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Astral Trip
Amitriptyline & Cannabis
Citation:   Carry. "Astral Trip: An Experience with Amitriptyline & Cannabis (exp65161)". Erowid.org. Nov 20, 2007. erowid.org/exp/65161

225 mg oral Pharms - Amitriptyline (pill / tablet)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
My first experience with astral projection came about three years ago when experimenting with a pharmaceutical know as amitriptyline. I was fifteen years old and out of school on summer break. I decided to spend the day with a close friend of mine who lived near by. We had planned the day to make lunch, watch some movies and listen to music.

I arrived at my friend’s house at about noon, with a box of macaroni, my c.d.’s, cigarettes and lighter. When he greeted me at the door, he did so by telling me of some interesting little pills he had come upon, amitriptyline. After some explanation, I was quite interested as well, and eager to take the pills. We walked back to his room, he took a small pill bottle out of the closet, opened it took a hand full out and halved it between the two of us, I took three of the four 75mg tabs he gave me, planning to take the other in the peak of it all. We decided it would be a good idea to go outside and smoke a bowl with one pill crushed atop of the weed while we were waiting for the effects of the pills to take place.

After smoking, we came inside to watch a movie. I was standing in his living room, picking a good movie to watch about five minutes after coming inside and probably a half hour after ingesting the pills orally, when suddenly every thing started to shift, and I felt like I lost all control of my motor skills. The next thing I remember was lying on his couch watching “How High”, I looked over at him, asleep on the floor and noticed that it was dark outside. I had no Idea how long it had been and in trying to wake him up, I realized and was completely aware that I could not do so because, I was speaking complete gibberish in a whisper, and there was nothing I could do about it. I then for some unknown reason tried to contact my grandmother on the telephone to tell her I needed help, when my friend's mother walked in, to find me on her couch trying to make a phone call with my shoe and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

In a panic, she immediately called my house, not the ambulance, knowing we experimented with drugs often, and not knowing what I or her son, who was passed out on the floor had taken. When my cousin came to pick me up, I tried to get in to his truck by crawling in the window. When we arrived at the house less than five minutes later, he left me in the truck knowing if I came inside there was no way I could hide the extremities of how delusional I was at that point. He proceeded to try and cover for me by telling my uncle that I was very tired and fell asleep in the truck. My uncle believed him until he took a look out side, only to see me getting undressed in the bushes. After coming outside to get me, I yelled and argued with him to get out of my room while still getting undressed in what I though was my closet.

Somehow, eventually I ended up inside on the couch being interrogated. When I got home, I only had one shoe, and none of the things I had left with. I remember being very dehydrated and sleepy, and knowing if I only had some water, chap stick, and sleep, I would be just fine. With every question being asked to me I remember saying “I didn’t take anything, I just need some water and chap stick”, and proceeded to try to sleep, I kept being woken up and no one would let me get water, let me sleep for a second, or move, I was confined to the couch. I remember growing very quickly annoyed by all of this, and just wanting to be somewhere else. When suddenly, out of nowhere, brightly colored cartoon-ish mushrooms and flowers started sprouting up out of the living room floor, (which was not the living room floor anymore) and the butterflies in my peripheral vision were catching my attention so much so that I got up and started chasing them. I have no way to be sure but I would say this was probably about eight hours after taking the pills.

The next thing I remember was chaos, I “came back to” in an ambulance with a very gentle voice asking me if I was afraid of needles, I remember wondering why someone would wonder such a random thing, then feeling the sudden prick of needle, and knowing why. At this point I was falling in and out of consciousness, but yet being completely aware that I was not conscious, watching everything that was going on from above my body and then completely blacking out, this went on for about three hours, and for some reason I was very calm through all of this.

When I was in “astral projection mode” I guess you could call it, I remember being directly above my body to begin with, like standing in front of a mirror. I was going in and out of this astral state for a while, and then it came on much stronger, I could move and to some degree understand what was going on, not just see it like before. I remember being by my bed side along with my grandmother and a few doctors and nurses, trying to figure out what exactly they were doing to me, and why every thing was so chaotic. I then remember seeing my friend on a stretcher being hauled through the emergency room in the same chaotic manner they had handled me, I followed them to see if he was okay, he looked fine and as far as I could tell he was. They got him to his room and stared asking questions that I couldn’t make out, and made him drink charcoal. I remember thinking that he must be okay if he could drink it, because I watched them shove a tube down my throat for the charcoal. I was then very suddenly right above my body again, and that’s the last thing I remember before I “came back to” for the final time that night.

When I regained consciousness I was in a hospital bed puking my guts up all over every thing, and I was accompanied by a very rude nurse who was yelling at me for puking on her, and for some reason the bitch wouldn’t let me move my hands at all, I tried to wipe my face and got more yelling that I couldn’t fully make out anyway. We left the hospital soon afterwards, all I remember at that point was being so relieved that I could finally go to sleep. I fell asleep in the car and the only thing I remember before I woke up in my grandmother’s bed, to her checking my pulse and crying was, changing clothes for bed and finding that “peak pill” still in my pocket, and then having a quick flashback of the whole thing. I had a migraine and my heart was pounding. I knew some thing was seriously wrong by the look on her face.

My grandmother then proceeded to tell me that my heart had been tacking out all night, which means it would beat very fast and heavy and then not at all. For about the next month, I woke up with horrible migraines and severe chest pain every day. I have never experienced chest pain or migraines like this before. Here it is three years later and I still get migraines and chest pain from time to time, but it has lessened over the years.

My friend didn’t have the same harsh reaction to the drug that I did, but he was also bigger than me and had taken the pills before. Nevertheless, It was definitely a drug like no other, neither one of wanted to touch them ever again, and wouldn’t suggest them for a fun time to any one else.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 65161
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 20, 2007Views: 76,101
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