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Powerful Psychedelics and a Haunted House
LSD, 2C-I & Cannabis
by Creatus
Citation:   Creatus. "Powerful Psychedelics and a Haunted House: An Experience with LSD, 2C-I & Cannabis (exp65202)". Erowid.org. Dec 1, 2007. erowid.org/exp/65202

3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  1 oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Part One: LSD

It was 11 AM on a clear summer weekday morning, and I had arrived at my friend's house, J, to experience LSD for the first time. I arrived and awoke him, quickly he got dressed and placed two blotters I provided in his mouth. I placed three in my own. Then we gathered our things, filled a bottle of water, notified J's mom we were going to go trip in his backyard and left his house into the wild unknown.

J's backyard is massive, acres of beautiful meadow and forest. We traveled far back before we reached an area to our liking. It was covered in dirts and looked like it might soon be developed for housing yet it was completely secluded. Already we were feeling a steady happiness growing within us. Everything was perfect and all was good.

We ventured further back and found what seemed to be a demolished house. There was brick and tile and insulation everywhere. It was like heaven, everything in the ruins was fascinating. J kept picking up pieces of debri and shouting 'What IS THIS!' then he would drop it up and pick up something else and repeat the question. A physical high was growing in me. It was like a slight pressure in my stomach and in my head that made me feel like I was floating. It was very pleasant. However it made me feel like sitting when I was up, and stand when I was sitting.

Some hours had passed and I was nervous that I wasn't getting any higher. This wasn't as intense as I had expected, and I hadn't gotten any visuals. Me and J decided to sit in a mound of dirt in what we would later conclude was the start of our peak. I was fascinated by everything. I could stare at a stone and it could tell me a story, I could get lost in anything. I could see much better now, colors and contrast had increased. Jack was flexing his hand, I looked and I saw the veins in his hand move and change color from red to green to blue. I was delighted. I pulled out some portable speakers and played Terrapin Station by Grateful Dead. We sat and listened and observed. Everything was so dreamlike and heavenly. I could now look at the ground and see it sway from side to side, and yet I could think perfectly clearly, and the trip itself didn't seem to intense. I was having trouble communicating, but I could still think completely rationally, Nothing like the mindfuck that usually strikes me with mushrooms.

We decided to head back to Jack's house. Jack was disappointed with the lack of power in our trip. I agreed and we head back. We passed a field of purple flowers in a green meadow. The two plants contrasted incredibly, it was beautiful, we stood and soaked it all in. Back at the house my visuals had grown strong, yet the physical high had seemingly died down, or I grew used to it. I stared at black and white portraits of J's family, the people inside moved and faded and swayed, as if they were alive. It was amazing. A certain portrait of an old woman morphed making her face seem evil and sinister. I was delighted once again.

I lay in J's bed and he played the guitar. I watched the carpet in his room wriggle like worms, struggling to climb the walls. It looked as if thousands of microscopic bugs swam inside the wood grains of his floor. Everything I looked at swayed and ran like water. And yet our trip was coming to an early disappointing end. So we made plans to leave and meet people elsewhere. We organized a ride, and by the time we had left my visuals were almost completely gone, and I was seemingly sober in a small after-acid drugged faze.

Part Two: 2C-I

Me and J met up with our friend D, who drove us down to meet a bunch of other kids I had never met before. These other kids alerted us that they could get us a new drug called 2C-I for 10-15$ a vial, one vial being a 9-11 hour trip. It sounded too good to be true, and before we knew it we were on our way to pick up the wonder-drug. The problem was we were only able to pick up two vials, and there was five of us. Me and D were decided to take the vials because we payed the most money, everyone else picked up some amazing ecstasy beans that the same dealer who sold the 2C-I pressed in his house. I had a vial, it tasted like very metallic water. D had a vial and a bean and everyone else either had a bean or two.

Then things got interesting. Walking around looking for a place to go we ran into another kid who others knew, we'll call him G. G told us we should all chill and go hang out at some kid, L's, place. We called L, who I also didn't know, I only knew J and D, and soon we were walking to his house. When I met L, I knew we were going to have an interesting time. L was black, and gay, and apparently a wizard. He had a magic stick and was said to cast spells on people. Also, he lived in a haunted house. The atmosphere was incredible, there was something about that house that was powerful. I felt from the start, and maybe it was that sub-conscious thought that would majorly affect my trip later that night.

It had been almost an hour and a half since I drank the 2C-I and I still felt nothing. I was getting worried that the acid might have had a counter-tolerance with the 2C-I. D was starting to trip, but he was also beginning to roll on the e. He told everyone he was starting to see funny lights, and I got even more worried because I had not began to trip. But that would change.

We all went into L's basement to smoke a blunt G would provide. G was a funny guy, but he was also a superb blunt roller. I took about 3 good hits and was sufficiently high. So was everyone else. 'I'm stupid' said L 'Wait... why did I just say that?'. I didn't know L, but he was funny, even though he might have been a wizard, he would crack a joke once and awhile. The blunt was getting around and then that marijuana did something unexpected to those who had taken the 2C-I.

'Wait!' D shouted as I took the blunt for a hit. 'Somethings not right here!' There was a look of sheer terror in his eyes. He grabbed my arm helplessly before yelling 'I've got to get out of here!' and heading for the door. J was after him in a second, I stayed with everyone else. I told them all D has been known to have bad trips like this, which was true, his first acid trip was a terrible trip of screaming and flailing. We finished the blunt and decided to go outside with D to calm down. We all stood outside and smoked some bowls. Thats when it suddenly hit me, my acid visuals were back and strong. The grass wriggled like snakes and cracks in the road swayed and pooled out colored water. I told everyone, and was happy to realize the 2C-I was in fact going to kick in. We all then decided to go walk to see G's pot plants that he was growing in some secluded area behind an apartment complex.

We began our walk and my visuals grew. Hundreds of small animals crawled through the roads. Fish, rats, snakes, worms. Shadowy wriggling shapes of animals slithering in unison between the streets. The cracks in streets would change color and glow. I noticed a definite color combination in my hallucinations: purple, red and some green. These colors would blur together and form everything I saw. D was still having a tough time. We would be walking when suddenly he would stop. 'Is this everlasting?' He said. staring down a street. We would have to keep coaxing him to move when he would panic and stop. I don't know what caused his bad trip, I myself was seeing incredible visuals, but there was no real other aspect of the drug that was there (physical high, confusion) but this may have been because I was already so high.

We got to the apartment complex, and I decided to stay with D and J because D was too upset to journey back into the woods to see the plants. We talked to him to keep him from panicking. I told him 'Just look as everything as Good, because you know nothing bad can possibly happen because your just tripping. Just ride everything out.' This seemed to calm him. I looked at streetlights. The lawn beneath them rolled like waves.

Soon the others came back, and we decided to head back to L's house. This is where my trip began getting crazy. We passed a window, and suddenly everyone stopped and stared in. Somebody gaped 'What the FUCK IS THAT'. I looked inside. There was a light blue light ever so lightly flickering, in front of the window with it's back turned to us was what appeared to be a naked woman. Except she was completely white. She swayed back and forth slightly. 'Is that thing ALIVE?' I was scared shitless, and yet I was calm, the 2C-I made me more happy then it made me panic it seemed. Soon we were all running back to L's house top speed. We were all laughing and scared shitless at the same time. 'It's the fucking house!' somebody shouted 'It's going to haunt us for the night!'

Soon we were back at L's house, and my visuals were strong. I looked at some portraits on the wall, the faces oozed our like they were melting. We were all getting into a deep meaningful discussion on life and existence. It was about the belief in eternal-connectivity, everything and nothing, stuff I love to talk about and am fascinated by, however I was too into my trip to talk. I listened and let what I heard play out in the visuals I was seeing. The carpet was alive and crawling.

Now L was doing this thing over the course of the night where would pretend he was possessed or some shit. His eyes would roll in the back of his head and he'd shake and murmur. It got the reaction he'd want and we'd all be scared until he snapped out of it. Its important to note he was doing this frequently. One of the times he was doing it a sudden screech came from the opposite side of the house, instantly everyone was dead quiet. D was freaking out, so were a couple of the other people. I was not, by now I had come to full understanding this trip experience was good and nothing bad could happen. We all listened, but no other noise happened, just the ceiling fan shaking and squeaking. At this time L went into one of his trance/possesion seizure freakouts and everyone was watching him.

At this time I peaked, and experienced my first vivid hallucination. I was staring at L as he shook, and slowly he began to morph. He was becoming a gigantic purple spirit. He had spikes running down his back, and grew about three times his size. He radiated purple light, and he turned to look at me with massive red eyes. The eyes were beautiful. The spirit was friendly, I was sure of it. The way it looked at me was a gesture of goodness, maybe even protecting me. I was scared, but not worried, I was more delighted because at the same time I knew I must be hallucinating from the drug. When at last I could no longer take it I turned away. And when I looked back L was himself again. Never before had I been more convinced I had actually come in contact with something so powerful.

From that point, my trip ever so slowly declined. My visuals still ran strong, but never again to the point of seeing something so vivid. A few hours after I peaked G pointed at what appeared to be black handprint/scratch marks on the ceiling. 'They're spreading!' he shouted, and ran outside screaming. We were again scared shitless. We already knew the marks were there, as we knew the house was haunted, but never before were we more convinced.

Soon after me J and D decided it was time to head home. They had work in the morning and it was almost 5 am. We started the long walk home and it wasn't until 9 am that we got back to J's. My legs ached and my visuals were almost to a complete minimum. When we got there I touched J's bed and instantly crashed. The day was over.

I hope to try both psychedelics again as I came out with incredibly positive reactions from both. Next time I'd like to do more/get better acid so I can experience a more intense trip, and I'd absolutely love to do 2C-I again. Both had a wonderful euphoria and spiritual aspect, and provided an incredible experience I'll remember for a lifetime.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 65202
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 1, 2007Views: 11,835
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LSD (2), 2C-I (172) : First Times (2), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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