My Corporate Job Drug Test Experience
Drug Testing, Diazepam, Cannabis, Hydrocodone, Carisoprodol & Proproxyphene
Citation:   Pissinhappiness. "My Corporate Job Drug Test Experience: An Experience with Drug Testing, Diazepam, Cannabis, Hydrocodone, Carisoprodol & Proproxyphene (exp63552)". Jul 3, 2007.

2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  30 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  700 mg oral Pharms - Carisoprodol (pill / tablet)
  15 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (pill / tablet)
I write this with fellow indiviudals like myself in mind. I just graduated from college with a good degree and have enjoyed some recreational drug use: to which I will elaborate. I had an opportunity to get a great job, which coincidentally would be in the same town as my girlfriend, so it really would mean the world to me to get this job. I was worried one pill I took might of did me in, I shall relate my experience to you my friends.

To preface: I am 165 pounds, I play basketball for a few hours at least 3 times a week, and I am of a skinny build and have always had a fast metabolism and that certainly works in my favor. I interviewed with a company Monday of the week of this test. Things went alot better than I had expected. Generally the interview process involves multiple interviews but I guess that they really liked me. I talk to a recruiter for 30 mins, then a manager of the department, then his manager. Then the VP of the company comes and interviews me. I am stoked of course, but upon leaving they gave me a form to hook up with an outsourced background checking company.

I call them up and they ask me questions about my information on the application etc, no big deal I don't have anything to worry about in that regard. They mention a drug screening, and they'd like it to be completed in 2 days. Oh shit. Well I went for the second day of course. I had partied some the past week, which I will explain. Did not expect to be tested so soon. Boy, here goes nothing. Oh yeah, I had possibly broken my ankle so I was prescribed proproxyphene 100/650 and Naproxen. The proproxyphene at no time showed up as an opiate on my home-kit test.

I stopped smoking weed regularly at least a month and a half ago, if not 2 months. After that I would say I smoked various random occassions no more than 10 times. My tolerance dropped like a rock, so when I did smoke I would take just 2-3 hits and be really blown--which was cool I must add. The last time I smoked I took 2 hits of some kind bud and it was about 2 weeks prior to this test. I was not very worried about THC showing up on my drug test.

I started occassionally taking hydrocodone, several times a week I would take 30mg or so, in the form of lortab. I liked the fact that it would get out of your system pretty quickly (2-3) days, and I just enjoy it. I took them last 4 days before the test.

I had taken on various occassions 700 mgs or 2 somas. The last time I took them was 4 days before the test.

This is what I was worried about screwing me!!! I was drunk and bowling with some friends and I kind of had it in my mind to pop a vicodin (it is not healthy to do so when drinking...keep that in mind) but I had none and a friend offered me valium. I knew, maybe I shouldn't take this but being drunk my wisdom certainly did not kick in and I popped it. 15 mg, it was 1 and a half pills. I had a great time. This was 5 days before my test.

Alright. So I wanted to just make sure that I was clean because I am the type of guy that likes assurances. I bought a 12-panel drug test kit, which is far more expensive, but hey whatever I wanted to cover all the bases. I passed it for everything except BENZOS! This was the day before my test.

Oh boy, let me tell you, that is a heart sinking feeling. A test in 2 days for a job that will mean the world to me and my girlfriend and I was not testing clean for BENZOS! I don't even take valium except once in a blue ass moon and it might just be my undoing.

I began to drink copious amounts of water, energy drinks, took some cranberry extract (diuretic), and just kept drinking some powerade too. Warning: drinking toooo much water can cause your electrolytes to drop and seriously harm you. I do not know the limit but I understand it is hard to reach. Electrolyte replenishing substances such as gatorade and the like certainly can help. Be careful.

Anywho, the next day I woke up 5 hours before the test and started the day off with a large energy drink. Then I drank a bottle of gatorade. I drank 2 more cups of water after that. I had bought another 12-panel drug test. I took it about an hour and 15 minutes after all of this drinking. Okay. It appeared I might of passed for benzos and again everything else was okay. Essentially if a line forms nearby the indicator you pass. The line is supposed to range from pink to red. It was very faint next to Benzos, but it was a line. I interpret this to believe I still have benzos in system, but they were diluted to below or very near the cutoff point. I also purchased B-12 viatmins and took 2 hoping for a nice yellow piss. I drank a small powerade with some creatine in it. I hear they check creatine levels for dilution, figured it couldn't hurt.

Continue drinking water and I decide to buy a detoxx drink. I purchased Ready Clean, Grape Flavor. Tasted not that great, but easy enough to get down. Chase that with water as per the directions. Few extra gulps of water too. This is 1.5 hours before the test. I have been pissin like a drunken racehorse this whole time, must of been nearly 10 pisses for the day leading up to this test.

I say alright, here goes, and I walk into the place. It is a corporate office setting and not a lab. I sign some paperwork and then go to pee. I pee and its a nice solid yellow color, not appearing to be diluted. The cup itself has a strip on it that measures the pH and also the temperature. My temp was 94 degrees. The pH was somewhere above 4. I am sure it was slightly acidified urine due to the cranberry extract I had been taking. I capped the cup and returned it to the lady.

Then I sign the form and LOW AND BEHOLD! IT WAS ONLY A 5-PANEL DRUG TEST! I had no worries for THC, Opiates, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, or PCP. NONE! I did all of this for nothing!!!! I was so relieved though. I spent nearly 200 dollars on 3 drug tests, a detoxx, and tons of drinks, and for nothing. It is worth it though, you never know and you should be prepared. On the paperwork was a box for the lady to check says is the sample between 90-100 degrees? Mine was. So keep that in mind if you care to alter or substitute etc. Also, they selected the 50ng/ml cutoff for THC which is the standard for most home test kits. There was an option for 20ng/ml or 100ng/ml also, so keep in mind they might try and go for the 20ng/ml so a clear on the home test doesn't assure you will pass the drug test at the facility.

My advice: don't give in to temptation if its really important to you. Abstain for a good month, if not 2. I know that isn't fun, but you can have your fun after you pass the pre-employement screening. Maybe most companies only go with the 5 panel because it is the cheapest, and those are the drugs that are most publicized and that they feel will damage their company. Now my only worry is that my sample was too diluted. Even if it was, fine re-test me. Hopefully it would just be a 5-panel again and I have no worries. I hope it just goes through fine and not too diluted and I am good to go!

Anyways, I am quite relieved as that will not show up and if they do re-test me I hope it would just be a 5-panel and if not well I have at least more time for that stupid valium to clear out.

There ya go buddies.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 63552
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 3, 2007Views: 134,619
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