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Demons Everywhere
Cannabis & PCP
Citation:   somerandomgirl. "Demons Everywhere: An Experience with Cannabis & PCP (exp65948)". Nov 17, 2017.

  smoked Cannabis
    smoked PCP
I dated for a short while an abusive guy when I was 15 (now am 35). He tended to like to get me drunk or messed up then date rape me (another story). One night we were cruising around and he saw this friend of his and said he would have some pot. He said that this guy sometimes likes to add hard stuff like pcp. I told Brian that I was way too afraid to do anything like that and to make sure that it wasn't laced. he promised to do so, unfortunately I would learn that precaution wasn't taken, whether intentionally or not.

So we hook up with his friend and go to this cemetary to get high in his truck. This is in the rural midwest, the guy had a monster truck on the huge tires. He pulled half way off the path in the cemetary which was raised, causing the truck to be tilted higher on the driver side. We smoke the weed, but something wasn't right immediately to me. I got very confused and told this guy that I think his tires must be going low on one side. They laughed and then the next thing I felt sick and confused. Somehow I got the idea that I had a snake in my stomach, a big boa constrictor. It began to come out, right there i began to hallucinate that this snake was coming out of my mouth and spilling into the cab of the truck.

I started to really freak out. I felt myself lift from my body and lost complete contact with it. I was above the truck looking down into the cab, as if I had xray vision. I looked for some time then slammed back into my body as Brian pulled me out of the truck.

I don't remember much else of being at the cemetary, but the next thing I knew was that we were driving down the highway. I looked over to Brian and he said 'are you horny?' His face then began to turn black and blister, as if he was burning but there was no flames. He began to look demonic and I get extremely terrified. He took me to this field where he had assaulted me before and did so again. I remember seeing demons flying above us as I peered into the night sky through the backseat of his car...

I don't remember too much else about the experience. I did not expect that I was smoking a laced joint but the next day Brian admitted that it was.

I wish I had the choice then to not take it, it set the precedent for terrifying trips when I experimented with mushrooms and acid years later.

Exp Year: 1985ExpID: 65948
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Nov 17, 2017Views: 5,101
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