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Euphoria and Indescribable Visuals
2C-B & Cannabis
Citation:   LucidStudies. "Euphoria and Indescribable Visuals: An Experience with 2C-B & Cannabis (exp68303)". Feb 2, 2008.

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T+ 0:00
1 oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:15   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:25 0.5 oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
  T+ 5:15   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I now had a supply of 2C-B in my psychedelic pill collection. I had been testing out an ever-changing array of substances on a planned-out schedule for months at this point, with evenly-spaced break periods in between trips. 2C-B was the compound scheduled for today, and I had never taken it before. Normally all the chemicals I procure are pure, lab-grade powders which I lovingly encapsulate by hand. But today I was working with pressed pills: Hard, flat, white pellets weighing 375 milligrams a piece. They bear no marks or impressions whatsoever, looking similar to my 3mg melatonin pills (quite nondescript). I was told that each pellet contained 20 milligrams of 2C-B, but have since learned that they were significantly weaker. I suspect that all that binder delays the onset of effects compared to taking pure 2C-B powder.


1:00PM: I swallow a 2C-B tablet with a glass of water. My stomach is mostly empty. I stay indoors listening to music and wait for the effects to sink in.

T+0:30 Rolls around and there is nothing yet. Maybe a slight physical response, but certainly nothing psychedelic. A little bit of skin tingling and a funny feeling in the stomach is all I’ve got.

T+1:00: The feelings in the body are spreading out and deepening, but there are still no visuals. There is not even a hint of nausea, and the more the physical feeling of 2C-B develops, the clearer it becomes that this is basically a feeling of joy.

T+1:15: I smoke a little pot, and at this point I'm a little bit frustrated, there are no visual effects from the 2C-B, and also no emotional or intellectual alterations. I can’t tell what direction the trip is heading. The pot high blows in like a crisp breeze, and my nervousness dissipates, allowing me to stop worrying about the trip and once again enjoy the moment.

T+1:25: The physical rush (from the 2C-B) is deepening. There are very sensual feelings in the body, with definite tactile enhancement. I feel warm and flushed but I am not sweating. The energy in my face seems to be creeping out into the world now, and consequently something happens to my eyes… a visual effect is beginning to develop, and the world is starting to change. I can't yet discern the difference.

T+1:40: I think my dose has reached a peak. There is a definite visual effect at this point. I have identified spacial distortions, alterations to my depth perception which make objects over distances look a bit unreal. I have also spotted some tracers. But tracering and depth-distortion are common effects that occur with many hallucinogens, and there is something much more significant taking place here. There is a fundamental change to the form and texture of literally everything that I see. Things just look ‘different’.

T+2:15: I am amazed at the lack of any nausea right now, every other phenethylamine I have ever taken had me struggling with the urge to be sick by the 2 hour point. There is none of that here, in fact I am hungry rather than nauseous. I have detected a physical side-effect involving my muscles, however. At one point the muscle groups in the back of my neck start to crawl and tighten up. I worry about it but it's gone again after a few minutes. It later comes back a couple more times randomly over the course of the trip.

T+2:25: I come to the conclusion that this dose is slightly too low for my physiology. The visuals seem 'stuck' and unable to coalesce into a full conclusion. Physically, the drug feels great, but mentally I'm fairly unaffected. I decide to go a little bit deeper. I chop a capsule in half, and another half-pill of 2C-B goes down the hatch. While I'm typing out the time for my redose, I note a reduction in motor coordination. Typing accurately is becoming difficult, my hands are shaky. I would not want to have to operate a flamethrower while on this stuff.

T+2:45: I'm going for a walk outside. I don't know where I'm headed to and I don't care. The feeling of the 2C-B is so euphoric! And the visuals are fascinating, very steady, with no sudden increases or decrease of effect. Very elusive and difficult to define, but not mild. Very unique. This is not like the color brightening and trailing of 2C-I, or the extreme detail and increased color range of mescaline. It's closer to the synaesthetic mysticism of 2C-E, but not really quite like that either.

T+3:00: I wander into an ice cream store. I feel full of life and exuberance, and I want the most delectable treat these people can conjure. In a steady, rational voice, I order ice cream. More specifically, I order half-chocolate, half-cotton candy ice cream with coconut sprinkles and cherry pie filling mixed in. I cannot express how bizarrely wonderful it is that I should be ordering ice cream while tripping on a phenethylamine! For the first four hours of every phenethylamine trip I eat nothing. With a lump of mescaline or a cap of 2C-E in my belly, one bite of food might be all it takes to push nausea beyond the point of control. Yet now I feast on the varied textures of chocolate, cherry, coconut and spun sugar, and love every bite. I love the ice cream, I love the 2C-B, the 2C-B loves and makes love to the ice cream that sits next to it in my stomach!

T+3:45: I get back home from my walk. The hallucinations are deepening now into intense territory. The tracering and depth distortion have become so strong that they make me dizzy. The emotional elation and openness I feel are now constant and irrepressible. There are moments where I almost feel so good that I feel bad! It’s as if my pleasure cortex has been pushed to its maximum limits and is starting to rebound in the opposite direction. I think 25mg may be my ideal dose, this is a bit much.

T+4:05: The over-stimulated emotions have passed again. The last 15 minutes I felt overwhelmed, but now I once again am centered and positive. I realize at this point that there is not much of a cognitive element to this substance. Rarely do my thoughts wander into any territory they would not go while I am sober. Mostly the mental effects are just the continual incorporation of a rising wave of pleasurable stimulation coming from the substance. My thought patterns do not ‘loop’ or split off into alternate perspectives as with some psychedelics, and there is little mental cloudiness. This would be an excellent social substance.

T+4:50: All the effects are still going quite strong, cycling in a continuous rythm. The symptoms are tactile hypersensitivity, flowing visuals, and euphoric physical and emotional rushes. I'm still very satisfied with the substance.

T+5:15: At the first hint of a reduction in hallucinogenic and tactile effects, I smoke a little more cannabis. Predictably enough, the oozing visuals and creeping skin sensations were revitalized. Definitely a good combination.

T+5:45: There is only one line in my notes for this time. It reads, 'EYES STILL HUGE BODY STILL HAPPY WOOHOO!'

T+7:30: I noted this as my end time. The effects had been slowly tapering off for the last couple of hours and by now they were mostly gone. The physical sensations continued a bit longer as an after-effect, but the visuals had died down by this time.



2C-B has been an amazing substance. It feels so good and so physically benign that my instinct is to invite it into my life with a warm and loving embrace. I can’t remember enjoying a substance this thoroughly since I discovered 4-AcO-DMT! It forces me to rethink my tryptamine-over-phenethylamine preference… because frankly 2C-B matches up very favorably with just about any tryptamine psychedelic I could name.

Physically, this drug is amazing. It is a powerful tactile enhancer and a euphoric high matched by few other substances, psychedelic or otherwise. It is absolutely free of nausea as well as most of the temperature irregularity that 2C-E and 2C-I tend to bring about. It causes a little bit of muscle tightness and shaking, but ultimately has fewer side effects than other psychedelic phenethylamines. There is definitely great erotic potential here, as the substance does not impede erection and amplifies tactile feedback.

Mentally, this drug is subtle. Even when the physical and sensorial states became all but overwhelming, the headspace usually remained fairly clear. It was remarkably easy to think, talk and socialize throughout most of the trip. I was never led away from my natural state of mind for very long. That said, there were a few surprises and some moments of discomfort… and the mental effects snuck up very slowly, taking hours to fully develop. I have read that 2C-B has been used in psychedelic therapy sessions, but I suspect it might fail in that roll. It feels as if I would never have deep emotional breakthroughs on 2C-B alone, regardless of the dose. But it succeeds enormously in a social or recreational role, as it is fairly free of hysteria and generally enjoyable.

Sensorially, this drug is indescribable. It is definitely a very visual drug, but after sitting down for a great deal of time trying to describe it, I came up blank. I wrote and wrote, crossed out sentences and wrote some more. After great deliberation, the only description I could craft for how 2C-B makes the world appear is this:

“Everything looks like an oil painting composed of millions of interlocking insects.”

Unfortunately, now that I re-read that sentence, I’m not sure it means anything whatsoever. All I can say is that 2C-B changes something fundamental about the appearance of the world, that cannot be directly conveyed to someone who has not seen it for themselves. It isn’t just another color brightener. It creeps into every detail and transforms the world into some kind of living work of art. And smoking cannabis for up to 48 hours after the trip ended was found to cause a brief re-occurrence of the 2C-B visuals, albeit subtler than their manifestation during the actual trip.

Cannabis, by the way, mixes well with 2C-B, emphasizing the tactile enhancement even further. Smoking was found to extend the effects of 2C-B a bit if taken when coming down. At the same time, it’s really unnecessary to mix anything else with 2C-B. It would be just as good on its own. There is no nausea to treat here, and there’s enough sensory adventure and euphoria already. I have only two possible complaints about it: One is that it seems to constantly build towards something bigger and more profound that never really materializes. And the other is that this substance might be potentially addictive, as opposed to 2C-E and 2C-I, which I could not imagine anybody ever becoming addicted to.

2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Bromo-Phenethylamine: My new favorite phenyl alkaloid. It was indescribable, and unforgettable. I love the stuff.

Six-Month Follow-up:

The tablets used in this report were stated by the distributor to be 20 milligrams a piece. It later came to my attention that the tabs were actually significantly weaker than the distributor had claimed. Due to the unpredictability of tablet dosages, they will not be used in any of my future reports.

Although the exact dosage of the tablets in this report is not known, I estimate them to be approximately 14 milligrams a piece, not 20 like I originally had thought. I base that upon experiments I have conducted with pure 2C-B HBr powder measured out to various dosages, and the effects that resulted. I believe the dosage of these tablets was misrepresented by the distributor.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68303
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 2, 2008Views: 58,846
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