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Through the Panic Attack, Amazing
Cannabis & Clonidine (patch)
Citation:   David. "Through the Panic Attack, Amazing: An Experience with Cannabis & Clonidine (patch) (exp66917)". Erowid.org. Jan 31, 2016. erowid.org/exp/66917

0.5 g smoked Cannabis  
  0.1 mg transdermal Pharms - Clonidine (patch)
I had just that very day been switched from 0.1mg Clonidine (Oral) to applying the 0.1mg Patch and wearing it 24/7.

I have a past of Depression, and still to this day experience anxiety and panic attacks. I am a very experienced cannabis smoker, with a lot of knowledge on the subject, smoking was definitely not new to me. In fact, I was planning a tolerance break for one month, and then next time I smoked would be my last before the break.

My mood during the day was agitated, to say the least. I get like that before a tolerance break if I am unable to smoke that day. It seems to irritate me when I have something planned (Tolerance Break) and my plans fall through due to whatever reason. Around 11:30pm I got a call from a friend. They said they were picking up a gram of Ak-47 and wanted me to come to make sure it was worth the $20, because they didn't know too much about weed. So, still being in the pissed state of mind I didn't even realize I was about to be smoked out with the infamous strain AK-47, one I had been aching to try for a very long time.

I found out we were heading to one of my good friend's places to pick it up. I took a look, and immediately the smell hit me. It was definitely a good deal. Another friend we had with us had smoked it before, and vouched for its quality. We proceeded back to my place where we usually have our smoke sessions.

My mood had definitely been uplifted. I always loved starting tolerance breaks with blunts of potent weed, and that was the plan for tonight. I broke up the nug and rolled up a blunt for the people participating. There was a total of three of us, and I was the only one who had a noticeable tolerance. We smoked the blunt, and I wound up smoking 1/2 of it in total. Every hit I could feel, it was definitely some potent stuff. I realized I had forgotten to take off my patch, but had no worries, because numerous times I have taken three to four of the pill form (0.3-0.4mg) before I smoked and it only enhanced the euphoria every time, making for a more enjoyable experience.

Nothing was out of the ordinary after the blunt was finished, and my friends took off for the night. I was very high, but just a really good weed high. I went and sat down at my computer, it was about 12:20 now, and that is when it hit me. I was way too high. I started to panic a little bit, I haven't experienced something this extreme in months upon months, and definitely wasn't ready for it. The euphoria I felt throughout my body was indescribably intense, and it was just pulsing in my body. I could feel my heart speeding up too fast and it started to pound through my chest, so I put my head at heart level and tried to relax, thinking positive. A sudden realization came to me, and it calmed me down a lot. This was like a much, much more intense first high... it became very dreamlike and I could feel my vision instantly change, which caused the realization. I sat back up and just focused on relaxing and trying to enjoy my high. The euphoria was very constant, as in still extremely intense. I started to get very paranoid (AK-47 is a sativa dominant hybrid. Sativas are known to cause paranoia at times). The most intense sensations were felt entirely in my spine from my head to my waist, and this is what scared me the most, because the other feelings were pulsing in my body, but the feeling in my spine was constantly there, and was the most intense.

I had a lot of back problems, and I crack my back a lot. When I tried to crack my back the feeling I got felt as though if I turned my head, cracked my back, or anything of the like, something would snap and I would die. I had a lot of thoughts about laced weed, but quickly just relaxed the thought knowing it was the interaction of smoking very strong weed with the patch.
I had a lot of thoughts about laced weed, but quickly just relaxed the thought knowing it was the interaction of smoking very strong weed with the patch.
I turned music on, but after seconds I couldn't even hear what I was listening too, because the euphoria I felt in my body completely drowned out the music, and on top of that I had a ringing in my ear, so I quickly turned it off.

I got up and went to my bedroom, lay down and tried to relax some more. I had the TV on, but I can't remember what I was watching. I looked around the semi-lit room and noticed my vision was very weird. Everything was wavy, and it reminded my of the onset of a shroom trip. I actually enjoyed it as it helped take my mind off of everything else, but soon my heart was beating too fast and too hard to ignore. I started to panic, I thought I was going to die that night... I guess a panic attack with that mindset, along with euphoria that intense can do that to me. I lay completely down not even looking at the TV, but at the ceiling. I could feel my heart beating throughout my body, and could hear it. It was as though I was looking at a monitor watching my heart beat. It started beating faster and faster. The immediate thought was I was about to flatline. It was surreal, like I was in a hospital bed seconds away from death. As my heart sped up I felt as though I could hear the monitor and right before it seemed as though I was gonna flatline, not even a second too soon, I sat up as quickly as I could.

Freaked out by the situation I got up and awoke one of my roommates and told him the situation and that I wanted someone to be with me in case anything happened. I went and sat on the couch as he watched TV. I took deep breaths and worked on meditating. Within minutes I was calm, but still shaken. It was about 12:50 now and I took my blood pressure, which came out 166/96, I can't remember my pulse. I could still feel the same very intense euphoria throughout my body and it seemed it had no intentions of going away for quite some time. I got some food together to try and dull the high as much as possible, which didn't help that, but I did feel better and more calm.

I lay down on the couch, and watched TV for what seemed like hours, but was probably only about 30-45 minutes, still feeling the same intense euphoria, but finally drifted into sleep.

I woke up the next day feeling perfectly fine, but a little 'hungover' if you wish to call it that. I felt a little bit sedated, like I would when I first started smoking if I smoked a lot and went to bed still pretty high.

Overall It was a very scary, but very fun experience. You may ask yourself, 'How could that be fun?' but through the panic attack, I had an amazing, very intense high that I will remember for many years to come.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66917
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 31, 2016Views: 9,672
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Pharms - Clonidine (344) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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