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Waterworld Highway
MDMA & Cannabis
by Bud-E
Citation:   Bud-E. "Waterworld Highway: An Experience with MDMA & Cannabis (exp66061)". Erowid.org. Dec 16, 2007. erowid.org/exp/66061

1 tablet insufflated MDMA (ground / crushed)
  1 tablet insufflated MDMA (ground / crushed)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)



I was introduced to bud in November last year. I had known about my close friend 'Chris's use of it for the past few months but it had never made me dislike him. I was never talked to about drugs, but knew immediately to dismiss it had I ever been offered them.

However, one afternoon after school I was invited over to Chris's place who had brought his friend 'Jason' who I was to be introduced to. I had no idea that I would be introduced into a new world that afternoon. Chris and Jason sat out in the backyard and I watched them pack their cone-pieces into a rather large glass bong, I felt rather uneducated but not at all uncomfortable with the atmosphere. I decided to be open about the whole situation and before I knew it, Chris offered me a cone. At that moment I had looked at the bong and put some thought into it. But at the same time I decided that too often was I a cautious person and needed to live a little. Knowing only that bud made you 'stupid' and 'laugh heaps' temporarily. I ended up having two cones, not knowing what I was really getting myself into. However, in the end I thoroughly enjoyed this new insight into the world of Marijuana and drugs. Now I enjoy occasional use and it has permanently made me a more open-minded person.

Anyway, I consider myself to be quite skinny for my age (16) and thus it doesn't take alot for me to get going when I'm smoking compared to Chris who is rather large. This comes into effect later on.

The Prelude:

I was aware of a small get together Chris was having on a Friday night at his house. He'd invited two others who we'll call Jack and Rob. Recently, I overheard Jack at school mentioning that he'd started pills and I was unsure whether or not I should come as I knew that they would be present.

I was horribly bored that Friday afternoon, I wasn't particularly in the mood for staying in my room for the night. I rang up Chris who was really happy to hear from me, as I don't show up to these get togethers as much as he'd like me to. It was confirmed immediately that I was invited. I packed a few things including some packets of noodles to cook in case we ran out of food. I caught the bus and arrived within minutes to my stop. When I got there, Chris and Jack greeted me but apparently Rob wasn't coming, but that's of little relevance to the story.

We had agreed to go out and get dinner before we went back to Chris' place. I grew more and more anxious and the mood was very positive and uplifting.

The Experience:

When we arrived back at Chris' place I was still unsure about doing E if offered, but was fine with bud. We had around 10 pills that night to share between us Jack had stated. We were in Chris' bedroom for the trip which we are all very comfortable with. He turned on some nice, mellow music and dimmed the lights. The time was around 9:30 when it began. Jack and Chris crushed up the pills on the a desk and prepared decent sized slugs. They both snorted their shares all within about 3 minutes. Also mentioning the burning sensation that followed shortly. I gave them a few minutes and then proceeded to ask them what they were feeling.

Jack told me it can take as long as half and hour to an hour to come on but he was feeling it much quicker than usual. Both Jack and Chris discussed how they were feeling different, but were unsure how. I knew fairly little about E. I knew that it made you happy and overly energetic. Both Jack and Chris began to seem somewhat different to me. I grew curious and didn't want to feel left out that night, so after some thought I announced that I'd be joining in. Chris set me up a few inch sized lines to begin with, telling me to take one at a time if i had to. I prepared myself and felt rather nervous, and slightly guilty might I add. For I felt that I had moved up too rapidly and was now about to snort a line of white powder through a shortened straw. But now was not the time to think of bad thoughts. Jack instructed me on how it works and gave me the straw. I cleared my best nostril and took a deep breath. Up they went.

Immediately, my nose felt clogged and tingly. My eyes went watery for a bit but I made sure it all went up there. 'He's a Hoover!' says Chris. The small burning sensation subsided quickly though. There was a slight dizziness which I would compare to spinning in a chair for about 10 seconds. Chris told me to get up out of the seat and to sit on the bed. Something was different but I didn't know what it was.

I looked at my surroundings and everything seemed to appear just a little clearer, or maybe it was just anticipation. Jack was feeling 'it' a little more and told me I just had to be patient. After a few minutes of some mild chatter amongst ourselves, I took it upon myself to relax and just fall back onto the bed. Hooooooly CRAP that has never felt so GOOD! It felt as if an orgasm had rushed quickly throughout my entire body when I hit the bed. I was feeling a bit light-headed but it wasn't of much concern to me. Looking at the ceiling for a minute, I lay there feeling extremely satisfied and contempt. Any concerns or worries I had throughout the week were just completely demolished and forgotten about by this feeling of happiness and well-being. However, this hadn't even begun. Chris and Jack told me to stand up.

WOAH! I stood up? I felt like I weighed about as much as an ant! Pleasant energy was smoothly surging throughout my body and the euphoria came to surface. I examined myself like a superhero with renewed powers. Everything around me just felt good, and I was suprised that the E had hit me so quickly, as Jack mentioned before that it wasn't expected to hit for at least half an hour. I turned to the bed after looking around the room again, which by the way just looked brilliant for some reason. Jack was now lying on the bed chewing on some cut out plastic. I just felt so happy that I was there with him and Chris, they're awesome friends and we've known each other for so long. That's when I realized that all my thoughts and feelings were amplified with confidence and happiness.

I joined Jack on the bed and we began a very flowing, fun conversation. He has rather long hair and I felt the sudden urge to flow my fingers through and smell it. Without hesitation he allowed it. It didn't even occur to me that what I was doing would've looked really odd to someone else, but I didn't care! I just felt too happy and on top of the world to have cared what anybody else thought. At this time I had also noticed that I had the attention span of a Frisbee.

Chris suggested that we do some more lines as we were expected to come down. Surely enough, I had felt like the intense rush had subsided slowly. Disappointed, I asked why this was. Jack told me that I would come up again in a few minutes but I should have a few more lines with them to keep charging for the night. Chris and Jack crushed themselves two more pills each to last the night but I only wanted one, just because it was my first time. We spaced out our lines by having a few every hour, which wasn't a problem as I seemed to have lost track of time and didn't really care as I was coming back up.

We remembered that we had bought food and drinks earlier but they were of no interest upon looking through them. Except for some cold cans of coke which we drank to get rid of the slight thirst. We all enjoyed a deep conversation on the bed and then I saw Chris pull his bong out. Jack didn't want this, as he has seen Chris do the two once before. It didn't scare him or anything but he told me that it just turned him into a dull rock and thus conversation would be eliminated. He went anyway and I reassured Jack that we'd still continue talking and making the most out of the peaks we were constantly climbing then reaching. We watched Chris transform.

Five minutes after his two cones, Chris fell forward onto the blankets and made himself into a ball. He then spread out his arms and muffled 'I'mmmm flyyyyyyiiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg!', rocking gently from side to side. It was a little weird but I had seen why Jack didn't want this so soon. Chris had completely tuned out and was taken into his own, mystical world. I could tell he was having the time of his life. He sat up and slouched, his head slightly to one side. 'I..... am feeling.....UN....believable!', his eyes looking rather unconcentrated and dreamy. They were constantly rolling back which looked a tad frightening to me. I went to check the time, suspecting 11 or 12:30 at the latest. It was 3am! Absolutely mind-boggled, I wasn't the least bit tired but knew that I should be heading to bed within the next two hours somehow.

Within the next hour, I was feeling slightly off and a little disorientated. It wasn't as orgasmic as before though. Was the E wearing off? Probably, but I still felt wide awake. I had really enjoyed the new experience tonight, but I really think that I underestimated the role that bud was about to play. Jack looked absolutely wasted, his face looking really tired and overworked. He leaned over to the end of the bed and asked Chris (who was sitting at his computer desk) if he could have a cone to get to sleep. Chris packed a decent sized one for him and he lit up. Immediately after this, Jack laid back onto Chris' bed still chewing some plastic, but he looked as if he fell asleep instantly. I really needed sleep so I asked Chris to pack me one as well. Since the E was wearing off, I didn't think it'd have as much affect on me as it did to Chris earlier on that evening. He warned me, 'It's pretty fucking crazy man. So prepare yourself'. He packed me a cone and handed me the bong and lighter. I got up off the bed and took a seat next to him. Lit up and off I went. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into, but I prepared myself mentally to be in a rather altered state of mind.

The REAL Experience:

I felt the bud take effect after a few minutes, but it felt rather strange, a little more altered than usual. I waited for it, and had some small talk with Chris about what music to put on next. The feeling of the bud began to surpass my usual high and accelerate. It felt like it was becoming concentrated by at least 10 times. But I still didn't exactly know what was different about this new high. I looked up at Chris and he was staring at me, I stared back. His face looked somewhat distorted, like it wasn't really apart of his body. There was an outline of his face and I began to see inside the real Chris somehow. I wasn't sure what to think about this.

I sat back on the chair, looking around the room. That's when I noticed the walls, which were melting slightly and my hearing had increased massively. I sat up again, startled. Listening to this loud, echoing chewing sound. 'What's up man?', Chris asked. 'What's that noise? It's really loud and scary' I asked very helplessly. He pointed to the bed where Jack was lying. Ohhh SHIT! But it was so LOUD! Everything was! His two fishtanks grew more and more audible and suddenly I felt as if I had crossed over to a slow, mellow, gloomy underwater world. I sat back in my chair again, feeling slightly intimidated by my increased hearing. I didn't want it to lead to a bad trip, so I tried to become comfortable with what was going on and see where this would take me.

The walls began to melt and swim down more and more, it looked beautiful. I explained what I saw and told Chris to look at the wall, 'You're hallucinating buddy, I can't see any melting walls'. I'm HALLUCINATING? What? How? The world around me began to mix together in my head. This is when I was hit by a freight train. A red pattern slowly faded into my view and took up at least 40% transparency. I couldn't believe it, this was intense. I felt weightless and tried to handle all this as well as I could. I looked over and Chris was still staring at me, marveled at my change. 'You alright man? You look a little scared'. Before I could answer, the experience intensified even more. Everything around Chris became this pool of swirling colours and he was the center of it all. I felt greatly elevated and I began flying at a fast but comfortable speed.

I felt amazing, I was in another world, flying. The room transformed into this vast highway of beautiful colours and whirling shapes which I was speeding through, Chris looked a little further away than usual and we were still staring at each other. Something caught my eye, a small purple slug slowly came into existence on Chris' head. 'You've got to be kidding me' I thought to myself. The dimmed lights made his head look like this vast, dry desert, and the slug was using all it's might to get across it. I enjoyed this for what seemed an eternity of carelessness. I was suddenly hit by a rush of thoughts and realizations of the universe. I sat up abruptly and tried to absorb it as well as I could. I began explaining everything as it came to my mind. But I couldn't interpret these intense thoughts into human speech, words seemed useless and I realized that I was forming sentences which I forgot a second after I had said them.

I felt helpless but in need to get my ideas across. The music began to get to me and I stared at the speaker facing me. I remember it began to take shape of how I was hearing the music, which then translated into more thoughts that I could not comprehend. Though it felt as if I was picking all these up by some sort of intergalactic radio signal, hearing other beings and activities out there. I've always been interested in space and time beforehand so this was a very special thing happening to me.

I asked Chris to turn the music off when it began to mess with my thoughts too much, creating an unfriendly energy. 'I don't think I'm on your level man, but I'll try come up', he smoked up another two cones but still couldn't reach. I proceeded to try make sense of what I was saying but I still ended up forming broken sentences which I forgot almost instantly. The red pattern background began to intensify and become more hostile. I tried explaining to Chris what it was but I just sunk into the chair after a pathetic attempt. I told him that it was time for bed soon and I went to go take a piss.

I remember picturing Windows Media Player in my head somewhere, and as I was doing my business I heard a really loud excerpt from some imaginary song being played in my left ear. It startled me and as soon as I thought STOP, it stopped. I flushed and made my way to the spare bedroom where me and Jack were to retire for the night. Jack had made his way from Chris' bed to the spare bed while I was in the bathroom and turned off the lights. Closed eye visuals took over but weren't as powerful as before. So it wasn't much of a problem getting to sleep. I don't really recall what I dreamt that night but I remember Jack being a major contributer to the craziness of the dream. Since he was talking in his sleep as if he were having a casual conversation. Was I hearing it? I'm still not sure.

The next day I felt scattered but refreshed. I felt like a new person. Eyes opened to the world. Since then I have been trying to piece together what that night actually meant. It was my first time hallucinating and having intense realizations which I couldn't word. I had been reading about E months beforehand. And although I have read even more intense accounts than what I experienced, nothing prepared me for what I experienced that night. A disconnection from reality and myself. It felt very important to me in a way and I was glad that I did it despite not being as ready for it as I thought. However I have used E one time after this on it's own and I have come to realize that it is not my cup of tea.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 66061
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 16, 2007Views: 8,339
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MDMA (3), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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