Fun times with Periwinkles
Periwinkle (C. Roseus) & Cannabis
Citation:   Allen S. "Fun times with Periwinkles: An Experience with Periwinkle (C. Roseus) & Cannabis (exp68052)". Dec 5, 2011.

  repeated smoked Periwinkle (plant material)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
My experience log, with Madagascar Periwinkle (leaves, avg. 2in in length or smaller, fresh-dried, with Cannabis, amount will update as I go along).

Copyright Allen S.

12:34AM- Migraine, so I decided to smoke some pot to ease it. Recently read through online books and read on two instances where M.Periwinkle (Catheranthus Roseus spp.) was used as an extreme hallucinations, and thought I would try them out in a combination to observe the effects =^.^=

12:35AM- One periwinkle leaf ground mixed with a 1cmx1cm bud of pot in a glass bowl.

12:38AM- Wondering what the effects will be like, I hesitantly take the first hit. Smoke is kinda harsh, flavored oddly, but not unpleasently, mixes well with pot. Still harsh initially. Held for about 15 seconds. Immediately feel headrush, probably from migraine or holding my breath so long =\.

12:39 AM- Putting on some music for now, no effects yet besides odd pleasing tingling in my head.

12:40AM- Take another hit. Whatever chemical is in C. Roseus seems to be an expectorant, besides the inole alkaloid (The hallicinogens). No effects yet, not even from pot.

12:42 AM- Sounds from music sound more impressive, defined and pleasent. Chest feeling pulsating, and there's a very light haze everywhere I look that is very pleasent.

12:44 AM- Sound is very pleasent, slight euphoria, took third hit. Motion is pleasing, an causes not-unpleasent feelings indeed =D

12:46AM- Soda[DR PEPPER DIET CAFFEINE FREE] is ingested orally. Delicious. Simply delicious.

12:47- Rap doesn't go good on this. Everything BUT.O_O

12:50- Wow, its really been ten minutes? HOLY SHIT. Temperal sense is greatly distorted, other senses greatly intensefied to a fabulous level. Pulsanting sensation all across body. Visual trails of light and from objects moving in front of Ion emitting devices (ergo. TVs and flourecent things and glowsticks) its awesome. Moving and typing and mental coordination is greatly increased. I haven't made a typo yet high, and normally when I tpye all that would show is OIAFHOPWFHPInso[tj230- if I was high and I'd be trying to say like quack or some shit.

12:53 AM- Just finished typing previos sentence ^_^ Music is amazing. Any sensation or movement triggers ecsstacy like bliss, but not feeling any of the stupor of pot or downers or heavy drugs, This is amazing and nice. Decreased pain threshold ^_^ Niiiiiice. Music is feeling.

12:54, yeah I type pretty fast right now. Speed is increased to the point that time feels distorted, very good vocational skills. =D

12:55AM- Took four more hits, 8 hits total.

12:56- Packing a second leaf and a bit of sprinkled but to reload the bowl! ^_^ Increased muscle refelx. Barely any pot buz so far so I think this is all from the Periwkinle thus far or increased effectiveness because of it.

12:57- Music causes some very intense and vivid mental images right now, but I feel as if I'm actually there. but I'm still aware of my surroundings. This is pretty cooool. TAKIN NOTHER HIT HAO KTHX@!@

12:58AM- Took another fresh hit, was very tasty but harsh very harsh.Felt another great rush, confirmed that it's the Periwinkle. Images getting stronger, feel pleasntly warm waves down back.

12:59- I felt as if it were 1999. Honestly felt like it was even though it wasn't. Like I believed it.

12:60AM LULZ 1:00AM- Music is very nice =D MSN MESSAGE BRB KTHX

1:07AM- Very very vivid aural hallucinations that I know are deff not part of the song, like mental images of bleeding corpses to britney spears' toxic O.O And the screaming and rifles anre prevalent.


1:09-I feel giddy, extreemly euphotric, excstacy like sensory, mild visuals and aural hallucinations (sounds) Muscle twtitches in legs but mmmmthey feel good. It feels nice to move and do things....and music is fantastic,all kinds, cept rap, it makes me violent on this apparently.>.>;

1:10AM- I'm bisexual. I thought you should know that...

11:UPDATE: Physical stats: 150LB Male, 5'9', Blonde hair, Light skin, Pupils are extremely dilated, feels like pleasnt warm liquid is running down my back, Light trails veverywhere, sound is amplified and intensified, every instrument sounds like its seperated, planned, and played, and such, right in front of me. Aim is annoying as feels good. ^_^ It feals like it's healing, thats nice of it. fuck. a moth, on my touchscreen, looks amazing with the arrow humping apparently going on. Filthy whore of an arrow =P Took another hit,I feel goofy and silly and I like it ^_^It's 1:13AM.

1:14,-AM- I feel shake and baked and on coke ^_^ ThiS Is amazing.

!;14AM=took another hit. Time is definatly distorted, I'm physically going faster then the world. O_O

1:14AM nevermind it went away.

114AM nooo it;s back again.

1:15 I watched the clock like take forever changing from f4to5 it was fucking crazy.


!-14AM=What the hell.

6:66AM- Satan's over for a visit and we're drinking martinis in a pink Cadillac coupe deville, and hitting on prostitutes. But apparently satan's actually my ashtray, some heair gel, my caddy is a green juice cup and and the prostitutes were my leg.

1:18 AM- What the fuck......?

!:18 AM- Awesome I'm the little line cursor on the computer and I'm literally shitting these letters out. Man this is haaaaaaaaaaaaaard freekin work. Penis coming out now 8=======|=) yay that hurt %)_%_% NO NO AND I WONT BURN FOR MY LIFE! ALLLLRIGFHTI WANT SOMETHINGELESE TO GET ME THROUGH THIS LIFE BABY I WANT SOMETHING ELSE NOT LISTENING WHEN YOU SAY GOOOOOOOOOODBYE MMCH

1:20AM=SOMEWHERE ITS 420:Took another hit, makes 12 hits total, 3 bowls, three leafs.

1:21AM- Fresh leaves taste like Aztecs =( OMG I THOUGHT THE COPS WHERE AT MY WINDOW but they weren't.

!:22AM- Yeah, definately having mild mild hallucinations, think it;s taoeriungf off, about to take a three man hit of just C.Roseus. See what I meant about pot typing ^ lolz.

1:25 AM -Smoke tastes like clouds =)~~~)
5656565655656565565656556565655656563528959879853987987189735897137983189538973189718978935198798798792109840419209814092710962097AM-I don't think so Mr. Hallucination.

1:28AM=Packed a nice full bowl of just C.Roseus, tasted okay but still harsh. Feelings of it rush back in euphoria.

The inside of my clear glass pipe looks fucking amazing, extremely visual visuals, shaping things, inside my bowl I saw buffalos, houses, earth, aliens, Mrsl.Piggy from the muppets. Breathing feels lovely. 1:31:AM. Time has returned to normal D= I was getting so much done damnit.

1:31 Am=Taking another hit ^_^_^^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^__^_^_^_^__^_^_^

!;#31AM: I feel likes this =^[____v_________v__________v_____________v___]^= that looks like a kitty. ^_^

I'm fucking special right now.1:34 Whooohooo I'm some kinda somethin er the other right now man I'm fucking TELLING you it's fantastic. Highly reccommended, it hath mine full supporting. I'm getting a special high from this alone. Lights are jumping, little translucent balls of light, it's beautiful, I think I'm in trailer trash heaven..WHERE R D BANJOZ!?!1!@! KTHNXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:136AMoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopiggy. That's a feeling.

6total large leaves of croseus used. likeing it muchos.

Not a lot of pot used so far and I feel baked as shit, it's a good filler ^_^

It grows native through all of florida natuarlly.

1:41AM.4.5bowls packed.

Visuals every so often. Confusion. Awesome. Feels motiony, Superb feeling.

1:44AM I bent over and I could physically feel my brain. Little darkish balls keep bouncing around my retinas with I can phycially see myself seeing out of. It's odd, they look like skittles. Its hilarious.


I smoked some dehydrated aphids that time >.o 147AM,16 hits, 11 leaves used [theyre small they burn quick]1/11th of a gram marijuana mmoked. Glass pipe. _loo0p_ O_OIt feels powerful to move ^_^.


1:30. OMG I just saw the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower...I just held infinity in the palm of my hand, and spent eternity literally in an hour.

That was odd as hell.

1:51. It took one minute to type thjat last sentece. Dont belive the thirty.
Having increased diffuculty with typing. not with dexterity but with speed. Its like their going faster then they keyboard wants to let them.


I'mma keep these in here. letters are doubles and rainbows are wafting off them as I type.

Little stick dude got some gay ass farts lulz.


2:22Am I'm sobner again, but that was fun. Think I'll take another ride after I finish this up.

I liked it alot, I'm about to do it again. No hangover, and no real craving, I just thought it was really fun.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68052
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 5, 2011Views: 10,525
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