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...Until the Crystal Cracked!
Nutmeg (extract) & Cannabis
Citation:   Reverend Locybe. "...Until the Crystal Cracked!: An Experience with Nutmeg (extract) & Cannabis (exp6116)". Feb 13, 2002.

T+ 0:00
400 mg oral Nutmeg (extract)
  T+ 3:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:59   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
T+/-0, circa 8 pm - in an effort to get /some/ product to survive the heinous binge of one companion, I placed a twice-distilled shock-frozen myricistin crystal cluster upon my tounge. I would estimate, based on my experience, that it was a little less than would be required to fill a 00 gelcap - maybe 8 or 9/10ths thereof. It dissolved into my tongue, numbing it, over the course of the next 5 or 10 minutes.

T+30 minutes - was amazed, again, by the increased rate of absorbtion through oral vs. digestive membranes. Felt initial rush of euphoria, stimulation, and sedation (yes, at the same time). Began becoming easily distracted

T+1-5 hours - A light herb-like buzz, plus recall of random tidbits about the span of my life, lucidity of thought where not specifically interfered with by inebriation, utter liberation within the bounds of the sanely safe and/or nonviolent, and the like. Fairly intense LSD-like distortion and breathing of the room we were occupying, which is odd, because it usually leaves my immediate field of vision untouched while completely supplanting everything else within a given field, such as sky, or ground, or room. Smoked 1 (average-sized) joint amongst 4 people at some unknown point in this spectrum, (probably around T+3 hours)

T+6-9 hours - Smoke second joint, roughly equal size. Peak suddenly begins. Very suddenly. It's exactly the same as the rest, except 1) vaguely herb-like head trip is intensified into a rather large amount of spaced-out internalized thought, and 2) an amazingly huge feeling of raw intensity that's not particularly connected to anything.

T+9 hours - peak ends, go home and go to sleep. Still chasing, happily but realistically, after whatever impulse strikes my little heart - I am free, and just a bit loopy. Then, the darkness comes.... I sleep.

T2+-0 hours, 5:42 pm the next day - wake up, still feeling all spaced out.

T2+0-4 hours - still spacey, mild visuals still occuring at random. Wrote prior experience report to Erowid while watching the screen dance colorfully. Most of the liberating effects of seratonin (or whatever) lubrication are gone, however, leaving me no more prone to exploration, learning, and growth than normal.

T2+4-6 hours - Angst. This last mild trip came too close on the heels of another, within about a week. Serious depression can ensue from neurotransmitter (seratonin? dopamine? something else?) depletion within a solitary trip, although unlikely. I have the 'lucky' advantage that, for much of my life (age 7-19), 'serious depression' would've been the happiest day of my life, which means I coped pretty well. Holed up in my room, listened to music, and got so homophobic (as in sapiens, not sexual) as to blow off a rather lovely shot as a live musician. Its primary hallmark, aside from 'general angst,' is that this angst is multiplied roughly a thousand fold any time another human, perhaps even living, being, is encountered or contemplated. It's definately a 'stay away from humanity' compulsion. Tends to kill the sex drive, too. I was keeping my trips to about twice a month or, preferably, less - which I was doing until this one. This depression, its effects, and its very specifically antisocial nature are the reason I'm writing this experience report.

T2+7-?? hours - although still anti-social, some euphoria kicked in to counterbalance the depression from somewhere... probably further drug effects. Although usually averaging out, they would occasionally each become distinct entities. Oddly enough, it does not manifest itself as a hatred of humanity, which it well could, but simply a desire to avoid.

T2+?? - take melatonin (5mg usual dose) and go to sleep, hoping this would rebalance things. Fall asleep watching, in neon green, the fractals formed by the boiling cauldron from whence the myristicin came.

T3+0 - woke up at 11am,1&2pm, and at 4pm decided to make it last more than a few minutes. Still feel rather lightly spacey, as though I had smoked much hempenflower the day before.

T3+6 hours - discovered, while writing this experience report, that what I thought was the trailing end was, in fact, trailing into a completely seperate sort of visual hallucinogenic experience, distand and dreamlike and writhing and sleep deprived (not that I haven't slept well in the last couple days). I'm not sure whether it lasts drastically longer when absorbed through oral membranes, which would seem odd, or whether I drastically misestimated the dosage, which would also seem odd given the number of tabs I've packed in my day. On the other hand, this is my first experience with twice-distilled matter, although impurities in the original very much appeard scant enough to be negligable. Nonetheless, I'm rather feeling like late in the second day of a two-tab trip, rather than late in the third day of an 8/10ths tab trip.

Whatever it is, it appears to be going up, rather than down. The antisocial part(s) of neurodepletion (antisociality being the last to go) has also faded fully during the writing this experience report. Although I apologize for writing this before the experience was finished, it does provide a glowing example of how deceptive this substance can be : perfectly clear-headed a few moments afore, I am now distanced from my eyes as a dream-like state consumes my visual world. By previous experiences, I would expect full-field visuals to ensue, here, at T3+8-12 hours. Do not drive on nutmeg, folks, not even the slightest traces thereof.

Nonetheless, as I doubt all that much would be gained from a moment-by-moment, play-by-play until some unknown hour of the morning (I thought I was 90% or more finished after the *first* day), I suppose I'll end it here - my primary purpose being the warning of depressive neurodepletion, and that done.

Peace, love, & light,
The Reverend 'Psi Locybe'

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6116
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 13, 2002Views: 22,488
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Nutmeg (41) : Various (28), General (1), Depression (15)

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