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Intense Surging in and Out to Enjoyable
by adam
Citation:   adam. "Intense Surging in and Out to Enjoyable: An Experience with Cannabis (exp67999)". Sep 13, 2016.

  smoked Cannabis


First Times to Current Experiences

Here’s my story on my current situation with marijuana. All my life I have been somewhat afraid of it, but also curious. Growing up, I didn't think I would grow up to smoke weed or anything.

I first found when I was like 13 or 14 that my mom smoked weed. At this point in my life I only thought bad of it, as I had only heard of the bad sides that it was real bad for you, it's highly addictive, blah blah blah you’re gonna die if you smoke it. Ever. You’ll wake up a coke head, shit like that.

I also had no clue what it would feel like to be high. I had promised myself never to start because I knew I probably would like it and would never stop. But luckily I think that being afraid of addiction has kept me from it.

Here's my first experience: my best friend one night is all excited; he wants to smoke weed with me. I wasn’t excited, but he told me it would be fine, he just did it earlier that day for his first time. He didn’t give me any low down on how it would feel, etc.

I'm in a bad set; in the back of a huge dirt mound in the back of a new subdivision; I'm afraid of getting caught; I always tweak out, I always fear the worst.

But we had a nice piece; I smoked with him. I think it was good stuff, I can’t remember as I had no experience beforehand of telling the quality. All I know is I had like 4 or 5 hits, which still is surprisingly the amount it takes to get me super blazed.

I was expecting:
1: to feel it right away, like the buzz with cigarettes.
2: to see shit, like hallucinate (even then, just see, not like seriously trip)
3: just feel chill, nothing physically different.

A few minutes after I smoked, I realized something. I felt like I had just woke up, like I was out of the scene for a second. I looked around. I asked how long it had been since we smoked.
I looked around. I asked how long it had been since we smoked.
One minute, maybe. It happened again. It was like I felt that I had just left the scene. I wasn’t tripping, nothing really looked different. Everything felt the same. I was expecting to see a pink elephant walk around or feel my hands melt, like the people from schools tell you.

This continued for another couple minutes. I really was just freaking out about this, I just wanted it to stop. Then I got the buzz. Not like a cigarette buzz, but a really (now I love this but not then) strong sensation all over my body. It kind of makes me feel quivery, like my muscles are lightly tickled, it's great. But then I hated it. I got out of the car and walked around to meet my two friends who were blazing. I started to talk, and again, as I talk I kind of feel everything slip away for a second, and then I realize it just felt like I was doing whatever it was for HOURS. In one second. Then for a minute I feel normal. It kind of surged in and out. Then as it started to sink in and I felt more accustomed to it, I was in the backseat (we were cruising around now, it's nighttime) I'm just feeling myself, rubbing my hands all over my body kind of tranced out... it did feel different. I had no clue where we were going. It felt like no one was listening to me. People tried to tell me fake shit; I knew right from wrong, but I played along mischievously. I still wasn’t really enjoying it.

Later on a few months later, I tried it again. I still felt pretty uneasy about it, and the effects still weren’t too much different, only this time I experienced more subtle effects. Moving around, playing with people, I got funny sensations.

When it comes to ‘hallucinating’, on weed, it's not that I see different colors, or different things. I just get different sensations about what I see. Like for instance. When I'm really blazed lately, it feels kind of like everything is huge. Like the distance from my head to the screen is across a football field. It just kind of feels that way, like I'm a small guy inside my eyes looking out. It's better when it's dark.

Lately I have grown to smoke weed maybe once a week or so, and wouldn’t prefer it any other way. When I smoke too often, the effects are less. I enjoy kind of tripping out, and definitely listening to music like in bed, right after I blaze. Songs I’ve know for years just trip me out. It will sound kind of different, but I'll notice different instruments or stuff. I’ll be tranced in it and just get my groove on. With my eyes closed I can see shit, like all sorts of random scenery, some patterns colors, old memories. I can come up with great ideas.

When I get high I remember what it feels like to be high. I can list the effects, but I realize what it really means when I'm actually high. I'll be like, oh yea, I can imagine different shit; I feel like I can see my head, or that everything I say shows up like a caption in my peripheral.

The effects have gone from intense surging in and out to long, enjoyable effects that spread out much easier and it's a lot more fun. My setting affects my high.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67999
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 13, 2016Views: 1,902
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