Complete Revolution in Thought
Citation:   Eggsminuspan. "Complete Revolution in Thought: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-MiPT (exp61169)". Mar 12, 2007.

  repeated oral 4-AcO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
  3 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

It all starts with a 5-gram order, funded by me and 6 other friends. Our original plan was to order 4-aco-dmt, but this one was much cheaper and weíre all broke as hell. I decided to combine two of my experiences with this drug into 1 report.

So far I have taken a 15 mg dose, a dose that was somewhere around 35 mg, both of which are reported, and then a 10 mg dose and an 8 mg dose that are not reported.

Before I go into a lengthy discussion of my experiences though, I will give a summary of my reaction to 4-aco-mipt to those of you who need methylphenidate ,-)

Overall I would give this drug a 3.5/5
To help give that number context, I thought methylone and weed were 5/5, shrooms and 2c-I were 4/5, ephedrine and alcohol 2.5/5, dxm 1/5 and nutmeg .5/5.

ē For me, I would say about 18 mg = half eighth of shrooms. I weigh 140 lbs, Iím 5í 4Ē and 16 years old.
ē Effects kick in surprisingly fast. The come up is exhilarating and rapid. I usually did not feel it until 15-20 minutes after taking, but some of my friends reported effects after as little as 8 minutes.
ē Tastes like complete shit, cap that mofo
ē During come-up, I noticed my body was confused about the temperature and I kept getting hot and cold flashes. Also, my sense of perspective and distance and time were completely shot until after I peaked (then they were only partially shot.)
ē The intensity comes in waves. It will come up a bit, stay there for 10 minutes, then take another leap. When I come down, it will suddenly feel like Iím completely sober. Then 30 minutes laterÖholy shit! Iím definitely not down yet.
ē Visuals were very pretty.
1. Instead of surfaces slowly changing between colors like on shrooms, I saw fields of colored dots, especially when my eyes were closed.
2. I would see brief glimpses of rainbows around sources of light, like the sun and light bulbs and reflections off of metal.
3. General patterning that was similar to shrooms, but less smooth and creeping, but more swirling and wavingÖI know that makes no sense, itís just hard to describe.
4. CEV were amazing. I would see a field of multicolored dots form creatures and places and people on my higher dose. On lower doses it looked more like some kind of strange ambience visualizer on itunes.
5. Auditory hallucinations were very strong. Stronger than shrooms in my opinion. When I was on my high dose, almost any sound that I thought about I could hear like it was real. For instance, if I thought about my dad coming down the stairs and seeing me tripping, I could hear it and would panic.

ē Although most of the visual effects go away after about 6 hours, that number is very dose-dependant. I was still mentally tripping 18 hours after my high dose.
ē The perma-trip seems especially bad. I still have strong tracers and visual effects 3 weeks after my last trip (including colored dots when I close my eyes.) It is getting weaker though, perma-trip is a bad word for it, because it always goes away
ē Weed synergizes more with this drug than any other psychedelic or drug that I have ever tried. It can totally send my trip flying.
ē I liked this drug better solo than with other people. But this is true for me with all psychedelics Iíve tried except 2c-i.

1st test run: 15 mg.

Dose was taken in a capsule at a forgotten time, probably between 3:30 and 4:00. I was with 5 other people, all taking varying doses.

My friends are:
R: 20 mg, one of my best friends. We both tripped together for the first time and most of my trips have been with him.

S: 10 mg, a friend, more so recently because we talk a lot about drugs. Heís the kind of person who knows extensive information about other peopleís experience from reading online but has only limited real life experience. Heís similar to me in that way, but I have more experience tripping under my belt.

J: 30 mg, another of my best friends, he turned me on to psychedelics (was also with me my first trip and supplied the drugs.) He is more experienced than me with psychedelics, but has only been tripping for less than a year.

T: 18 mg, a sort of friend. My relationship with him is mostly that heís invited me to his parties.

B: 13 mg, Jís girlfriend. She dropped out of college with him and moved back to his hometown (where I live in MN) and they lived with his parents. She had very limited experience with drugs. Her only other psychedelic experience was an 8 mg dose of 2c-i.

We were sitting in Jís basement, which is trippy as hell when he turns off his fluorescents and turns on his blacklight. He has a lot of glow in the dark animals stuck to the wall. The lizard on the ceiling is very cool. It only took 20 minutes for it to kick in, and I started to get overwhelmed sitting in his basement in the dark. I decided to go get a breather and went upstairs and then left his house. I started to feel less anxious and a little better. My mind was fighting the drug. I wanted control.

Soon, everybody came outside to see where I went. I did not want to go back in, but most of them did, except S. After a little confusion and laughing, we somehow ended up splitting into two groups. R, S and I went for a walk and J, T, B decided to go drive somewhere nice. It was chilly out, but I was well dressed and it didnít bother me too bad. Me and S started a very analytical discussion about drugs. We talked about what we had read about and what we wanted to try and what we knew how to get from various online sources. I think that secretly this was my (and possibly his) way of keeping cool and convincing myself that I couldnít have a bad trip because I was in control enough to have a intellectual conversation. My friend R tried to contribute but unfortunately I would occasionally dismiss what he would say because I thought that it didnít make much sense and was somewhat stupid. It was more subtle than that, but I felt bad about it. This started to bring out a lot of confusion. I found myself having an issue determining what other people were thinking. They all seemed to have motives. It always felt like a person had a sort of plan behind their words and was plotting in some minor way or thought this about me or what I would say. It was bothering me a lot.

We spent a while commenting on the cool visuals and how fun it was, but secretly, I was still battling my fear of intoxication. I kept asking myself ďwhy would you take a drug like this if you fear tripping so much?Ē I tried to just ignore it, and it worked a little, but it kept coming back occasionally to bother me.

At around t + 4:30, the group all had places to go, and I was still tripping pretty hard, but considerably weaker than before. I went with T to sell a bag to one of his friends and then left to go find some people to hang out with. Luckily I met up with a bunch of other really good friends of mine. One of them though, L, I had a difficult time with. I had been feeling threatened by him lately. I was still battling many issues of self-consciousness and confusion. L was two years older than me, he was bigger, much more attractive, more confident, and got the girls he wanted. He and another girl in the car were both tripping on I think 20 mg. At first I had no real problem with being with L, because I still liked him a lot even though I felt threatened. But then we started to smoke weed. I was convinced that I had completely come down from the MiPT and felt comfortable getting ripped. We smoked three bowls of some real headies, all very fast. When we were done I suddenly realized that I was tripping much harder than at my peak. The visuals, especially the ones with my eyes closed were much stronger. It was then that I got an intense wave of paranoia. My discomfort with L really came to the surface to bother me. I couldnít understand anything he said and my mind completely twisted his words in my head and made it seem like he was putting me down and making a fool of me with every sentence.

Eventually I had to go home. This involved a talk with my parents. I was still tripping very hard and they must have known. This was at a point were they were very worried about my drug use, so this sent many more waves of paranoia through my fragile brain. I went upstairs and pretended to sleep. I thought I heard my mom crying in the bathroom, which I assumed was about my tripping, which she obviously knew. It was then that I found out from a txt message that Jís parents had found the whole 5 grams of the 4-AcO-MiPT while we were out wandering around. Some of the people who threw down hadnít even tried it yet. It was largely my responsibility as well because it was me who had gone around finding people with money and promising them lots of pure drugs. I spent the whole night beating myself up mentally, I felt absolutely terrible. It wasnít really intense but I was incredibly depressed, all that night and the whole next day. I couldnít fall asleep until about 3 in the morning.

The next day I found out that my mom had been crying because her uncle had died and my friend had gotten the drugs back from his parents the next day.

2nd trip: unknown amount. Sorry this is such a long report, but itís very meaningful to me, so I wanted to fully report it.

This story starts at about 6 o clock. My friends S and BS (a really good friend of mine) both took the 4-AcO-MiPT. S took 15 mg and BS took 60 mg (note, BS needs ridiculous amounts of psychedelics to feel anything, so this wasnít actually that high of a dose. It was high enough for me to drive for him, but he was still in reality. Donít try this at home kids.) Both reported to me that they felt much less than their last trip, and that they thought it had degraded at least 50% in potency. I didnít find out until the next day that S hadnít actually taken anything and had just pretended to trip to not let BS down. He just didnít feel like tripping at all. BS has a hard time determining the strength of psychedelics because he barely feels anything at all ever. It turns out that the MiPT hadnít degraded. I would not find that out for about another 7 hours or so.

Fast forward to 12:00, midnight. J had let me borrow his scale to let me weigh out a bunch of MiPT. I decided to give myself a little boost so I could stay up all night and weigh. I weighed out 15 mg and put it in a capsule. Going under the assumption that it was 50% degraded, I didnít expect to really be tripping. Sure enough, after about 25 minutes or so, I wasnít feeling squat. I then decided to eyeball out 20 mg, because I had a strong desire to trip balls. Iím not sure what made me eyeball it out, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. I have a strong suspicion that I ate more than an extra 20. It took a long time to kick in, way longer than my first 15 mg trip. I got disappointed because It hadnít taken any time at all to degrade, and a lot of people had thrown down blah blah blah. After a while I was getting visuals and feeling pretty stimulated. I had to leave the room where I was weighing out the drugs in, because I couldnít focus enough to weigh. I sat down and the visuals starting to get stronger and stronger.

Suddenly I got very nervous. This was much stronger than I was planning on. Doing a little more calculating in my head I decided I must have been stupid to not think I was going to trip by taking somewhere around 35 mg.

Every 10 minutes or so the intensity would kick up a notch. One of the weird things about the 4-AcO-Mipt is that is comes and goes in waves. I tried to figure out when I would peak based on dose charts from my previous reading on the internet.

ďOk, only 15 more minutes, then youíll peak. Youíve tripped harder than this, just relax.Ē

Try as I would, I could not relax. I was fucking scared. I was scared of a bad trip. I was so fucking scared of a bad trip on every single one of my trips that it led me to a bad trip, funny enough. I reached the point where I thought I should peak and I took a deep breath. I started to feel a little better, and tried to enjoy the visuals, which were becoming amazing. I would see rainbows everywhere, especially around sources of light, like the light bulbs in my basement.

After another 10 minutes I was alarmed by the fact that another wave came and it got more intense. I could safely say I was tripping harder than I ever had in my life. It was scary and beautiful. If I closed my eyes a field of perfectly visible colored dots would form my vision into a sort of television screen that would display anything. I would see creatures and screaming people form.

Another 10 minutes, another wave. By this point I started to panic. I felt an attack coming and my entire visual field was vibrating violently. I paced rapidly trying to cool myself down. I considered waking my parents and having them call the ambulance. Everything was so distorted I couldnít tell where I was or what I was looking at. It was just rolling and morphing in an insane pattern of color and trails. I thought that there was no way it could get any more intense than this, but I was wrong.

Another 10 minutes, another wave. This time turned out to be my last wave of increased intensity. I didnít know it until 10 minutes after it happened, naturally. I was going in and out of panic attacks, my heart was beating at a really rapid, irregular rate. I was at the point where if I had wanted to get my parents up and call the ambulance I donít think I could have. I was crawling on the ground trying to breathe normally when I came upon a strange object. It was my brotherís ipod.

Before the trip I had preset it to play Abbeyís Road on repeat, and then completely forgotten about it. I put the headphones on and pressed play. Come Together came on and I tried to sit down and relax. At first the music bothered me, but I didnít think enough to take the headphones off. But then, something strange happened. In the middle of my nightmare, I liked the song. I got up and started to bob my head. All of a sudden, my heart was beating normally. I got a little more excited and started to dance a little more. I was completely grooving out to this album. Intense euphoria hit me and my bad trip was gone. I was swirling in the middle of a psychedelic storm of colors, but I was having a good time. This was certainly something I didnít expect. I always assumed that if I took an unusually large amount of psychedelics I would freak out. The intensity would drive me into a nightmare that would only be cured by coming down. It proved how little I actually knew about psychedelics, I relied too much on the reports of other people.

I would hear these voices in the back of my head, telling me that I was lame for taking drugs by myself in my parentís basement and staying up all night dancing to an ipod. All these negative voices would tell me I was ugly, I should feel bad about my sex life, my friends think Iím stupid, so on and so forth. But for the first time in a long while, I managed to tell the voices that they were wrong. I never really understood the voices in my head before the trip. They always burrowed into my consciousness and I never really understood they were wrong. If I thought about it, I could tell myself I wasnít stupid, but I never really believed it, until now.

I just kept grooving. Just kept grooving, kept grooving and grooving and grooving. I felt the voices and I heard them and responded with a sharp ďNo, I donít care, youíre wrong.Ē I was filled with happiness and self-respect. I loved who I was, I didnít care what people thought about me. All you gotta do is keep grooving and donít let nothiní get you down. If you have something against somebody else who has not wronged you, itís just a way for you to release inner struggle of your own. I finally truly believed this, not just agreed with it. I was grooving so nicely, I couldnít even tell that I was listening to the same album over and over, I didnít care, and it was wonderful.

After about 4 and a half hours of solid groovy grooving I had come down a little, and my parents were awake. I was still at about a +3 and had intense visuals. Normally this would have scared me shitless to talk to my parents like that, but not now. I was free, liberated, completely in control of my fear. I had overcome the greatest challenge, and I could accomplish whatever I wanted. I had never felt better my whole life.

I usually didnít get up until after the rest of my family had left for work/school on weekdays, because of my late start, but today I was up and talking to them. I could tell that they appreciated this greatly. I made lunch for my whole family and spent a long amount of time talking to my mom about life. Everyone in my family could tell that something was up, but didnít say anything because of my attitude. Once they all left I took a shower and got myself ready for school. I wasnít afraid at all to come to school tripping, I was completely at peace with myself. All I had to do was groove. Just groove, groove and groove and groove forever.

Life is the ultimate trip. And up until now, I was having a bad trip. Pretty much since my girlfriend dumped me (almost 2 years ago,) up until now, I had been having a bad trip. Iím not blaming her, it was completely my own fault and decision. When Iím sober a bad trip doesnít matter as much because my mood is more regulated. I just generally feel a little low, feel unmotivated, lazy, arenít nice to people, donít maintain friendships as well. But itís still a bad trip, and now, I had found my good trip.

It happened to be Valentineís Day that day, so I rolled sweethearts into baggies and handed them out to my friends. I laughed as they were suddenly jolted by me placing a baggie in their hands and quickly shoving it into their pockets and looking around really sketchily. As soon as they found out it was sweethearts they laughed and I received multiple hugs. I took a test in math class which I had forgot about and scored a B+ (below my general standard in that particular class, but It was by no means bad, and I was still tripping.)

I got on the bus to my other school after math and then called my mom. I let her know that I wanted to take her out to lunch. She agreed and we went and got some food. I had another long talk with her, which was very rewarding. Iíve understood my parents and their internal struggle a hundred times better since that day. At various times I was amazed by how I was still tripping, since according to a website the drug lasts 4-6 hours or so, but I just laughed and kept on grooving. My mantra became the groove. I grooved all day and then passed out early that night. The next day I wasnít tripping but had terrible HPPD or permatrip or whatever you want to call it. Now, about 3 weeks later I still have it pretty bad and Iíve only tripped once since then. I donít mind it, and itís slowly going away.

My friends and I all agree that the 4-AcO-MiPT has a really bad permatrip. At normal doses, it lasts 4-6 hours like a website suggests, but the tail end can last for over 18 hours. This minor sort of altered state lasts seemingly forever. This is one reason why Iím not too fond of the drug. I have gained so much more off this chemical than any other because of this experience, but I have a feeling if I had eaten a quad of shrooms I would have gotten similar or possibly better results without as bad of a permatrip.

Since then I feel completely changed. I can still feel the good trip, and I am still grooving. My appreciation for music has multiplied 10 times since that night. I have overcame most (not all) of my issues with self-consciousness. I have also strengthened my relationship with my family. It almost seems like because of this, my entire family has been getting along much better with each other. My brothers are twins and had separate groups of friends and would constantly argue and pick on each other. Now they talk about each other as if theyíre best friends. I have also stopped hitting my brothers. Even if it used to just be in jest, I would hit them harder than I should have. And I feel a lot closer with my parents, even though they are still extremely stressed out because of money and their jobs and their teenage son who does drugs.

I feel like a lot of the problems that had occurred in my life and in my family and my tension with my friends had all been because of my negative attitude and issues. Now Iím doing what I can to repair what has been damaged.

Keep it Groovy

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 61169
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 12, 2007Views: 16,023
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