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My Psychedelic Weekend
Citation:   Xorkoth. "My Psychedelic Weekend: An Experience with LSD, 2C-B & DOC (exp55565)". Aug 25, 2006.

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4 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  15 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  3.5 mg oral DOC (liquid)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)

The night has just switched over into morning. It's 12:20am on Saturday, basically my Friday night. I place 4 hits of LSD on my tongue and let them dissolve there. This LSD is pretty weak, but I know from a previous trial that it's clean. I originally had been told 80mcgs per hit, but it turns out they are more like 40, or even less. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

What follows is a day of the utmost hilarity and contentment, a truly blessed day where we were both able to bask in bliss and just live in the moment.

Once we get home, I take .5mg more of DOC. I notice that my vision is slightly wavering but my euphoria has only increased. It manifests itself as a warm glow in my solar plexus area, or perhaps from my heart. I've got a big goofy smile all over my face, and my mind is working overtime, coming up with connections between everything I thought about for a moment. As is customary for my girlfriend, we turn on some TV, switching over the day between E! (ugh), The Food Channel, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, and The Weather Channel (for Storm Stories).

Although I normally tolerate the TV at best, on DOC I've found it to be great fun and very thought-provoking, sort of like being in bed with the enemy. It allows me to analyze the state of pop culture and also learn some interesting things when it's turned to the more informational channels, which I enjoy at any time. I made some kratom, about 7 grams, and drank that, which, on DOC, for some reason adds to the DOC euphoria without really adding an opiate touch to it or bringing it down at all, and lasts damn near the whole time the DOC does, as opposed to its usual 2-3 hours. It also makes me feel warm and itchy to a much, much greater extent than kratom does alone.

It would take a very long time to describe my whole day, as it was truly excellent and full of meaning and love and warmth and feelings of incredible happiness. But let me illustrate a few highlights that jump out at me:

We were watching the E! channel, my least favorite television of all as I truly believe it has done so much towards dumbing down Americans and making people, especially women and girls, insecure as hell. Anyone who follows pop culture, whether inadvertently like me or on purpose, will know what I'm about to talk about. They were talking about Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, or 'Vaughniston' since they've recently begun combining celebrity couples' names into one. These are two actors who I enjoy and respect in their movies and TV shows.

Seriously, it's twisted, this situation. The media is SO INTO these peoples' lives. I mean, these poor people! They'd like to have their personal lives stay private, and they repeatedly request that the media leave them alone, even to the point of denying their relationship. But the media just WILL NOT do it. Instead, they make up a pet name for them and every other day or so, invent a new story about how they've found proof that they're getting married (marriage is the new 'in' thing in Hollywood, you know). Meanwhile these people are denying repeatedly that they are. It's a brutal and shameful intrusion of privacy and personal space that for some reason your average young American is obsessed with. It's almost like voyeurism pornography. It really disgusts me. I occurs to me that this is probably how people see Americans, and sadly, in large part, they're right. It's almost funny, but really, it's terrifying more than anything.

This led into how I was noticing the various people who play a part in the American marketing machine. Primarily, I was noticing the announcers/'anchors' in E! News. Some of them are totally oblivious and love it and think it's cool. Some of them, it became obvious, are fully aware of what it's doing, but they are probably attracted by the money. But all of them are now trapped into the system. Even the announcers have become celebrities in their own right, and other pop culture 'news' crews follow them around and report every little insignificant thing that they do. It truly is a machine, a machine which has gained so much steam that I'm not sure if it'll ever stop.

At one point, we watched a marathon of the show by Alton Brown on the Food Network, 'Feasting on Asphault'. This, as opposed to everything on E!, is actually a good show. It's a series that consists of taping an entire motorcycle road trip across the country, taking only back roads, to investigate the heritage and history of American cuisine and how it was influenced by the evolution of the country and technology. In small towns, the corporate chains haven't yet taken over so you can actually find countless unique restaurants. I noticed the very real interactions going on between he and his crew and the people he met along the trip. Alton Brown is just so passionate about what he does, and he's a really smart guy. I always learn a lot about food and cooking and history when I watch his shows. This show really took my breath away. It's a rare gem.

I also encountered several absurd statements while watching TV, that, when taken out of context, made me laugh for a long time. The first one was on a traveling food show (not 'Feasting on Asphault') where they said 'In order to fully appreciate an Irish pub, one must surely have loads of crack on hand.' Well, they meant 'kraik', an Irish word, but it's pronounced 'crack'. Well, I thought it was funny.

Another hilarious and intensely embarrassing segment to watch was ridiculous whether or not it was taken in context. It was Al Roker's food show, and he was visiting with this attractive woman who was showing him how to make some sort of food. But, amazingly, he began hitting on her horribly, and it was obviously making her extremely uncomfortable. He kept using the words 'hot' or 'sexy' in this creepy, creepy voice. He'd be like 'Watch as this SEXY lady shows us how to make some food. She's so HOT! Yeah!' 'Ohh, I'm feeling SEXY now, with this SEXY lady, making her SEXY food!' She got increasingly uncomfortable and red in the face, and the worse it got, the more he started freaking out and leaping about and leaning in on her.

I honestly cant believe they aired it, it was very inappropriate. The climax was when he started leaping around shouting at the top of his lungs 'Spank me! Spank me! I feel SEXY!' Then the scene cut to later on, and he tried to bring it up once more, I think probably embarrassed that he had freaked out like that, and someone off the set warned him not to. It was tres bizarre.

Also, all day long, my girlfriend had a massive contact high. Actually, it was weird, because I gave her kratom as well, and it also lasted all day for her, from 2 until 10, and she described feeling very weird, lightheaded. I pressed her and she ended up describing the feeling of DOC mixed with kratom, except that she didn't understand it or know what to expect so it freaked her out a little. This is very weird because kratom does not last that long at all normally. In addition, she ALWAYS gets a contact high from me on DOC and we always end up having a truly wonderful day when I use it, but apparently this time it was just too much.

A final stand-out event in the day was perhaps the funniest and strangest of all. We were watching all this talk about the new 'summer blockbuster', 'Snakes on a Plane'. Now, we've thought this movie sounded unimaginably stupid from the beginning. I hypothesized that it's a parody of the Hollywoodized movie, which is basically just special effects. But part of the parody is marketing it as a serious film. I wondered out loud why anyone would want to watch it because it looks so lame and uncreative. Then my phone rang. Guess what I heard when I picked it up:

It was Samuel L. Jackson's voice (the main actor in the film), sounding totally natural and unbroken, saying, basically: 'Yo! Get up off your scrawny behind and get out there and see Snakes on a Plane! Why you ask? it's the greatest movie ever made! It's nonstop action! So get up, stop messing with those computers, quit smoking that waaaacky tobacky, get in your wannabe sports car, and drive down to the theater! If you don't, you'll regret it!' I'm forgetting some of it but unfortunately it was not recorded.

I was absolutely blown away! This was a coincidence of the most amazing kind, a direct response to the question I had just asked by the man himself! Not only that, but the details in it corresponded exactly to me: I'm skinny, I work with computers, I have a low-end sports car, and I certainly smoke the 'wacky tobacky'. After feeling confused for a bit, we ended up laughing at that for hours. I still can't get over how much that made my day. And it also still confuses me to some extent. I would assume a friend of mine went to some website or something and had a recording call me (it was definitely a recording). But if so, how is it that he could have the recording pick out such personal pieces of information and still sound perfectly seamless? I don't know, but it was hilarious!

The rest of the day is spent in a beautiful high/afterglow that lasts until I go to sleep, at around 3:30am (Almost 48 hours since I woke up Friday morning).


I wake up Sunday at about 10am and decide to ingest more DOC, since I was on a roll. I dose 1.25mg at 11:15, and then another .6mg at 2:15. Before long I experience slowly shifting colors and textures, a beautiful euphoria, and racing analytical thoughts. It's going to be another lovely day! My girlfriend experiences yet another contact high and enjoys it thoroughly. This will be good towards introducing her to psychedelics, as eventually I can explain to her that she's already somewhat experienced one. She's quite open to the idea now but is just afraid, and her only experience around people that she knew were tripping was when less experienced people were giving off strange vibes and creeping her out. Hence, she thinks that they make people creepy and she doesn't want to do them with me because she thinks it'll hurt her perception of me.

Basically, this day progresses just like Saturday did, only with significantly less profundity and euphoria. Still, it was a great day that I treasure.


I had an awesome psychedelic weekend that I wouldn't trade for anything. As for 2C-B, I discovered that it's a more profound chemical for me than many people have said it is, and I plan to use it more in the future at higher levels. Combining it with LSD was really great, and may have added significantly to the depth of the experience. It has a slightly annoying comedown, unlike most other psychedelics I've tried, but it's easily manageable.

As for DOC, I've discovered that it's quite useful at low doses as well as at high ones. I was far from a breakthrough, but the intellectual and physical aspects of the trip remain in full force. DOC really allows me to 'live in the now' moreso than any other chemical I've tried. Although I've learned to do this pretty well, I think, in my daily sober life, DOC brings it up to a different level entirely. I also determined that, while in a way DOC seems to have a reverse tolerance, becoming generally more powerful every time I use it at higher doses, at low doses taken on consecutive days it definitely loses strength, and so I shouldn't take it that often anymore.

I also found out that it goes really well after another psychedelic experience. My only real complaint about DOC is that sometimes it seems to impose a certain amount of vasoconstriction, as LSA does, making walking around after sitting for a while painful. That, and it tends to make me flushed and occasionally itchy. Interestingly, it combines with kratom to make the opioid plant itchier and longer-lasting by far.

On a somewhat related note, I also determined that music is love, and love is god. It's interesting how throughout human history, music has always played a very important role in society.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55565
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 25, 2006Views: 35,350
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DOC (357), 2C-B (52), LSD (2) : Alone (16), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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