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Xtreme Euphoria
Cocaine, Hydrocodone & Ether
by Fear&Loathing
Citation:   Fear&Loathing. "Xtreme Euphoria: An Experience with Cocaine, Hydrocodone & Ether (exp6490)". Feb 28, 2002.

T+ 0:00
1.0 g insufflated Cocaine (capsule)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:59   smoked Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:45   inhaled Ether (liquid)


I must say that Dr. Hunter S. Thompson was right when he said: 'There is nothing more helpless and irresponsible than men on the depths of an ether binge.' My evening began at 7:30 with a large dose of good ether base coke. I sat undisturbed in my room for several hours enjoying the very powerful feeling of the rich man's drug. I enjoyed my high until approx. 9:30 when I began to come down. I usually have some trouble sleeping when I have good coke, so I knew if I timed it right I could smoke some weed covered in 500mg of Hydrocodone and sleep just fine. Smoking pills produces a very nasty chemical taste and smell for me, but it also produces a strong feeling of numbness in the body and often times I see tracers.

The clock said it was 10:15 and I realized that I still wasn't tired just very numb and relaxed. I knew that there was one other thing I could abuse to aide in my deep sleep. So, I went to my closet and broke open me bottle of 100% raw ether. I am unsure of my exact dose on the ether but I soaked the rag throughly and huffed for at least 6 or 7 minutes. When I first huffed the ether it burned my sensetive nose and made a very nasty taste in my mouth. The one warning I will give over this experience is to be careful with the ether. After huffing I fell into an xtreme euphoric haze. I could here the lights of my room buzzing all around me and tiny specs and dots flashed across my eyes. It was 11:20 and all wanted to do is huff more ether, since I had begun to come down. Ether is very addictive and can cause permanent damage. Don't let yourself be weak and allow the drug to control you. I finally fell asleep at approx. 12:30 and awoke in the morning with a slight headache.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6490
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 28, 2002Views: 48,758
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Cocaine (13), Ether (131), Hydrocodone (111) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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