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Psych0naut's Collection

Psych0naut    [Psych0naut]

I've been into psychoactive substances for only a short time yet(just 3-4 years), though I've discovered a lot in that period. It started out with the popular drugs like alcohol, cannabis, and after a while magic mushrooms. My experience with magic mushrooms was my first step into the world of psychedelics, and I fell in love with them straight away. Not too long after my first mushrooms experience, I wanted to try something different, and took an E pill. Due to the fact that I only took half a pill, around 40mg of MDMA, my first experience with MDMA wasn't how it should be, so I repeated a few months later, with great succes! I never knew there were chemicals on this planet that can give such a blissful and euphoric, ecstatic state. My love for Psychoactives was born from that moment on. I started to read information about any drug known, here on Erowid, but also on 2 different forums. From that moment on my knowledge of drugs expended a lot, and I can honestly say they both helped me get a good view of how certain drugs work, what their effects are, the duration and the dose. I got more and more intrigued about it, starting to read articles about it and ploughing through my fathers old chemistry books from college. Both sides of drugs are equally important to me; the theoretical side behind it(pharmacology, chemistry), as well as the practical side, testing out the chemicals in-vivo. From my childhood till now I was always interested in chemistry, and since a year or so, when I started to learn more about pharmacology, I've made my choice to work in the pharmaceutical world, which I really feel at home at. My favourite class of psychoactives are the serotonergic psychedelics like LSD, Psilocybe mushrooms, DMT and most new research chemicals. I'm a explorer, I love to travel and see new places, and when I'm on a psychedelic I feel like I'm on a journey, making new discoveries. While on psychedelics, seeing, touching and hearing day to day things feels like your discovering something completely new, nothing is normal. Even the most dull thins can amaze you for hours. Another class of psychoactives whom I consume at rare occasions are the opiates and opiods. They give me the most mellow and relaxed feeling in the world. Fortunately I clearly see how addictive they are, so that's why I only taken them once in 2-3 weeks or preferably even longer. The stimulants is a class of drugs I had my fare share of fun with, but I'm now much more conscious of my body, and look after it a lot better than I used to do. The horrible crash and the neurotoxic damage it often causes deters me from using them again, though I've had plenty of experience with them. Benzodiazepines are a class I don't care much about, for me they are only useful for sleeping when I have insomnia(which is rare), or to help me fall asleep after the use of stimulating psychedelics. Benzo's never have been my thing, they only make me tired and dull, not relaxed at all. This doesn't count for the 3 strongest benzodiazepines though;Dormicum, Rohypnol and Halcion. When I first started using psychoactives it were the mainstream things, like cannabis, alcohol, MDMA, amphetamine, cocaine and GHB. I went clubbing most of the time that part of my life, never even having heard of harm-reduction, and taking psychoactives in a disrespectable way. This was the period before I started to learn and read from Erowid, and soon enough my drug use changed. I knew what substances should be avoided when combined, how to prevent oxidative stress by using high dose anti-oxidants. After that period I also quit stimulants, except for the odd occasion I did MDMA after that, which were only 3-4 times. I have now become a much more responsible user, I don't use, or try to prevent using anything physically damaging, and I do plan to use it, I take all the necessary precautions to prevent damage, like antioxidants. I also keep enough time between using physically addictive substances, like opioids, and I keep my self in good shape by cycling between 150-200km every week, and carefully watch what I eat. Erowid has changed me for the better, by doing plenty of research before any psychoactive trip or experience and making a good planning. I hope by writing well written experience reports for Erowid, it could help other people out as well, by informing them, and helping the out with making the correct decisions, so they can have a good time as well Thanks for taking the effort to read al this. cheers, Psych0naut

Reports by Psych0naut: (5)
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Carisoprodol & Heroin


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Auction Treat

Oxycodone (Oxycontin), Diphenhydramine & Temazepam (Normison)


A Very Good Pick Me Up

Sceletium tortuosum


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