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Stick to the Low Dosage
Amanita muscaria
by Dharma Bum
Citation:   Dharma Bum. "Stick to the Low Dosage: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp6729)". Feb 21, 2002.

T+ 0:00
5.5 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)
  T+ 2:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This was my third experience with the blood red mushrooms ordered from a company in Wisconsin. My first two doses were very small, about 3.5g and they were brewed in a tea (recipe found on-line). The low dose experiences seemed harmless enough, so I decided to delve deeper into the Soma dimension by eating 5.5g of caps/stems mix (basicly the bottom of the bag) I didn't expect to be blown out of the sky; man was I in for a suprise!

T+0hours: I ingest 5.5g of red Amanita Muscaria caps/stems at 3:30pm while eating an apple to cover up the taste (which actually, wasn't as bad as I expected, kind of like sunflower seeds!).

T+2hours: Hmm...getting a little worried because nothing evident is happening. If I would have had more, I would have eaten a few more grams here, good thing I didn't! Little did I know that these little monsters take some time to kick in! no nausea at all at this point. I go to my friends place and we take a walk outside, which was very peaceful. I feel happy and clear at this point.

T+2.5 hours: Feeling a little buzz and in fear of nausea, I smoke a little cannibis with my friend. This seems to help the mushrooms' effects come to life, as I not only feel the marajuhana high, but an extra wave of physical sensation and mental stimulation, somewhat like LSD is noticed. This was a great feeling, much like the peak of my first two experiences with the tea (which seemed to start faster??).

T+3.5 hours: My vision is starting to get real fuzzy, even though I have my glasses on, and I have a strong urge to hear some weird music, so I go back home and put on some of Dr. Timothy Leary's musical adventures, thinking that this might bring out the psychodelic experience of these mushrooms. I think this was a bad idea, because Leary's music seems to make everything scary and realistic. I start to get 'bad trip thoughts' like I have experienced with large amounts of LSD or DXM. I felt like I was going to die or that I was going to be sick, but I never puked. I felt extremely dizzy, as if I were very drunk and high at the same time. I then got an intense wave of lethergy, and I decided the only thing to do was to lie down on my bed. I closed my eyes, and it seemed that everything good old Dr. Leary would say would appear on the backs of my eyelids! This was somewhat fun/interesting, some what scary, simply because of the nature of his music. I think I fell asleep, because the next thing I knew, my friends were knocking on my door, wanting to go out to dinner!

T+5 hours: I stumble to the resturant with my buddies, and run into about everything I could posibly run into, but don't feel any pain whatsoever. My friends are just chuckling and we're all having a good time with my inability to act sober. I don't feel at all hungry, but I know from past experience with Psylocybin mushrooms that eating actually helps, as long as it's not too much or too greasy. I order something off the menu, without even thinking about it, and almost fall asleep in my folded arms on the table. The food comes, and it turns out I ordered something that I don't even like, some cajun grilled chicken burger with greasy french fries. (at my present state, this looked and smelled horrible!) I swallowed most of it down, with a lot of white soda (at least I ordered something right) and I started to feel a releaving sense of energy come back into my limbs.

T+6 hours: We walked back home, and my vision was extremely distorted, as if I wasn't wearing my glasses, but no color visuals or anything psychodelic like that. I feel a lot better after eating, and retire to my room to chill and enjoy the finally positive feeling that I have been waiting for.

T+7 hours: Pretty much sober by now, able to talk to the 'normals' without any trouble and I can see straight again. Took some diphenhydramine to help me sleep.

I woke up rather tired, but this could have been because of the diphenhydramine alone. all in all, I think the trip was educational, because during the peak, while listing to Timothy Leary, I figured out some interesting stuff that was in my subconscious, but the experience was really nothing like I expected. I would not call this drug a psychedelic, it's really in a leauge of it's own. At a low dose, it makes you feel good, like opium, yet your mind is clear as day. I definetly want to continue expereincing that level. But once you eat more of them, it's no longer pleasurable, more of a downer/sedative, with mental stimulation like powerful Acid, yet no visuals that are fun to watch, and you don't get that great happy/peace loving feeling that you do on psychedelc mushrooms. The weirdest thing about this drug though is that it doesn't take effect for a long time! I could easily see some people eating a good amount, not feeling anything in 2 hours, and doubling their dose. This is NOT SMART! I can tell by the relatively wimpy dose that I took that anything more then 6g is pushing it if you want to have a good time. This is strong stuff!

Be careful with Anamita muscaria, it deserves some respect. It definately works, no question about it, but like DXM, I don't really think it's for everyone.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6729
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 21, 2002Views: 33,909
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5)

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