controlled the drawing not me myself. I drew a multi-colored melt of faces and shapes. T drew an abstract rose made from a fractal-like design, I was impressed but he was disappointed.

After drawing, I felt as though I was coming down. My physical had died and my visuals even seemed a little less full. We decided to go on a walk. It was around 4 am, and life outside was dead. T looked depressed, everything was indeed dead as he pointed out. My visuals all of a sudden weren't present at all, in fact I felt as if I had suddenly dropped down a whole lot. I told T we were probably on our come down and that we should go home and smoke some bowls. We did just that and after a few bowls we were both ripped.

The comforting warmth of marijuana re-pumped the physical acid hig through my body, as it did with my visuals. In fact suddenly our trip came out of nothing and seemingly back into full swing. We were ecstatic. We both sat in a haze only marijuana could bring, not talking and simply looking at our visuals and giggling every once and a while. My visuals within the next half hour went from nothing and skyrocketed. The flowers patterned on T's kitchen wall began to grow, I had amazing trails and everything radiated a warm light.

We explored his house, pointing out our visuals which simply popped up everywhere before we ended up sitting at his kicthen again. His sister came downstairs, she had been crying because of a fight she had with her boyfriend, this amplified a kind of paleness in her face that made her appear less human. I had this powerful feeling she was more then human, holy, she illuminated light and her eyes glowed. She brought us some crazy facial creams and chap stick for us. She applied the cream on my face and said 'enjoy!' before walking back upstairs. My face burned like all hell! I started to laugh. 'It freakin burns! It feels like I'm dying!' It was as if she was a God who had bestowed gifts apon us, the moment she said 'enjoy' my feet left contact with the earth and my trip turned on full throttle.The flowers on the kitchen wall grew and melted at the same time, auditory hallucinations of buzzing and sweeping noises echoed around me.

His cat walked by me, it was a white cat, but now it was more of a white orb of light. The cat was also high as balls thanks to a session it had with T's sister. It was tripping out and watching it made me do the same. It had this amazing connection to nature, it was superior to us beings who were only able to simply study its perfectiveness. I was sitting on the couch and it sat accross the room from me. T had moved the glowing trip mirror so it was sitting on a chair directly above sat the cat. The lights in the mirror pulsed on and off, and every time it pulsed the cat became less cat-like. Its fur radiated light and lifted off its back in a 'fetherish' way. Its face was suddenly more human then it was cat. Its body was cartoony but its face was distinct. A womans almost. She stared at me and I stared back, it was connecting with me. The face became more vivid as everything else around it began to melt away, an auditory buzzing was growing. I stared on, incredible power radiating at me, the face was trying to tell me something, it was me and the cat. Everything else was dissolving away, the buzzing became too much. I had to look away. Then the cat left.

We were tripping hard. I looked at T, he was staring at the wall wide-eyed mouth-gaping. I asked him if he was alright and then lay on the couch staring at his wall. There was a brick fireplace, huge pieces of brick were melting off of it. Suddenly it became clear that the cementing between the bricks was more of a rainbow network of pulsing lines. I began to sense a strong visual and physical flow moving through the walls up the couch and up my arm into me. The could feel the flow physically, but also see it in the melting walls. Suddenly I saw blurry sort of random visuals in my peripheral vision moving along the flow. Girls faces? Or was it just colors? Shapes? Balls of color began to move along the flow up into me, they grew more and more visible. The colors morphed into cats, they were multi-colored and running up into me. They were extremely clear to see. Then the cats morphed into arrows pointing along the flow.

I was playing chill music but the song turned to a sort of audio-mixed that hard people talking. I looked to the tv which was off, and in a sort of reflection on the tv sat a man who was sitting and mouthing the words of the audio. I decided it would good to rid of the man and turn on something real.We turned out the lights and put in a nature documentary DVD. It was a special on mountains and all the trees along the sides of the mounts moved around like worms. The DVD was amazing, but surrounding it things were getting a little less cheery. Since we had turned out the lights the visuals in my peripherals stopped showing the flow and instead just kind of projected what I was seeing on tv onto the walls. If you've ever seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, during the scene were Duke trips acid in the hotel room watching news on the vietnam war, the visual was just like that with the tv.

After a while though, I noticed a sort of new visual forming within everything surrounding the tv. The flickering of the tv made sort of wobbly shadows surrounding it, and the shadows were beginning to take form. I suddenly recognized these forms as being shadow-people. They were people with glowing eyes, thick grins and a sort of 'shadow-like' body the morphed and moved around. They were beginning more and more distinct and soon they had arms that lunged out at me. At first I didn't mind them, but their arms lunging was distracting me from the dvd. Suddenly I wanted them away very badly but they simply would not leave. Everywhere I looked, the shadow was a person with a face and trying to grab me. Sometimes they actually would grab hold of me and I could feel it. I began to grow nervous so I began to meditate. I closed my eyes and they evaporated. I focused and attepmted to clear my mind, I simply could not stop my mind racing, the meditation wasn't working. I opened my eyes and several inches in front of me a shadow person grinned and grabbed my arm. I jumped.

This wasn't my first time in contact with what call the 'crazy eye children'. I had named them the first time I had come in contact with them in a trip of course. That first time I met them in the middle of the woods, they carried spears and surronded me. However that was another trip another story, and I already wrote a report on that one. These shadow-people however seemed much more developed then any other ones I had come in contact with. But more importantly these I could simply not will away.

An hour and a half goes by of constantly having to watch these beings mock and grab at me. I was getting very nervous and restless. I wanted them away. T's sister had left us some xanax to take to knock us out when we wanted to sleep. I took a half one and within half an hour the hallucinations had slightly died but they were still there. I knew my trip was over, I had had a great night, but now all that remained was the leftover mindgame of a tired-out subconscious. It was as if the sub-consciousness got sleepy and decided to give up its creativity in exchange for the repeated hallucination of a group of people in shadows popping out of every wall. I told T it was about time we crash. We had been tripping a solid eight hours, it was six am and we needed sleep. I remember us popping two more xanax. I looked over at him and he was completely knocked out, his eyes even still looked open.

Last thing I remember doing was looking at the wall and finally seeing noone there to laugh at me. I closed my eyes, and then it felt like two minutes before I opened them again. It was 3pm, I was groggy but refreshed and I was full of new energy and spirit. I was very disappointed in myself that I couldn't will the crazy eye children away, but overall I was very happy and satisfied with our trip. Apon waking me and T discussed our wanting to trip again.

I think its important to note that this trip could have taken a totally different route had I continued along the self-introspective trip that I felt coming on early in the trip. I'm glad I didn't go that way as those trips have been the most powerful, significant yet scary moments in my life. I had one a whole few months ago and I still don't feel ready to go there again. Me and T are planning to trip again very soon, and I plan on going the fun 'outer' trip instead of an introspective trip again. It makes for a fun night.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68354
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 21, 2012Views: 11,529
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LSD (2), Cannabis (1) : General (1), Combinations (3), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Hangover / Days After (46), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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