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Did Not Cause Nausea, or Very Little
Turbina corymbosa
by ZoSo
Citation:   ZoSo. "Did Not Cause Nausea, or Very Little: An Experience with Turbina corymbosa (exp67805)". Mar 27, 2020.

T+ 0:00
10 seeds oral Turbina corymbosa (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:30 25 seeds oral Turbina corymbosa (ground / crushed)
  T+ 24:00 100 seeds oral Turbina corymbosa (ground / crushed)
  T+ 24:40 50 seeds oral Turbina corymbosa (ground / crushed)
  T+ 25:00 33 seeds oral Turbina corymbosa (ground / crushed)


Ololiuhqui Is the Best Way to Do LSA

As a reasonably experienced user of chemicals, I have had much interest in Hallucinogens. For whatever reason, so far (knock knock on wood) psychedelics have been very tolerable and pleasant for me. I have done Salvia, Mushrooms, and LSD. I enjoyed all of these substances with the exception of Salvia (horrible, rare side effect of incredibly uncomfortable relentless sweating).

I have been on a hiatus in regards of my usage of mind altering chemicals the past few years. Several years ago, I was doing quite a few dangerous substances. I recently started using Kratom, which I like quite a bit. I have become a bit disillusioned in regards to Kratom however. I feel as though I needed a renewal of spirit. These substances that appeal to the primal part of the brain (provide basic feelings of pleasure) with no insights have bored me; and have stunted my spiritual/mental growth.

When I was in my heavier using period I had always contemplated using Morning Glory, but, I always blew it off as I did not know where to attain untreated seeds. As I said, I feel as though I need renewing, regeneration of my soul. I am 21, and I have been going through some difficult times (adjusting to adulthood). As I have been functioning the past years, I feel more balanced; and more capable of handling responsibilities and dabbling in some substances.

That being said, I decided to pursue my long forgotten interest in LSA. I loved LSD when I did it. It was incredible. I had one bad experience, which I took as a learning experience;otherwise, it was great. Since I am more straight edged, I have avoided illegal substances for quite some time. Consuming Morning Glory seeds is something I see little risk as causing legal problems.

After doing quite a bit of research (I have always extensively researched whatever I put in my body), I found Rivea corymbosa (Olohiuhqui) seeds. I had read on several sites that one need not take more than 10 of these seeds, though some sources said around 100 (or more) are needed for a full trip. I have come to disagree with that notion. I purchased 100 seeds from a reputable online vendor; and 114 grams of mainstream Morning Glory (heavenly blue), all of which are untreated. I found out they either accidentally or intentionally sent me around 250 seeds instead.

Two days ago, after careful preparation for the trip, I consumed 10 seeds by chewing them. Nothing happened, bitter taste, that was it. I decided to consume another 25 (or so) 30 minutes later. Nothing extraordinary happened, though I felt as if I were on a threshold, I did experience a slight change in thought pattern. I became tired and decided to drink Kratom (as it was quite late). I called it off for the night.

*** I wrote all of this in my notebook, with information about what I took, what is in what I took, the time I took it, in case something undesirable were to happen, I was also alone in my room @ my parents house (on holiday from college). ***

Last night, I decided to go all the way. I started off by counting 100 seeds, and simply chewed them. The taste was bitter. I waited roughly 40 minutes, I felt an onset; but, I decided it was not powerful enough (I was able to gauge based on my experiences with LSD onset, etc). I counted out another 50 and chewed them. Twenty minutes later, amidst what I thought was a reasonably strong onset, I consumed another 33. I wasn't feeling much of anything though at the same time. I was quite disappointed.

T+1 1/2 hrs after taking all 180 or so seeds-
I was disappointed still. I felt something but I didn't. It wasn't much fun. Around this time I went to my bathroom. I looked in the mirror, I saw my pupils were pretty damned big, then it came. Whoaaaaaaa. I started smiling and the trip officially began. After staring in the mirror as a moron for 15 minutes, I went back to my room. I started listening to music as I played Ghost Recon 2 for Xbox 360 online. I definitely was experiencing decent visuals. Colors became more pronounced and vivid. I noticed and thought of things I usually ignore. I began reflecting on my own existence as I played the game and was mesmerized by music.

T+2 1/2 hrs- I wrote in my notebook the following: 'Quite 'Gone,' though under LSA's influence, one may fairly debate/argue 'Gone' is simply 'HOME.'' I felt at home within myself. I felt comfortable.
I felt at home within myself. I felt comfortable.
I felt as though I were on a mild dose of LSD. It wasn't as powerful; but, I would not underestimate, it was very powerful in its own right.

I can't say I was talking to the Gods or anything; but, I felt like I was more connected with the web of life. It boiled down to a more honest evaluation of things, without fear or despair paired with some of the undesirable conclusions.

I watched 'The Song Remains the Same' by Led Zeppelin, it was awesome. The Dazed & Confused part of the video was especially awesome, where Jimmy Page is searching for man(while climbing up a mountain) only to find 'The Hermit' (of tarot cards) on top of the mountain, which turns out to be Page himself. The part where The Hermit waves the wand with all of the colors was mesmerizing,especially with the awesome Violin driven Les Paul guitar work. 'The Rain Song,' 'The Song Remains the Same,' and of course, 'Stairway to Heaven' were incredible to watch and hear, VERY SOOTHING.

I had a great time switching from music to video games to relentlessly reading online encyclopedias. I did all of these things sporadically for roughly 6 hours. It may sound lame; but, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of the past 5 years for me. I thought smoking some weed would have greatly enhanced the experience; but, I do not wish to start smoking again, it is something that does not work any longer for me. Toward the end of the trip I was occasionally worried the trip was coming to an end, I did not want to leave the trip. These uncomfortable feelings lasted only seconds and the trip continued.

The comedown was not bad. I eventually got tired and fell asleep, roughly 7 hours later. It has been about 16 hrs since I ingested those sacred seeds; and I still feel a little buzz. I have a nice mood lift and feel somewhat giddy. I feel somewhat restored.

These Ololiuhqui seeds are awesome! I felt very little stomach discomfort (I hadn't eaten all day, except roasted peanuts). I figure either these seeds (that I got) are not very potent; or, since I have a decent amount of psychedelic experience under my belt, I require around 200 of these things that do magic.

They did not cause nausea, or very little. They are sacred, and should not be used lightly. LSA is the real deal. It may not be as strong as LSD; but, it is one of the most powerful chemicals I've encountered, and I've encountered almost all of them (mainstream). For what I would get in comparison to all the black market goods; and what I could do that is legal, these suckers surely were well worth the money.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67805
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Mar 27, 2020Views: 1,564
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Turbina corymbosa (116) : First Times (2), General (1), Alone (16)

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