Adequate Buzz, Massive Comedown
BZP & Cannabis - Hashish
Citation:   Rasher. "Adequate Buzz, Massive Comedown: An Experience with BZP & Cannabis - Hashish (exp57419)". Apr 9, 2007.

  oral BZP (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis - Hash (tar / resin)
When the comedown outweighs the good times

My third experience of BZP went like this...

The setting was a large happy occasion with very good friends and lots of so-called 'herbal E', which were basically just differing doses of BZP pills. Around 10pm we took our first pill and throughout the night we took about 2 or 3 and a half - Red Rockets, EFX and something else. They took about an hour to take effect, but itís hard to tell as I wasnít really timing. At first, we had a great time with great laughs, but this probably would have happened anyway with this group. Physically & mentally, there was increased energy but not enough to have any of us bother leaving our seats, we were perfectly comfortable where we were and werenít bothered dancing or anything like it.

In fact, whenever I was standing I just wanted to sit down. Visually, there were some distortions of distance but nothing troublesome. The time distortion was quite noticeable and it always seemed later than it was. Thirst was increased and kept increasing as the night went on. At some point we took a half a pill. We smoked hash joints most of the time but not that much of it - maybe one every hour or so.

At about 3am, we went back to a friendís house and all was still great. We were anxious for everyone else to get back as we didnít have the energy to sustain the buzz between the three of us. I felt a bit spacey in a mashed way (monged) and quite trippy - when I closed my eyes, there were some mild visuals and these would increase if I kept my eyes closed or if I concentrated on them, but I didnít want to trip out and leave my mates. The mashed feeling was like a mixture between being tired/exhausted and buzzing. We had had a long day so I wrote off the tired effects to this. Then we decided to take another pill so that we could properly enjoy the rest of the night. At some point, I think there was another pill taken but I canít quite remember.

I was high and happy for a while but still only ever felt like sitting down and whenever I did get up to go to the toilet, I staggered now and then. Urinary retention was very frustrating and is possibly the worst part of this chemical. Also I was feeling quite nauseous and thought I was going to get sick lots of times. So my night was interrupted by frequent trips to the toilet to either not actually urinate or to not get sick - very frustrating. We smoked when we were back in my friendís house but not that much.

I started to get a headache - sharp pain near the back of my head, I think - which felt like a tension headache. I was feeling fuzzy round the edges and couldnít really get comfortable. I was enjoying glorious music but couldnít get totally into it. It was like half-tripping, half-monged, spacey and half-involved in the party. Normally I would be very involved and having a great laugh, but the chemical overtook that and I eventually didnít feel alert or engaged. I also kept forgetting what the conversation was about, or what part of the conversation was about. However, there was no way I could sleep. At some point the nausea was joined by a sharp, cutting pain in my stomach (not my abdomen), which was worse for moving, particularly bending, even slightly.

The nausea, headache, visuals and spaced feeling but with general restlessness kept me up til about noon - definitely 12 hours after the first one and possibly 6 hours after the last one (canít be too sure). Went to bed around 11am and got up every few minutes to try to go to the toilet - the urge was great but the success was about 1 in 3 attempts. It was really hard to get to sleep with the stomach ache, headache, urinary retention, restless legs and visuals on closing the eyes. Accompanying this were trains of thought about nothing and going nowhere, all of which Iíve forgotten anyway, but I remember realising that I was talking crap to myself.

I finally got an hour of sleep before I had to get up for something. I felt like Iíd been run over by a train and looked like death, though my mood was fine - not narky or depressed. Had to drive somewhere before sleeping and was fine on the road, though I was obviously a bit scared. Slept for a few hours then before getting up, eating half a pizza and doing another one of the pills - EFX. This took effect in about an hour and the nausea came back. Had a great time chatting, laughing, being engaged and so on. This lasted for a while, but Iíve no idea how long - a few hours anyway.

Once this started to wear off and I started to come down, it was the same as the night before with the trippy effects, the disengagement and the spaced feeling. The disengagement was one where I was happy listening to others and was able to follow threads of conversation, but I knew that by the time I said what I thought, Iíd not be interested in it anymore and would regret having bothered at all. This was quite annoying as it meant I was dependent on others for entertainment, even though there was stuff happening in my head and they were good friends. Luckily there was someone being entertaining and energetic and when they left, I went to bed. The nausea continued & the urine retention as before. I got to sleep in about an hour or less, due to being completely wrecked most likely as it was about 10am at this point - making it about 36 hours since the first pill, with about 5 hours sleep in between.

Two days later, reflecting on that experience and the 2 experiences before that, I decided to never take them again. The comedown takes forever and since time is distorted, it seems like the high lasts about 2 or 3 hours but the comedown lasts about 12 hours. (In reality, this may be quite different but who cares, itís the subjective experience that counts). I mostly remember the urine retention, nausea, headache and disengagement - a party these things do not make. Three days later I still donít feel 100% in my mind, eyes, head or stomach but am recuperating. Iíve read the background info on BZP but it feels like itís doing much more harm than any of the reports give you a clue about.

Not recommended if you like a clean buzz.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57419
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 9, 2007Views: 29,918
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