Cookies Weren't What We Expected
Cannabis (Edible)
Citation:   Captain. "Cookies Weren't What We Expected: An Experience with Cannabis (Edible) (exp56706)". Jan 12, 2018.

  oral Cannabis (edible / food)
[Erowid Note: Taking cannabis orally can result in unexpectedly extreme effects. Normal oral doses for non-tolerated individuals are between 2 and 8 mg of cannabinoids (THC+CBD). As little as one tenth of a gram (0.10g) of high potency bud can contain a strong oral dose. See The LESS Method: A Measured Approach to Oral Cannabis. It is extremely common for those who have not had an overpowering experience on oral cannabis to underestimate how fearful, psychedelic, and paranoid the experience can be.]
To protect the anonymity of the people involved, I'm going to use their nicknames or raver names (and mine) and use fake names for the non-ravers.

I'd had a lot of experience with alcohol but not much with marijuana and none with hard drugs. (During the particular month this takes place I was getting drunk about five times a week but I've cut back since then.) I'd been around weed quite a bit before but this year (sophomore year of college) I started becoming close friends a lot with several stoners, whereas previously most of my closest friends either had never tried weed or hadn't smoked it in a long time. A little over a week before this incident I was drunk enough for my stoner friend Coaster to convince me to have two hits, and after that I figured I might as well smoke again since I'd already tried it. However, I never had very much and I guess I didn't do a great job of inhaling (also I was always drinking at the same time so it may have been hard to distinguish the effects) so the following incident was the first (and only) time I've been truly stoned.

Last year some of my friends who had never done weed and I had joked around about trying marijuana brownies together sometime, because we thought it would be really funny for us all to try it together. So this year after I started smoking, I decided, hey, let's all have some hash brownies together, and two of the friends, Corey and his girlfriend Jane, agreed to join me, along with our other friend White Girl (who is a black guy) who used to be a pothead in high school but quit when it started giving him intense panic attacks. (He'd also started smoking again a little bit when I did but never got really high until this night.)

I told Coaster, Coaster's girlfriend Zipper and roommate Phantom (both of whom I am also good friends with), Trevor, and Black Guy (who is a white girl) that I wanted to try hash brownies, and they thought it was a great idea. Coaster has a medical marijuana card which he obtained by pretending to be a depressed insomniac, so I gave him money and he went to get some cookies for himself, Zipper, Phantom, Black Guy, Corey, Jane, White Girl, and me. He got cookies instead of brownies because the cookies were the strongest. They each had two grams. Since I wasn't experienced with marijuana I didn't realize how much two grams is.

I got conflicting advice about how to go about eating the cookies. A guy in my building, Curly, told us we should eat them really slowly, take a few bites and then sit for a while, then take another few bites and wait again. But Coaster told us something like, 'No way! Then you won't get high! You want to eat them really fast!' I didn't realize that Coaster thought our goal was to get as incredibly high as possible, when in actuality our goal was just to see what it was like to be high... not necessarily extremely extremely high.
in actuality our goal was just to see what it was like to be high... not necessarily extremely extremely high.
I trusted Coaster's advice because I figured he knew a lot about drugs.

On a Thursday night around eleven pm we (Zipper, Corey, Coaster, Jane, Phantom, White Girl, and I) met in Coaster and Phantom's dormroom to eat the hash cookies. I was looking forward to it. Coaster and Zipper told me I'd be totally sober by the time I had to go to my eight o'clock class the next day. Trevor was there but not eating the cookies because he had a test coming up. (He's the kind of person who says, 'I can't smoke tonight, guys...I have a test two weeks from now.') The other sober person at this point was Whitney, a friend of Corey, Jane, White Girl, and me. I wanted her to eat the cookies with us but she didn't want to--she'd had a couple hits at a party a long time ago when she was drunk and didn't want to try it again.

The cookies tasted like marijuana, so I didn't like them, but the stoners thought they tasted really good. They didn't taste as bad as they smelled. I'd previously thought that the cookies were supposed to kick in right away, but the more experienced members of the group explained to me that it would actually take about an hour or so. I ate my cookie at about the rate I would eat a normal cookie, or maybe a little slower than that. Jane ate hers the slowest and neither she nor White Girl finished their cookies completely. People said Jane would probably be the first to feel it, though, since she was the smallest and had never smoked weed before, and I would probably be the next to start feeling it.

We decided to go to Blair Witch, which is a stoner hangout on our campus in a woods-type place. A lot of people consider Blair Witch pretty creepy but I'd hung out there a lot and never really considered it a scary place to be. I told everyone that when we got stoned we should all walk to Denny's, since I often suggest that when we drink, and of course I'd heard that people think food is absolutely amazing when they're high. Zipper said, 'I don't think you guys will feel like walking anywhere pretty soon,' and she was right.

Around eleven thirty, Jane announced that she had started to feel it. She was like, 'Whoa.' I asked if she liked it and she said yeah, sort of, it was pretty cool. Everyone was saying, 'Look at her, she's tripping.' I still wasn't feeling anything at this point, even when everybody else started feeling it. Then I started to around eleven forty-five, I think. If I shifted my weight, I'd be like, 'Whoa,' because it seemed like a big transition. I think my vision was also affected. Trevor told me, 'Go through the tunnel,' but I don't quite get what he meant by that...Everybody told me I wasn't acting high, and they basically forced me to eat the rest of Jane's cookie, saying, 'Captain! You're not high! Eat it! Eat it!' I didn't want to, but I ended up taking it just so they'd shut up.

Shortly afterwards Jane started freaking out. Earlier she'd been enjoying it, (I think she'd been feeling energetic and dancing or something) but suddenly she sat down on the rock saying, 'I want it to stop. Oh my god. I want it to stop.' This scared me. I'd really wanted everyone to enjoy this. Then I started feeling pretty unwell, too. I got this sort of anxious-for-no-reason feeling that I sometimes get when I'm on caffeine pills. I wouldn't say I was paranoid, though. I did get this really odd feeling of being completely separate from everything. It's hard to explain, but it really bothered me. And I was scared, because I knew that the piece of Jane's cookie hadn't kicked in yet, so it was only going to get worse.

At some point Whitney and White Girl had left together to get water. White Girl tells me that throughout this walk he would randomly drop to his knees and say, 'I need water! I need water!' Apparently when they were almost to the dorm he stopped and said, 'I can't go on, I can't!' and lots of people were watching so they were like, 'Is he okay?' and Whitney got him to continue. When they got to the room he drank tons of water.

I was also feeling extremely dehydrated, and I think everyone else was too, and since Jane's trip had clearly gone bad we decided to go back to the dorms and get water for everyone and maybe just sit and hang out in someone's room. I think the walk to the dorms felt longer than usual and I wanted it to end. While we were walking back Jane started saying, 'I'm going to die. I'm going to die.' Then she started throwing up. I was bothered by this (of course). I wanted everyone to have fun and I felt rather responsible since it was my idea to do this in the first place.

I told Phantom I wasn't enjoying the high and he thought that was too bad but told me it was probably just because of the negative energy and that when we got back to the dorms and sat down I would start to enjoy it. I thought it might be better but I still didn't think I was going to really like being high.

While we were in the parking lot (still on our way back), Coaster, who had been drinking at Blair Witch, suggested that I drink. I said, 'I don't think I want any more intoxication.' I did think that it might help me feel better, since alcohol relaxes people it would probably fight the anxious-for-no-reason feeling, and it would probably fight the feeling of separateness since alcohol usually makes me feel the opposite of that. However, I didn't want to drink just in case it would make things even worse, I was really high and it seemed like a bad idea to be any more intoxicated than I was.

When we got back to the dorms people ended up separating. RAs came by and told us we smelled like weed and asked if we'd been smoking, to which we could honestly say no. White Girl and Whitney were in White Girl's room. Phantom and I went in. Whitney seemed stressed and asked why we were here. I was confused as to what was going on. One of the RAs who knows us pretty well came and took White Girl away. Whitney told me quietly that White Girl was having a panic attack. This bothered me quite a bit, so I decided not to think about it whatsoever. I think I was sort of afraid that if I thought about White Girl's panic attack it would freak me out so much that I might even end up having one too, even though I knew that would never happen to me. I felt pretty bad but I didn't feel panicky.

Whitney asked why I was still here--she clearly wanted everyone out of the way--so I went back into the hallway. I think people had a vague idea that there was something wrong with White Girl but nobody really knew he had a panic attack until later. I was completely realizing at this point that the night was a total disaster. Phantom and I were wondering where everyone was, and I said, 'I really hate this.' Being high was pretty much the worst feeling ever to me. I hated that feeling of separateness, and my vision seemed really weird. Worst of all things clearly weren't going well for my friends.
I hated that feeling of separateness, and my vision seemed really weird. Worst of all things clearly weren't going well for my friends.
Our friend Slick, who was also in the hallway, told me I just had to surrender to the high and I would like it. I've heard that if you get high when you don't really want to, you have a bad trip. However, I had actually been looking forward to this, I was really surprised I hated it so much. I was thinking about going straight to bed so I could sleep through this terrible feeling.

Meanwhile White Girl was still talking to the RA and telling a lot of personal stuff, but he was so high that in the middle of talking about something serious he would notice something weird in the room and just start laughing, then go back to the serious thing he was saying. The RA said that if we were good friends we would be worriedly banging on his door right now, but that makes no sense to me, because Whitney and I were the only ones who knew he was having a panic attack, and nobody had any idea where he was except probably Whitney. I thought he had been taken to some emergency room or something, because when some kid during high school had a panic attack they took him to the emergency room. So I had no idea he was in the RA's room the whole time. He ended up sleeping there. I also know he threw up at some point.

I talked to Zipper or Coaster on the phone, I can't remember which, and they told us they were on the stairs outside with some other friends, so Phantom and I went to go join them, but I just went to tell everybody I was going to bed. 'I really hate this,' I said, 'and I just want to sleep through being high.' Basically I wanted to just skip as much of the experience as possible. Coaster and Zipper thought this was too bad. I think they were also quite surprised we were having bad trips. They were enjoying themselves, and so was Phantom, I think, except that he threw up.

I went to my room and laid down. It was a little past one at this point. I told my roommate, who doesn't drink or smoke, how much I totally hated this experience. She was pretty worried, I think. I think I said a lot, 'I really, really hate this. It's like the worst feeling ever.' My heart was beating really fast and I told her that too. I also felt like something was shooting through my body in circles or something. It was really weird. Throughout the night I remained quite calm, though. My friends commented on that too. Because I knew that you can't die from weed and there wasn't going to lasting damage or anything, I just figured, I just have to get through tonight and it'll be over.

At first it was a little hard to get to sleep, I think partially because my heart was beating so fast, but eventually I did. Going to bed that early is unusual for me anyway because I'm practically nocturnal. My alarm went of at six forty-five for my eight o'clock class. I got up to go to the bathroom and my vision was still completely screwed up, I was still totally high. So there was no way I could go to class. I was even supposed to do a sort of presentation type thing. Basically I'd chosen the worst night ever to get that stoned. My dad was coming in the afternoon but it didn't even occur to me that I'd still be stoned then, it hadn't even occurred to me earlier that I might be stoned in the morning. I knew it was supposed to last longer if you eat it than if you smoke it, but I had no idea it would last THAT long.

I woke up again for lunch because there were french fries in the dining hall, but I didn't end up going. I think I called Whitney and asked how White Girl was doing, and then I went downstairs to talk to him myself. I hung out for a while and talked to some other friends. By this time I didn't feel bad anymore, just pretty out of it, and I still looked really stoned. I looked in the mirror and my eyes were totally not open all the way. Nobody else was still high except for Coaster, who was the only person who'd had as much as me. He was also hungover. I figured I still had time to sober up before my dad came. I took a shower and then I took a nap. When my dad was going to get here soon I realized I still looked completely stoned, so I didn't answer the phone the first couple times he called. When he and my sister got here I think they could tell right away I was high. My sister told me later I was the most stoned person she had ever seen. When I left the room they were talking about how out of it I seemed and my dad said, 'I'm wondering what she's on.' I think I was so high that it could have seemed like maybe I was on something harder than marijuana. They'd ask me questions and I'd just be like 'What?' My dad got my sister to change my printer cartridges because he could tell I wouldn't be up to it.

I never got the munchies. Maybe people only get that when they smoke and not when they eat, I don't know, nobody's ever mentioned it to me. We went out for dinner but the food didn't seem any more amazing than usual. I mean it was pretty good but I always love food, I certainly wasn't like, 'Oh my god, this is the best meal ever,' which is weird because when I'm drunk I totally react like that to food. But I guess I was sobering up by then. By the time my dad and sister left I was completely sober, but I sure stayed high for a really long time!

Basically overall it was a really bad experience, we definitely had waaaaay too much. My friends who smoke all say that I should try getting high off smoking because they say the high is completely different than eating, but I've definitely given up on weed (which they think is a really bad decision). If I had tried this years ago before I tried drinking, I never would have tried drinking, because I would have been like, 'Who knows what that's going to do to me?'

Out of the non-stoners, Corey was the only one who enjoyed it. He was hanging out in Curly's room for the rest of the evening after we got back from Blair Witch, and he said he was laughing at absolutely everything, and he felt really relaxed and mellow, like absolutely everything was going to be okay. He didn't like it as much as drinking, though, and he says he'll never do it again.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56706
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
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