Sitting in a Warm Fuzzy Cloud
Kratom & Poppy Straw Tea
Citation:   Shamsu. "Sitting in a Warm Fuzzy Cloud: An Experience with Kratom & Poppy Straw Tea (exp57127)". Dec 7, 2021.

1 Tbsp oral Kratom (capsule)
  18 oz oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
  1.5 mg oral Pharms - Clonazepam (daily)
  300 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin (daily)
  15 mg oral Pharms - Mirtazapine (daily)
History: I am 24 year old, 200Lb, epileptic and take .5mg clonazepam 3 times a day, as well as 150mg of Lyrica twice a day. I also take 15mg Remeron for sleep. I have tried a wide variety of drugs including ALD, LSD, LSA, THC, DXM/DXO, DMT, MDMA, MDA, Voacanga, and almost every Opiate / Opioid there is. I love Salvia and Amanitas (especially combined). I could go on but you get the idea.

Mindset: Tired and calm, but eager to try the kratom. I have been depressed for the past year because of complications with my epilepsy meds.

Stetting: My house, clean, safe, and boring.

I ordered an ounce of what was described as Premium de-veined powdered Kratom leaves. I first tried a tea with a teaspoon of powder, but it was incredibly bitter and no effect. Then I made the mistake of trying to put a teaspoon full of wet powder on the back of my mouth and swallow with warm water. I know it sounds stupid but I had just sampled some of my herb so I was stoned. The next morning I tried a different method if ingestion.

I took a tablespoon of the powder and put it in 4 big gel caps. After I let my morning meds kick in I swallowed the 4 pills individually with several sips of cold filtered water, on an empty stomach. I thought that the addition of the gel caps would delay the onset, but I was wrong about 2-3 min later I burped and could taste the bitterness and the taste of moldy grass stuck in the back of my mouth. Then about 4 min later I suddenly felt alert and couldnít sit still, and became very stimulated very quickly.
2-3 min later I burped and could taste the bitterness and the taste of moldy grass stuck in the back of my mouth. Then about 4 min later I suddenly felt alert and couldnít sit still, and became very stimulated very quickly.

The night before I had made some tea with some leftover poppy steams I had laying around. I drank about 18oz of this tea. I had heard that Kratom can lower opiate tolerance. (I would usually drink 2-3 times as much tea to get off.) Remember that this is stem tea not pod tea so it is considerably weaker.

As the kratom intensified, the tea started to kick in. they perform very well together. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy, as well as a slight dissociation from my skin. My skin was tingling and it felt like waves of warmth and pleasure. I soon was lost in a waking dream, I felt an increase in empathy, and started to see slight visual distortions and shadows across my vision, then I realized I couldnít focus my eyes. I didnít expect the visual distortions to be so strong, and turning into actual hallucinations from time to time.

When my girlfriend came home for lunch I was very talkative which is very unusual for me I am a quiet, depressed, introvert. I was following her around and telling her everything I was experiencing. By now it had been 2hrs since I took the Kratom, so I thought that I would start to go back to base line. But the ride had just started. When my girl left I tried to play a little playstation. It was very difficult and I couldnít remember what buttons did what. I ended up getting frustrated rather quickly and threw the controller. I gave up on that and went outside. It was about 65įF but I was shirtless and sweating, I had lots of fun playing with my dog and just looking at the colors that were much brighter than usual.

Four hours after ingestion I had a strong feeling of euphoria that started to get stronger over the next 2 hrs. I am still in a warm fuzzy cloud and enjoy just staring off into space and just enjoy the feeling.

It is now seven hours since I ingested the Kratom, and I am still getting waves of euphoria and blurred and distorted vision. It is kind of difficult to concentrate on writing this and I have to re read everything like 3 times before I remember what I was going to write next. As I relax I still feel stimulated and when I walk it is at a fast pace and I bump into things a little.

Overall this was a great way to spend the day. And the gel caps were the way to go. And when my girl gets home I am going to take some more with her. Hope there isnít any withdrawal tomorrow.

The Kratom definitely seems to lower my tolerance for the opium tea. I will definitely try Kratom with a low dose of Pod tea in the future. The closest thing I could compare the kratom to is Tramadol, at least when it first kicks in.

I was surprised that the small amount of unfortified plant matter could be so strong, I will definitely try to get a hold of some seeds or a live plant to grow my own.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 57127
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Dec 7, 2021Views: 951
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