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Cram Studying
Amphetamines (Adderall) & Cannabis
by average joe
Citation:   average joe. "Cram Studying: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) & Cannabis (exp66111)". May 3, 2021.

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 15 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I go to a big university. A little while back I had a huge test to study for. It was the Sunday of a very long weekend and I wasn't ready to study all day for the test which was on Monday. I told my friend and his girlfriend how tired I was and that I was probably screwed for the test. His girlfriend responded by asking me if I wanted any adderall. I had heard about it from many of my friends and decided that I would give it a try. I took two 15 mg pills, the first at 10:30 and the second at 11:30. About fifteen minutes after I ingested the second pill I was feeling the full effect. I felt much more energized and refreshed.

I went back to my buddy's dorm and thanked his girlfriend. We proceeded to smoke three bowls. After that I felt very good. I felt the effects of the marijuana, but at the same time I was extremely aware and clear minded.

I went back to my room and started studying. I didn't feel bad about studying at all. Studying seemed very enjoyable. I studied in two four-hour intervals with a smoke break in between and retained everything I read.

After I was done studying I wasn't tired at all. I continued to write a paper for another class and reviewed some other homework. I received a 96% on the exam.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66111
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 3, 2021Views: 546
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Amphetamines (6), Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), Performance Enhancement (50), Various (28)

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