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After Hours ... and On and On ...
by Mezcal
Citation:   Mezcal. "After Hours ... and On and On ...: An Experience with DOC (ID 58452)". Mar 7, 2007.

T+ 0:00
1.5 mg oral DOC (capsule)
  T+ 1:00 1.0 mg oral DOC (capsule)
  T+ 2:39 2 capsls oral Kava (extract)
  T+ 8:30   glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


Subject: 23 year old male, 195lb, at home, on the weekend.

T (1:30 PM) 1.25-1.75mg of known 2.5mg quantity of DOC taken with 200mg vitamin C and unknown quantity hoodia gordini extract in veg gelcap.

T+:36 Feeling of gradual, relaxed stimulation... unlike tryptamine come-ups, things just seem deeper. No sense of things happening in the peripheral visual field, just a sense of vastness and depth.

T+1:01 Feeling comfortable with the body load, remaining substance taken. Total amount ingested now 2.5mg. Feeling elevated mood, some color shifting (minor) and increased attenuation to music. Browsing the internet. Feel +/-.

T+1:20 Feel borderline +/++. Increased presence of first dose, likely. With patience, a ~1.5mg dose seems like it would turn out positive, but I am eager to see what pushing the dosage up will be like. Visual anomalies (open-eyed) are slight, but present. Close eyed-visuals are present, not just lights on dark space, but complete lit scenes with geometric patternings. CEVs are reminiscent of high-dose MDA, psilocin, somewhat mescaline (though not as immersive). I don't doubt that will get to ++, but I'm eager to see the rest of the chronology of the uptake. I'm quite sure that if I had taken all at once I'd be feeling fairly strong effects now. I decide that I need to walk around, clean up a bit, drink some water and I consider watching a film.

T+1:35 Effects increasing very quickly, some motor difficulty, discoordination!? Drinking water. Feels a bit like the appearance of psilocin's effects.

(Edit: had significant difficulty maintaining coordination and attention to describe the perceptual changes occurring. Felt a little nervous, as I was alone and unfamiliar with the substance, but was able to stay grounded. I fully understood that I had taken a safe dose and would be in better shape later, but I did feel fairly unsettled.)

T+2:39 Difficult to maintain tasks, watching movie (After Hours) [Edit: watch this movie, but not on a huge amount of hallucinogen you've never fully tripped on]. Took two capsules of kava extract. (Felt like I needed something to calm the somatic sensations of the DOC, it was getting a little rough on the body, but I was also nervous and didn't really have anywhere to go. Decided keeping myself occupied with the film would be the best idea. Time passes and I'm tripping very hard.)

T+4:54 Seems subjectively like the peak might be up? Hard to determine.

T+5:10 Brain-bending. I've literally spent the time between now and then staring into the computer screen, falling through fractalized thought patterns. (There is a distinct amphetamine psychosis feel to some of the mental trip, but it's not bad, just racing.)

T+6:15 Peak definitely stretches out, still difficult to do things when concentrating. Physically feel a bit better. Some muscle tension. It comes up fast, time-dilation is real.

T+8:41 Feeling down(ish), drinking beer and watching football. Doubtful that I could sleep now, but feel optimistic that I'll get rest later.

T+13:15 Still some residual stimulation. CEVs are beautiful, but talking with my partner is satisfying. Feel a good afterglow- like I had doubts while it was going on, but now I'm glad I tried it, even with the larger dose. I whole-heartedly recommend that people restrict their initial significant doses to under 2mg (after trying .2-.3mg to make sure there is no serious physical reaction).

Slept 4 hours from T+14:30 to T+18:40 (4:00AM til 8:10AM). Had very passionate sex earlier in the night. Feel a little light-headed, probably from lack of sleep and the alcohol I drank last night. Before sleeping, had vivid episodes of childhood memories coming back in picturesque format. Napped a bit, on and off until noon (T+22:30). Feel 100% baseline after T+24:00.

If I had to compare the experience to other psychedelic drugs, I'd say it was most like high-dose MDA (without the physical sensations) WITH the effects of a fairly high dose of LSD. The mental effects were more like psilocin, but the visual was more... disordered, disoriented, but, not entirely unpleasant- in fact, quite unique and intriguing. It may very well vary with other trials, and I intend to experiment, but I plan to keep dosage around 1.6-2.1mg.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 58452
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 7, 2007Views: 32,225
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