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Seeing the Masculine
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   IllinoisAdultMale. "Seeing the Masculine: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp61826)". Sep 12, 2009.

  repeated   H.B. Woodrose
Retrospective, took 6 seeds crushed with rock in yogurt also crushed up 6 seeds and smoked them. Very positive experience noticed how I always have to fit into world in some way. As a male I felt I was getting too feminine and should care and honor more of what other guys say and care less about what girls have to say. Upon doing this I gradually noticed a change in perception and a deepening of my voice and sexuality. Started swearing more felt more that god was male, Honored my father over mother, ect. Felt more that it was ok to do chemicals since itís a ďmaleĒ thing to do ect.

Later next day took 10 seeds thought about job and future career. Need to get one. Affects seemed diminished since I had previously took them day earlier. Next day took 10 more followed by 18 following day. Noticed drowsyness come over me, followed by new creative insights. Social aspects talked with parents hung out with dog, more so than usual. No one suspected anything. Felt very powerful as if I could fight well or rip a tree from ground, very masculine, noticed fellow males were largely feminine, drawn to a different type of male on this. Listened to eminem, liked his attitude. Would recommend this plant a legal herb that does something Possibly mystical at incredibly high doses but it felt more like an add pill for me. Iím a big guy 190 lbs and 24yrs old. Itís a donít push me around, men own the universe women should play their part in it, the balance is needed everything is termporarly. Perfect experience.

Negative include nausea the seeds do not sit well or taste delicious. Tiredness. Positives would include increased sex drive, I wasnít around any females at the time, touch would have felt awesome, very in control feeling, past experiences I actually broke down crying in mystical fashion at how beautifully the universe was set up and how it was ok to surrender and trust in it as a guide, mushy stuff like that. Overall recommended. Tolerance builds up fast and it doesnít seem like it would.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61826
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Sep 12, 2009Views: 8,699
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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